Sino Indian border tension flared up during Xi Jinping’s visit

When Modi visited China, the border was peaceful. When Xi Jinping made a reciprocal visit, border tension flared with India ramping up its activities in the disputed region and the Chinese side returning the favour. This is looking like a repeat of the meeting between Nehru and Zhou Enlai. When they met in cordial settings with Nehru famous quote, ‘Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai’, border tensions flared up too. While public gestures were all friendly and warmth, the Chinese did not know that India was building up a special 4th Corp to capture the disputed territories from China.

India finally revealed its aggressive intent and invaded and captured some of the disputed territories with Chinese border guards on the retreat. But after reorg and with the arrival of backup troops, China launched its counter attack and sent the Indian 4th Corp fleeing in the most one sided humiliating military defeat in modern history. The great Indian Army fled in the face of Chinese peasant soldiers.

Would Modi do a Nehru against Xi Jinping? Today India is an aspiring superpower in the making. It has all the modern and latest weaponry money can buy. The Indian armed forces are many times better equipped and stronger than during the times of Nehru. Is Modi harbouring a desire to avenge the defeat of Nehru with a new Look East Policy? He is now in Washington after visiting Tokyo and negotiating defence pacts. What is the undisclosed agenda?

Should Modi ever indulge in another military adventure, he must take note that this time round, if the Indian Army could not succeed and went scurrying back, the PLA would not withdraw from the disputed territories anymore. This time the PLA will stay put and will not be as generous and kind like their predecessors. They would not repeat a mistake twice. They would settle the border issues once and for good.

What would it be the case? Another Sino Indian border war in the making to pave the way for an Indian Century?

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Veritas said...

Indians have problem in controlling their army. If you read TOI (I am a fan of this Indian mad dog paper, and also the world biggest English newspaper), not a single day can pass without India fucking on China.

TOI accuse China of violating India almost on weekly basis while in reality, Indians are the world biggest aggressor, much worse than Israel or Saddam.

I am not exaggerating.

Indian army is a beast that the civil government seems not to have full control. Indian army always leak bullshit about Chinese invasion to get more funding, and to a point that it highly irritate the civilian government.

The worst accusation of Chinese incursion of this decade happened just last year, where fucking Indian accuse China of incurring Depsang plains.

Meanwhile the real aggressor mofo is India who tries to occupied Chumar.

In the end, India prove to be a clown and they withdraw. And in the whole episode, the civilian government seems to be unaware of the situation, and when the civilian government start to realize of what is going on, problems were quickly resolved as almost every occasion, Indians were at the wrong.

Anonymous said...

Just look at published photos of the assault weapons Indian soldiers carry and the warm clothing they wear on the highlands. Modern is not the word to be applied.
The peasant army is now a professional one. PLA use their standard 5.8mm rounds for all assault weapons. Not as powerful a 7.62mm but more so than 5.56mm.
Modi is not a simple guy to read his mind.

Veritas said...

Recently, even the world biggest Nazi newspaper admit that Indians are aggressors, but publishing the news under the title "It wasn't China, but Nehru who declared 1962 war".

This news came after one of the most important event of this year. The leak of Henderson Brooks Report by world renown historian Neville Maxwell.

Henderson Brooks Report was commissioned by Indian Military on Sino-Indian War. It is a top secret.

The publication is a milestone event for the whole world, for truth and peace of mankind.

It shows that Indians were aggressor while PRCs were peaceful people. Even the Nazi Indian army, after being fucked by PRC, admit that Indians started the aggression and this whole shit.

Basically they are saying "Mea Culpa".

Henderson Brooks Report and their findings are already well known among Indians' elites and they know a time ago that they are wrong. Nevertheless, they still forever rant PRC is aggressor.

Neville Maxwell also pointed out that Indians are illegally occupying South Tibet. Today India is still occupying South Tibet and the place now is a shit hole.

Neville Maxwell leak this top secret because he no longer want to see India destroying the world making wars. He want truth to be known, Indians to know they are wrong so that Indians introspect and make peace with everyone.

Nevertheless, Indians wont. Indians are the worst aggressor in this planet and today. She illegally occuppied Kashmir and Kashmiri hate Indians. Then Indians soldiers went into Kashmir and rape Kashmir women like nobody. Today, many many mass rape by army are still conducted in Kashmir and many other parts of India such as Manipur.

Anonymous said...

"Another Sino Indian border war in the making to pave the way for an Indian Century?"

Unlikely lah.

As unlikely as another election in the making to pave the way for the Sinkie opposition to be elected govt.

Just like smart Sinkies, smart Modi wants trade and to make money, not make war.

Anonymous said...


Smart Modi want to pave the way for an Indian Century through trade and making money with China, America and even with Sinkieland through the FTA. So that more Indian professionals and talents will come to Sinkieland to make money. And to displace those daft Sinkies of their jobs.

Anonymous said...


Modhi gets rock-star reception in US visit.

He just told Obomba a few days ago that India is the US's best friend. But at the same time he wants to make money with China.

Two headed snake Indian!

Virgo 49 said...

In 1967, our instructors told us that we are supposed to be trained by the Indian Army as requested by our Leaders.

As Commonwealth partners, request for their assistance in building up the SAF.

Luckily, they declined and the Israelis came in.

Or else, we be polishing our toes instead of boots. Also, carrying big canes to drive the protesters instead of batons.

See how fair weathered friends they are and up to today our Leaders still suck up to them.

b said...

Just google indian gang rape and the whole world know what indians are like. Arm with weapons from the west, they will one day end up like ww2 japs doing all kinds of horrible evils to asians. Hope the west quickly wake up before it is too late. All kinds of weapons supplied to them must be embedded with self destruction function.