SAF Volunteer Corps – SAFVC

The SAFVC was inaugurated yesterday to allow volunteers from new citizens, first generation PRs and women to serve in the SAF. The concept is right. The more people serving the SAF the more hands we have to use. It also provides an option for those eager beavers who want to serve but complaining that they are not given a chance. It also puts to test those hypocrites who have been crying out loud to serve and not the opportunity is offered to them to make good what they were claiming to do. Anyone wanting to serve this country in uniform now has a chance to do so. The real McCoy will step forward and the fakes and pretenders will step backward.

On paper it is a good thing to have a SAFVC. But given the nature and composition of our population, there are high risks involved. We are not a homogenous nation of people, we are a very young country and did not have the benefits of a long history and a strong glue to hold the people together as one united people. People can change sides like chameleon changing colours at will.

The most dangerous enemies of an army come from within. It is almost impossible to protect and defend against someone from the inside, living and sleeping together, singing the same national anthem, taking the same pledge and professed to be willing to defend and die for the same country and people. As for our very own citizens, we see them grow up, we know them and their background. Still we do not know them fully. Now we are taking new citizens into our armed forces as volunteer soldiers. How much do we know them and their family background?

The other problem is that we should not end up like the Americans, training and equipping people who eventually turned against them and fighting against them, armed by the Americans. Would we be doing the same, training and arming people, potential terrorists, who would turn against us one fine day?

Of course the SAF must have all these thought out and all the precautions and safeguards are in place. Hope it would not be as safe as the safeguards for the LPA when an absolute stranger, a foreigner, could end up holding an LPA for a very senior and lonely citizen at the verge of dementia, very vulnerable and very rich.
We cannot afford any slips in matters of national security and defence. The lives of our soldiers are at stake. Did we make a slip and lost two scholars in Sydney? Let’s hope and pray that this SAFVC thing will be well conceived and all potential loopholes for mischief are plugged. It can be turned against us, the people and nation if not carefully managed.

Are the benefits of the SAFVC more than enough to justify the risks involved?

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Anonymous said...

Sucking And Fucking Very Comforting

Limpeh aso wanna

Anonymous said...

The setting up of the SAFVC is
just another NATIONAL HOBBY of
introducing new policies, new
schemes, new systems, new depts,
etc etc etc.......

Anonymous said...

How about setting up a School of Strategic Policies and Warfare and pay for more foreign talents for all the chairs of professorship?

Some of our generals could head the School as experts or military strategists.

agongkia said...

I am quite dissapointed with this SAFVC.
Me proposed sometime back in net for its set up but I actually hope it can allow lau peng like me who feel 2 and half year is not enough and want to serve more.
Why cant allow me to continue serving my N S as a volunteer.I am still fit and can contribute.
I can even do midnight visit to those absentee and invite them back to camp.
Great to have a feeling as a 18 year old NS man.Please consider loyal Sinkie like me.
l love N S.Its should be a privilege reserve for Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

How u know it had not happened?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9.00 and 9.07am......

Very Soooooon! Very Soooooon!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ok I will recommend to them to set up a Dad's Army for agongkia.

Anonymous said...


Something litis better

Anonymous said...


How did the japenis translators viewed these inhumane acts. And did they had an active role in these killings?

Will history repeat itself?

Anonymous said...

You toking about Shook Ching?

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ angry and judgeMENTAL redbean:

»» The real McCoy will step forward and the fakes and pretenders will step backward. ««

Aha. The bigot demon surfaces right form the get-go. Eh, uncle, it is voluntary lah. That means people will volunteer or not depending on their OWN reasons, not your fucking bigoted/ xenophobic judgements.

»» Now we are taking new citizens into our armed forces as volunteer soldiers. How much do we know them and their family background? ««

Under the present system of compulsory NS, every conscript (local born assholes) is also a "black box" -- you don't know what the fuck they are about, or what they could become under the stress of military life. Have there been murders in the SAF? Of course. Local soldier shoots his CO-- not common, but it has happened.

»» The other problem is that we should not end up like the Americans, training and equipping people who eventually turned against them and fighting against them ««

This sounds like a famous Lee Kuan Yew bat-shit INSANE racist rant about arming Singaporean Malays, and disgustingly putting their LOYALTY into question without any evidence or probable cause.

Can it happen? Of course it is possible, but is it likely? Who knows. Another fact: The USA is a global super power with many, many enemies. Singapore is a small fry with many critics and dissenters...but deadly enemies...I would say very few, if at all they exist in the first place.

»» Of course the SAF must have all these thought out and all the precautions and safeguards are in place ««

Errr...uncle...you seem to forget...every potential SAF personnel is subjected to medical and psych evaluation. Have you forgotten those long waste-of-time pre-enlistment events where we all had to attend and strip down to our underpants?

