Singaporeans Sacrificed for Top Universities Rankings

Were Singaporean Students and Professors Sacrificed for NTU Top Rankings? Singaporeans are Collateral Damage for Top Universities Rankings.  Was it Worth it?

“NTU heads QS' list of top 50 universities …”, according to London-based Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), one of three international universities ranking systems.

For the sake of meeting the Criteria of a Bogus Ranking Standard of Dubious Excellence, it appears that NOTHING was spared so as to Obtain a Brand of Questionable Authenticity.

Let’s examine 3 of the QS’ 5 Criteria here.

International Students Ratio (5%)
In 2013, 28% of NTU’s 23,484 undergraduates or 6,575 were foreigners. Why 28% foreign students? Canadian universities, for example, averaged only 8.9% foreign students in 2009. 

Some NTU “rejects” even went on to Ivy League Universities overseas. Many understandably could not afford the costly overseas education. A mere tweaking of the arbitrary cut-off points for NTU Admissions would easily have absorbed 6,500 more Singapore students. The cutoff point appeared deliberate in order to have less local students, in favour of foreign studnets in order for NTU to excel in the foreign students criteria of the QS Ranking criteria.

Were more than 6,500 Singaporean students, or between 1,700-1,900 annually, denied NTU admission into various 3-year and 4-year Undergraduate Programs, over 2009-2013, so that NTU could excel in the International Students Ratio criteria of the QS Ranking?

Totally Unacceptable is also the Fact that at least 40% of the “rejected” students would have completed National Service in their citizenship duty to serve and defend this Country, and only to find upon NS completion that a Public Institution in our Beloved Country had “sold them out” for a Foreign bogus ranking standard of dubious excellence!

What is Baffling is the fact that millions of Singapore funds are used to pay for the thousands of “free” scholarships for most foreign students to study in NTU and other local Universities. 
WHY THEN IS THE NEED FOR A BOGUS RANKING AUTHENTICATION to attract Foreign Students to study “free” here?

International Staff Ratio (5%)
Singaporean Professors in NTU were similarly discriminated for a better QS Ranking.  In a purge of Professors under the pretext of Tenure Evaluation from 2007-2010, mostly Singaporean Professors, including many already qualified for Tenure previously, were dismissed.  And when the dusts settled in 2010 after the Purge, Singapore citizens including new citizens formed only 44% of the faculty; 56% of NTU faculty are foreigners from 56 countries worldwide including Singapore PRs.

Professors who are Singaporeans were clearly discriminated and sacrificed so that NTU could excel in the International Staff Ratio criteria of the QS Ranking.

Faculty/Student Ratio (20%)
Following the Purge of Singaporean Professors, many more foreigners were engaged as NTU Professors. These are mostly freshly-graduated PhDs, and others lacking the acclaims, experience and research citations of those Singaporean Professors who were “terminated” by NTU. Their increased numbers were however necessary in order to meet the QS’ Faculty/Student Ratio.

While the first 3 Criteria may account for just 30% of the QS Criteria, the sacrifice of Singaporeans as students and Professors appeared necessary as the tipping points for NTU to excel and top the bogus standard of dubious excellence.

United Nation Education agency UNESCO had also challenged the validity and reliability of University Rankings like QS, viewing them “of dubious value” that “use shallow proxies as correlates of quality.” Really Sad, ALL THE SACRIFICES BY SINGAPOREANS ACTUALLY FOR NOTHING AUTHENTIC OR OF SUBSTANCE, REALLY. 

For the Sake of Authenticity and Integrity, Singapore universities should no longer participate in any “Global Universities Ranking” scams.  Singapore’s presence in the Global Universities Rankings invariable lends our hard-earned Reputation for Authenticity and Honesty to mask their lack of credibility, validity and reliability.  We owe it to our Founding Generations never to cheapen our Reputation, painstakingly built over the past 50 years, in any manner.  

Kopi Level - Green 

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Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are already sacrificed for so many things, so what is one more thing for Top Universities Rankings, u tell me lah?

And for the sake of GDP growth, if Singaporeans need to be sacrificed some more, I believe PAP will, without hesitation, sacrifice Singaporeans again.

Simply because as long as the Singaporean opposition is not ready to be govt, PAP knows that majority Singaporeans are very scared, even by accident, to vote PAP out.

In fact, Teochew Ah Hia already said as much, and for those daft Singaporeans who may still not know.

Anonymous said...

I am angry and really pissed off by NTU's policy of kicking out locals in favour of FTs. This is my country, this is my land and yet we are treated as pariah. Phui

Anonymous said...

No wonder PAP even tell Sinkies degree is not necessary.

And in fact this is an indirect and nice way of telling Sinkies that they are sacrificed. And what's more, some non grad Sinkies even feel good about it! Hahahahahaha

Or else Sinkies will be very angry and will not vote PAP, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Who u voted 4?

N who u voting next eleection?

Knn ..hsien loong

Anonymous said...

angry not angry not....

Singapore is like that lah.....

most people will only kpkb but
then suffered in silence......

just look around you, everyone
seems to be very very happy with
life issues and smiling......

this is Singapore for you....


Anonymous said...

To be honest local uni not well respected by employers las. Even all govt top scholars are sent overseas Tio bo?

Anonymous said...

How can they not respect? Rank Number One you know?

Anonymous said...

"Even all govt top scholars are sent overseas Tio bo?"
Anon 9:57 am


And that's an indirect way of telling Sinkies that local uni not well respected even by govt.

In fact no need to tell, even daft Sinkies can also see, unless they are blind.

Anonymous said...

The only way to be able to
survive on this tiny crowded
island with 10M people is to
make sure you have plenty of

As they said: NO MONEY NO TALK!


Anonymous said...

No tactic is too low for a ruthless bunch of control freaks.

b said...

It is a ranking of how education funded by tax payers are being abused by the minister. The higher the ranking, the heavier the abuse.

Anonymous said...

If we keep remaining daft, the apes will rise and take over the country.

Then we will really be left with no choice but voting for more snakes, lizards, cockroaches and insects to rule over us.

Veritas said...
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Veritas said...

Finally Mr Michael Heng write something I am able to respect. Keep it up Mike.

Besides, NTU/NUS grading are too low. I have my friends 30 pointers in O levels getting law degree, MBAs, PHDs in world class universities overseas.

NUS/NTU low GPAs not only prevent our students from further their post-graduates studies here, but shut the door for pursuing it overseas.

My fail king friends in O levels are now working in top research labs, doctors or lawyers.

Those go NTU one got shit.

One reason of high failure rate and low GPAs in NTU/NUS could be because PAP does not want SG students to have more educations.

In addition, also by stressing students hard, it may reduce militancy in our college.

Veritas said...
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Veritas said...

Also I have research into where these FT NTU Phds eventually ends up. Answer most are not in Singapore. These FT Phds got into NTU without even a proper metriculation exams.

I have met FT Phds and even ex univeristy lecturers working side by side with me as software engineer. Many are way below NTU local students. I do not know how come local students are so hated by their professors that no one want to take them for post graduates.

The FT Phds and masters come with halo of post-graduates and scholarship, dish out freely by PAP, they out compete locals in job market if they stay. And having a NTU/NUS masters and PHDs, these FT are able to apply to many labs in the whole world.

Meanwhile local graduates can go fuck themselves.

God damned NTU/NUS professors. FUck you all.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are born natural suckers. The Westerners schemed to get the daft to go hunting to provide jobs for them and the daft quickly obliged. Spending OPM is so easy.