Singapore a New Concept City State and a New Consumerism

I am not sure if this is the concept plan for the future of Singapore as a rich, prosperous and vibrant city state. But if anyone is to look at the policies being implemented, it is like clockwork precision in its execution. The concept is to buy anything and everything that the city state needs.

It goes like this, the state needs sportsmen and sportswomen, just buy. If the state needs professors, just buy, engineers, doctors, scientists etc, just buy. If there is a need for bankers, just buy, IT specialists, just buy. Needs billionaires, this one no need to buy, just seduce them to be here for free.

On a bigger scale, if there is a need for any specialty engineering equipment or processes, or companies, just buy. Needing tunnelling expertise, just buy, building of marina barrage and undersea tunnel expertise, new stadium, just buy the companies lock, stock and barrel. No need to grow indigenous companies too. SMEs just remain as SMEs, low tech, low skill to service the high tech, high skill big companies brought in to do the major works.

If this is the concept plan, there is really no need for universities, no need for polytechnics. There is really no need for schools too. Why bother to have schools and tertiary institutions to teach and educate students when there is no guarantee of the products, and it takes a long 15 to 20 years? Just buy. Close down all the schools and tertiary institutions.

Actually there is no need for babies, no need for citizens. Just buy the best from the rest of the world. What about the bought expertists and citizens growing old, can sell them and get rid of them? Or how best to get rid of them when they are no longer useful?

Tell them that they can only get their CPF if they give up their citizenships. If they don’t, selling their properties may not help much either as a huge sum of money will be retained as minimum sum in the CPF. Want your money, please quit and go live somewhere. All residents having out lived their usefulness shall vacate this city, take their CPF and go.

In this way, Singapore can become a New Concept City State where all its manpower needs and technology or engineering and professional needs can be bought. It can save on not having any need for schools and education institutions. It may not even have needs for maternity hospitals as no children need to be born here.

Oh, uniformed police and soldiers can also be bought. No need SAFTI and training grounds too.

And the population will be kept at a young and commercially productive age range. No children and no oldies. It will be a truly vibrant city state of vibrant and economically active and productive people. What citizenship, obsolete idea.

Kopi Level - Yellow


Anonymous said...

RB, very tiok I agreed

Anonymous said...

Are they still thinking of buying the World Cup?

Anonymous said...

No need schools, universities, ministries, ministers and all.

No need babies, hospitals, old folks homes and kindergartens.

Then how to make money

oldhorse42 said...

Where to get so much money to buy so many things?

Anonymous said...

Fully agreed, why then do we need highly paid politicians and civil servants to run this country, or should I say corporation, when everything can be bought.

That's the real reason they are not bother about its citizens welfare.

b said...

Singapore is a business concept. The country name is a brand name. It does not produce so it thrives on trading by manipulating people, profiting from conflicts, bullying the weak. It is quite a good concept for a rich person and a wicked one for the weak.

Anonymous said...

School, hospital, minister and everyone make money.
So, all Singaporeans should be happy.