SGX Ranking Number 1

If I were to conduct a survey on the SGX ranking among the international bourses like the way our universities were ranked internationally, I would rank SGX as Number 1 also, the best of the best. And I can say that with very good justifications.

1. SGX is managed by the best foreign talents money can buy.
2. SGX has acquired one of the most expensive and sophisticated computers to ensure that it has the ample capacity to continue operating even if the volume goes up by ten or twenty folds, with no hitches or glitches.
3. It has the best regulatory policies to prevent fraud and cheating or malpractices.
4. It has provided the most level playing field for all players big and small. Fair play is the second name of the SGX.
5. SGX is linked to nearly all the big international bourses around the world and fund managers can trade the world’s stock markets through SGX. So convenient. The Ah Peks and Ah Mahs and the HDB aunties also can do the same.
6. Big funds are allowed to plug their super computers to the SGX computers to ensure that they can trade smoothly and efficiently and at super fast speed. The small traders can also plug their super computers into the system if they have one.
7. SGX even ensures that the exchange will trade non stop, no lunch break, so that trading activities can be high and continuous, longer trading hours, etc to facilitate the traders and investors the maximum hours to make profits.
8. Transparency is first class and retailers shorting the market must key into the system so that every player will know that there is a short position.
9. Bid size and board lot size were reduced to a minimum to facilitate even very small retail players to trade, to increase liquidity and market penetration.
10. And if any big funds or computer traders ended in a short position, have no fear as they could easily borrow scrips to settle their trades. There is a scrip lending facility to help traders in case they have over sold positions.

I could have added more of the great features of the SGX that other bourses would be envious off. It is truly the best, most sophisticated, transparent and efficient stock exchange, and with good regulations and world class management.

There is a slight problem though. There is a dearth of traders in the market. The trading houses are as quiet as a church in recess. Otherwise I would give it a perfect score of 100. The SGX is like a very well decorated Christmas tree, shining brightly, with its full décor, after Christmas, and lying in a corner of the room, waiting for the lights to be switched off.

What a pity for such a fine stock exchange with everything going for it.

Kopi Level - Yellow


Anonymous said...

Yam Seng Yam Seng Yam Seng

Huat Ah Huat Ah Huat Ah!

Anonymous said...


What are your suggestions to revive the SGX? Is the government doing the right thing?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They would have to pay me consultation fees if multi million dollar talents cannot find a solution.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10.58am....pls note...

How can SGX don't know what to do?

How can the govt do the WRONG thing?

Anonymous said...

Although there is need for multi million dollar talents, there is no need for solutions, let alone pay RB consultation fees to find the solutions.

As long as Sinkie opposition is not ready to be govt, let alone a better govt than PAP govt, majority Sinkies (aka 60%) will never vote for them.

And Mai Hum knows Sinkies, and very well too.

Anonymous said...

...let alone pay RB consultation fees to find the solutions.
Anon 11:24 am

Ya lor, that's why RB had only kopi money, and some commission and punting fees on his lucky day at SGX.

And consultation fees a lot u know, just like those overcharged million $ lawyer fees.

Good also lar, or else he may not blog anymore, and many will miss his blog.

Anonymous said...

Heard that a PRC man was caught
masterbating while watching porn
n his hp in woodlands regional

b said...

Quiet is better than noisy lah. Those fat cats can just sit around and collect their big fat pay check every month.

oldhorse42 said...

A really sad sorry. First class stock exchange with few traders. Like a fine restaurant with no customer.Or a pub with no beer. Why?

CPF already liberalised to buy shares.FTs already appointed to run the exchange. World class technolgy already in place to serve the business. What else is needed?

When a train driver was busy blogging, I know SMRT was in trouble.When a remiser is also busy blogging, I know SGX is also in trouble.

Anonymous said...

From what I saw and read in the State/Official Media, SGX is in the Pinkest and Most Healthy State ever.

Cheers to the Talented Sin Rulers, investors are all laughing foing to the Banks.

Anonymous said...

As long as humans continue to run their lives based on greed and ego, everything is going to turn out rosy and smooth.