»» We cannot afford any slips in matters of national security and defence ««

Here we go with the neurotic "perfect world" fallacy. Slip-ups/ accidents/ Black Swan events are bound to happen. This is the military: human error + deadly skills + effective killing hardware = some shit will happen sooner or later. . So embrace with it and just do the best to avoid such situations.

Can afford? Of course can lah. Every thing has RISK lah. Once in awhile: disaster, excitement, calamity. Day to day: usually very boring, energy and time-wasting. ;-)

As far as I am concerned: all citizen militia in Singapore should be VOLUNTARY. i.e. scrap the NS, make everything SAFVC and professional, sign-on military.

Redbean (as usual) forgets to see it from the perspective of the volunteers of the SAFVC -- typical oversight as he is perennially, and neurotically wrapped up in his own warped opinion most of the time.

For a volunteer in the SAFVC: they have to commit to:

1. Siong training -- risking injury or fatality to themselves
2. Burned off days and weekends, and possibly annual leave
3. Time away from professional, family and social lives
4. Always being looked on with suspicion of being "traitors" and "interlopers" by bigots and xenophobes like redbean.
5. As an employer -- I have to let off SAFVC personnel and still pay them. Added cost to my business.

Other FACTS which failed to escape redbean are simple FACTS of HUMAN NATURE:

If you give people the opportunity to contribute, many people will. It fulfils basic needs of identity, the need to be part of a group or community, the sense of security for one's home, family enterprises and friends etc etc. Surprise, surprise: there are also in existence people whom you can TRUST, people of extraordinary character who try their best to be the best -- albeit imperfectly.

Sad motherfuckers like redbean live in the darkside of humanity -- always in fear of the underbelly of human nature -- especially to those who are "different" from himself -- like those evil, nasty foreigners who "infect" Singapore and steal local jobs.

Conclusion: redbean is probably a LUNATIC ;-)

The said...

Just you wait - there will be very more Yang Yins waiting to sign up.

Anonymous said...

Hahhaahha, the foul mouth lunatic escaped from IMH again. Thought they would have locked him out for good.

Ok, wasted too much breath on this shit leow. MS, when are you going to eat your own shit?

Virgo 49 said...

If all the chak liao bee uniform services personnel in the whole world were to be trained to be farmers and plant crops.

The hungry would not have to go hungry and the world would be a much safer and peaceful place.

These professions are for those who are condemned to be useless beans in the human world.

Putting on uniforms like lunatics and also like small children playing masak masak putting so many colours on their breasts and metal ornaments on their shoulders.


Do not waste monies on these useless woo liao heroic

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the only real way of a volunteer system is to make foreigners (any kind of work pass and HR ppl) go through the same kind of inconvenience that our NS boys go through. Like going for IPPT, RT. ICT etc. This really eves the playing field and do not disadvantage the local boys.

Anonymous said...

You want to train them to join ISIS?

b said...

My bet is the VC will not be carrying any useful weapons or undergo any useful training. That will deter them off. It is just to set up to shut them big mouth out.

b said...

Anyway, what is the point of an army. To fight and protect a piece of paper called leasehold agreement?

Anonymous said...

SAFVC reflects the miws' poor treatment of the true-blue Singaporean male over his new citizen/pr counterpart. We are called upon to compulsorily give up 2/2.5 years of our youth, the next 10/13 years for reservist duty, and if we should fail to do so, be subject to court-martial or persecution in the civilian courts. Please, this setup is going through the motion and is self-serving for the miws, just so that they can tell daft Singaporeans that new citizens/prs too have been called upon to do NS by the ruling party.

b said...

The discrimination between the locals and foreigners will not change unless the people stop voting for the ruling elites.

Anonymous said...

Hurray! Quick bring on the SAFVC AND ABOLISH CONSCRIPTION.

National Service put local youth at disadvantages in sturdy and career.

Anonymous said...

At one time I used to read this foul mouth lunatic Matilah and thought it was funny and refreshing. After a while you start to get sick of it to know that he is genuinely a sicko.

Since then I have totally ignored his post. Not to waste time on him.

If he wants people to take him seriously then he needs to be normal and stop behaving like a sicko asshole.

Otherwise he is nothing but a useless scum.

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Oh RB, you should delete his posts and not allow him to shit in your blog as he likes. I respect your blog and so do many readers.

This ass is simply disrespectful and does not add value to your blog except shit.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I have long ignored this foulmouth. Just leave him alone and let him be as irrelevant as his blog.

No need to engage him. When I see his nick I just skip. No need to give him any attention.