Support or Condemn Sneaky Raymond and IBs

OK everyone, we have seen how Sneaky Raymond and his IBs are working. I have just added another Poll of a similar nature. Let's watch and see how they behave. You will learn something at the end of this exercise.



Anonymous said...

The neighbour on top of my mum house keep make noise. I complain also useless. My mum no need to sleep?

Care for my mum, filial piety - > got agency no help -> msf fail -> so chan chun sing talk about what filial piety?

complain hdb -> useless -> housing issue fail

call spf -> useless -> integrity loss.


The said...


Anonymous said...

not enough money to give my mum. singapore govt tell us to be honest. write honest resume. foreigner write beautiful resume. dont know how to use microsoft excel. high pay some more.

how to be filial piety. how to have kids. govt got help? even u walk until the door step, they also wont help.

if we tell Lie in our resume, we got sack. if we are honest, we got no job.

just like foreigner do bad things. singapore police wont catch. catch old ppl who are old, miserable, and put them to jail cos of public nusiance. well done.

Raymond said...

Gee... another poll for moi?

Why don't you get a life, you old wanker you?

Anonymous said...

how to renovate house? u govt give us a house, so expensive. empty.

we got so much things to do still need to walk around and find ID or contractor. some malaysian contractor come in take money and go off, ur ica also no stop.

where is all ur scholar? or it dosent matter cos the minister also got malaysian background.

taught we are free country. still got diff between malaysian singaporean or prc? if not, why.

very cheap to renovate house? no need renovate? just buy from ikea? cheap? buy from neighbour hood shop? cheap? tkk.

no need renovate just stay? singapore very good compare to other country? how can u compare singapore withh other country? so that is to say we are still 3rd world? compare to 1st world? that is to say a lot of jobless ppl.

all the social problem link one to another. ur scholar never study singapore pri sch is it. food chain also dunno meh.

Anonymous said...

Understand this! Raymond and most importantly his puppet master have a very clear agenda. That is to say they have a methodology to accomplish their goal.

When you understand that goal along with their methods.

Then it is very easy to defuse them.

You must try to remain calm. To fight well. One must be clear headed.

Darkness 2014

Anonymous said...

pap and wp talk so much and nth is being done.

talk and talk and talk. no actions.
one small mistake of driving taxi, out of job. damn nonsense.

this raymond which religion? hope u car crash today. law of attraction. everyone think he car crash today. why? wrong to be cruel?

Anonymous said...

george yeo say we boh tua boh suay

but make old ppl work and work and work

does he have any filial piety? not his own parents than is not human. what did your education system teach u.

this raymond must be not educated.

Anonymous said...

Yo Sneaky Raymond, the other Poll you have not yet hit 90%, and you are trying to jig this one too?

Quick quick or you will be defeated by RB's supporters and condemned.

Anonymous said...

Oh forgot to add, Sneaky Raymond, your life is here ya? Or you IBs got no life? Or shall I tell you oso, go get a life?

Anonymous said...


Why is Rb put off by his fan?

Raymond is clearly a great fan and follower of Rb. He could be longing for Rb's fatherly or grandady love.

Anonymous said...

I think RB is pressing all the right buttons and this IB is jumping around like a cat on a hot tin roof.

See, RB is not even replying to him.

Anonymous said...

Stop the name calling lah RB... So old still so childish...

Anonymous said...

I do not agreed with what most Raymond said but I will defend his right for free expression though RB may not like it. Name calling from Raymond is however not acceptable.

Anonymous said...

When you are dealing with an asshole you must treat him like an asshole. Pump the shit back into the asshole.

I support Redbean to shaft it back to this shithole. No apologies needed.

Anonymous said...

Raymond, whoever he is, clearly commands a lot of respect. Perhaps Readbean should back off and stop provoking him.

Anonymous said...



All warfare is based on deception.

You are apparently a proven threat to this invisible force with your relentless writings and what they are obviously doing is to provoke you.

Knowing these and by ignoring them, you have WON not once but twice over.

fish 'n' chips

Anonymous said...

So Chan Chun Sing cannot become minister. So far show hand.

Invest how much to do what IT stuff?

Anonymous said...

I neutral ...

RAYMOND ... fuck u bastard, asshole, knnccb, kapala butoh, duikow li

Anonymous said...

Mr Red Bean - looks the the doggie IB at work. Your survey results will be skewed by them for sure. Difficult to beat sneaky snakes in the dark. Score them with heat under the light, reptiles cannot stand heat.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I have just disclosed the motive of my poll, to expose them in my article today.

I am going to set up another poll for everyone to enjoy and see how red Sneaky Raymond's face will be. He does not command respect but a team of IBs at his disposal, a team of boys and girls doing the same kind of dirty work he is assigned to. They only exist in the dark, too ashame to face daylight.

Anonymous said...

I think the best course of action for RB and honest commenters is to ignore Raymond altogether. Not to curse him or provoke him; just leave him alone. He seems to be enjoying all the attention and will consider his taunting and baiting successful if anyone responds to them.

Anonymous said...

Ya, I just gave him another vote in the new Poll. He sure loves the attention he is getting.