Sinkies beware when in foreign land

Sinkies must be reminded that if they are in a foreign country, they must be extremely polite and not to get in the way of the locals and residents. This is especially true when the locals or residents are on bicycles. Please do not honk at them or they would turn around and beat you up.

There is a recent case of a Sinkie driver honking at a local resident on his bike. The Sinkie thought it was ok to honk once. But the local resident cyclist was annoyed and turned around, dumped his bicycle on the bonnet of the Sinkie’s car.

You see Sinkies, when you are in a foreign country, this is the kind of things you should expect. When you are in a foreign country, the local resident would bully you and their police and govt would not come to your help. You are very lucky they did not beat you up.

So Sinkies please be very careful when you are a foreigner in a foreign country. I read about this in the news. The couple of Sinkies must count themselves lucky not to be beaten up.

Kopi Level - Blue, Thank you


Anonymous said...

Come Come Come To Singapore!

In Singapore we treat foreigners
very very well.

Please feel free to join us in
this tiny island.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Please lah redbean, every human being is capable of bad behaviour, and lousy responses to other people's bad behaviour. Things like this are isolated cases. It is definitely NOT THE CASE that people are losing their shit all the time, all over Singapore 365/24/7...to suggest that is ludicrous.

We live in such a judgmental world now where everyone with a camera phone can "document" humans behaving badly, upload it to YouTube and have a whole plethora of voyeuristic blame-seekers and trolls make all sorts of IRRELEVANT comment.

The camera phone is now so ubiquitous that god help you if you ever get caught on video making a perfectly human error of judgement...you will be scolded, and labelled by millions in an instant.

Is that the way to evaluate specific humans and their characters/ personalities? Of course not.

Singapore driver are essentially asshole when it comes to cyclists -- I speak as a cyclist. So whilst I definitely don't condone smashing rude driver's car with my bike, I can definitely understand how the cyclist was feeling. If you are a cyclist and kena horn, it will give you a moment of fear and dread because car horns are fucking LOUD.

Singaporeans have to realise that car horns are an emergency tool -- to be used only to alert other drivers of potentially dangerous situations. Car horns are not supposed to be used to "fuck" people or to scold them for the error of their ways.

The driver was damn lucky they didn't get punched in the face, thru the glass. Whilst that may have been against the law, I think they would have richly deserved it ;-)

I don't have a gram of sympathy for the driver. Fuck him/her!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I agree some drivers are assholes. But to think that foreigners with such audacity to threaten Sinkies in Sinkie land is unacceptable. Like it or not, this is Sinkie land and foreigners better not think they can beat up Sinkie anytime they want. There is a law to go to.

The Saudis have this unwritten law. Any foreigners met with an accident in Saudi it is the foreigner's fault. If he is not there, the accident would not happen.

Though this is getting absurd and we should not go to that extreme, we must not allow foreigners to come here and think they can suka suka shit on our head. This is what is happening now.

agongkia said...

Sinkies should be taught a lesson if they misbehave elsewhere becos they are from 1st world country and should be expected to know how to behave.
As for foreigners we must be forgiving as they are from 3rd world and we 1st world.
We must be gracious and managnimous.

denk said...

typical angmoh ..


agongkia said...

Sorry typing error.Finger too big.Should read as magnanimous.

b said...

If the person who honked is a beautiful bombshell sinkies or foreigners, the outcome will be very different. The cyclist may even buy her a drink. Its about the gender not nationality.

Virgo49 said...

Aiya, chow ang mohs think they superior beings.

For donkey years been dominant force in the universe.

Now, more like beggars still behave like superior beings.

Can see them in public swimming pools, active sports gyms, in buses, MRTs and renting HDB flats.

Their cultures, can do what we like, this is a free world.

From small already no teach manners hoe to behave unlike Asians. Like our Gerogie Boy said: Boh Tua Boh suay.

Here, to create jobs for sinkies?? More like jobless beggars overstaying and unwelcome.

Can see most of them cycling, doing physical activities during regular hours. Also lugging mountain climbing gears across the causeway on SIN red international passports.

Wonder how long they will last?? Maybe they are rich millionaires or in VICE/DRUGS and other illegal trades???

Most sinkies worked like HELL and earned BIG monies the legal way but DAMN DAFT to invest in these chow ang mohs schemes in many dubious businesses and cheated by them. Like One George Street, what land deals and properties.

Deserved to part their wealth as too naive, greedy and timid, daft in their dealings with these crooks.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@redbean: scraping the bottom of the barrel for a validation of his argument:

>> The Saudis have this unwritten law. Any foreigners met with an accident in Saudi it is the foreigner's fault. If he is not there, the accident would not happen. <<

I am almost offended that you would cite The House Of Saud as an example of what "good law" is to compare it to my LOVELY Hotel. What's more it is an "unwritten law" (your words) -- meaning it is just culture suka suka enforced completely usurping any tiny rule of law which may exist. WTF?

Shame on you, redbean, you diminish your reputation.

Saudi law is fucked because Saudi culture is fucked. The House Of Saud is a brutal, corrupt regime who uses the religion of Islam to subjugate their citizens in any manner necessary to maintain absolute control.

This is supported by the so-called "home of the brave, land of the free" United States Of America, where the majority of actions and policies of the House Of Saud will be illegal, outlawed and punished if attempted in any United States territory.

In Singapore there is a tendency for our laws to be based on FACT and argued by REASON and LOGIC -- to wit -- that in the event of an accident proper investigation is carried out to determine, as far as one can possibly -- WHO'S FAULT it was, and how the accident occured.

Despite occasional criticisms of our courts and judiciary, DUE PROCESS exists in Singapore, not in the Saudi Arabia.

redbean is trying to make the argument that if a foreigner is involved in any traffic incident, it is automatically the foreigner's fault.

Please lah. That is just fucking ridiculous!