Singapore in World Universities Ranking Fraud

Should we Risk Our Brand of Honesty, Trust-worthiness, Reliability, Integrity, Probity and Incorruptibility?

I have an unshakable belief in mySingapore’s Destiny and Place in the World.  Our reputation for honesty, reliability and trust-worthiness over half a century has earned us our rightful place among the few nations of integrity, probity and incorruptibility.  Our high international rankings attest to these, whether it is with Transparency International, the Political & Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC) or the World Bank.

SO WHY ARE OUR UNIVERSITIES Participating in Bogus Ranking Standards of Dubious Excellence?

Singapore Universities have secured top placing, with NTU ranked as the world's best young universities, according to London-based Quacquarelli Symonds (QS), one of three major international university ranking systems.

An Eminent Professor has called the QS rankings “a Fraud on the public.” Another Eminent Professor said: “QS simply doesn’t do as good a job as the other rankers that are using multiple indicators”. 

“University world rankings are pointless”, said University College London’s President, “because there is no definition of the ‘ideal’ university”.

An European Union Research Centre concluded that the Rankings was not statistically robust … and highly unreliable for inter-University comparisons.  Their different Ranking Methodologies are also fragile in their ranking approaches and often inconsistent in its treatment of objective data and subjective variables extracted from surveys. 

World Universities Rankings contain serious fundamental conceptual and methodological flaws to render Word Universities Rankings practically useless, irrelevant and immaterial for any serious educational policy purpose. 

In fact, the United Nations Education agency, UNESCO, has challenged the validity and reliability of University Rankings:
“Global university rankings are of dubious value, are underpinned by questionable social science, arbitrarily privilege particular indicators, and use shallow proxies as correlates of quality.”

Singapore universities should no longer participate in any “Global Universities Ranking” Fraud.  Singapore universities should maintain our Integrity and be honestly professional, and reject using the spurious World Universities Rankings to position our great Institutions of Higher Learning because of their lack of validity and reliability in Methodology and questionable measures of learning and research excellence.

We must continue to uphold the honest Truth before the World and ourselves, not because of laws and penalties but because this is WHO WE ARE.  Our High Standards of integrity and honesty reflects the Society we want to live in, and the values we uphold and hold ourselves to embrace.

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Anonymous said...

They have brought in a lot of fakes and bogus talents to work here and to replace Sinkies.

They are going to bring in foreign judges to judge in out international courts.

You sure they still believe in our brand of honesty, trustworthiness, probity, incorruptibility etc etc? They now believe in unknown foreigners.

Anonymous said...

are we so desperate with such low self-esteem that we must get foreigners and outsiders to tell us how good our universities are? and when they use bogus standards, we are also stupid enough to pay them so that they can "stroke" us and make us feel good ... like the "fake love" my mama-san girls can make any bru feel lah.
when are we waking up, man??

Anonymous said...

ya, man.
you pretend, I also pretend ...
say U love me, I say I luv U ...
buy me a Martell or a Jar of Tiger, dear;
of course .. tell me again PLEASSSE ..
"U Love Me...".
U are the Best, my Man.
Top of the Top, forever.
U so BIG, my Man ..
Luv U forever .. la;
More tips lah ...

(back to 2nd line above ...)

Anonymous said...

seow garment conned by seow angmoh. and they think they very smart. money well spent.

Anonymous said...

It is commonly understood in the Market Place that any publicity for any in the Entertainment and Vice Industries is good. It makes artistes and their services wellknown and popular.
Dont know how true the Above Claim is, got to ask those Public Relation Specialists. MP Baey should be consulted for his expert view. Even then, it is going to be very difficult not to feel improper or rather impropriety when chicanery is used to generate publicity for whatever motive.

Anonymous said...

Singapore associated with Fraud...!?
What a fall downwards after 50 years building up a TOP Brand.
50 years to be No 1; just 5 to become No 1 from the bottom, lah.
Someone better explain to Singaporeans HOW this happened?
WHO's responsible?
WHAT Gov going to do about it?