Roger Zhang – Is he pro PAP or against PAP

To many of the netizens reading TRE they must be familiar with the name of this blogger called Roger Zhang. He claimed to be a foreign talent, a grassroot leader and intensely supportive of the Govt and the PAP policies. He is all praises and would argue and challenge netizens of a different view.

I have read some of his postings and comments and am having second thoughts as to the real person behind this Roger Zhang. Is he really pro PAP or indirectly saboing the PAP Govt?

It is true that he is always saying good things about the Govt and its policies, particularly those in favour of foreign talents that he claimed to be one. But if one is to read carefully what he is saying, without saying, his deliberate attempts to sound funny and silly, and his half past six English, one begins to wonder where is he coming from. Is he trying to tell the people that the quality of foreign talents is like what you see in him which is quite a joke really. He can’t be serious and can’t be a good poster boy for the Govt to wave at the people saying, this is the type of foreign talents we are bringing in to replace you.

I am really not sure. Perhaps you can read what he posted and make your own conclusion on this Roger Zhang and unmasked him to see who or what he really is. Below are a few samples of his writings. There are plenty more in TRE. The first is an article he wrote and the latter are two comments he made in TRE.

1. Stupid for Singaporeans to chase FTs out of S’pore
October 21st, 2014
Sporeans who chase FTs out are stupid because if the FTs go out & work for other countrys, those other countrys will become stronger & better than spore.
So in end, spore is the one suffer. How can spore compete with world if we got no foreign talent inside our economy?
That day IMF already warning our economy can suffer if we stop foreign talent coming in. SM Goh also say same. Actually is true foreigners here never take sporeans’ jobs. The jobs are not want by sporeans since they want high pay and easy job.
Companys can’t pay too high salary because they will become not competitive. I got read many books of economy, business invest & leaderships, there is only one person we can blame for so many foreigners work here inside sg: GLOBALISATIONS!
The world change & become smaller, so foreign talents from other countrys can easy enter our economy.
Roger Zhang

2. Roger Zhang:
October 21, 2014 at 6:03 am (Quote)
As grassroot people, the writer shd not anyhow pass rumors. Minister Chan is new, just only in politic 2011, so he need go visit all part of sg slowly, one grc this time and then another grc next time.
His purpose & agenda is meet more residents there, get deep understanding of residents’ problems & wishs, honest feed backs of policies & ideas how improve their lifes and living environments.
So woodland residents please pass the good news round, make sure residents aware Minister Chan going visit them. He still young and got alot future & opportunties infront him!
Woodland is happy place & got little complains since they got all the good facilities build there already. But if you all got hear any big unhappy complains of some residents, please don’t shy, just bring up for Minister Chan attentions. He already solve many problems bring to him when he visit other grc.

3. Roger Zhang:
October 21, 2014 at 6:36 pm (Quote)
This why I invite by my company here: CONTRIBUTE MY TALENT HERE.
Not only I contribute in my company, I also contribute in grassroot as VOLUNTEER without take any salary.  My wife who only a PR citizen (not a true blue sporean like I) also contribute in a spore’s famous school WITHOUT take any salary!  I & my wife also even help CCC organise cooking contest of residents for them taste other countrys’ foods so that true blue sporeans can integrate with foreigners here. Just only free help, we never take money from PA or gov.  So my talent is not only just doing job in company, I also got talent integrate our true blue sporeans & foreigners. This not easy. I last time from China & since China people are friendly, good temper, patiently & open mind kind people, we know how integrate with any foreigners anywhere. We come here just want help sg successful & compete other first world countrys.

Kopi Level - Yellow


Virgo 49 said...

All these jokers think so highly of themselves.

See Sin recruitment of ping pong and badminton players from PRC.

They only released those not in their standard to represent their country.

if this Zhang is good, do not have to beggar and seek employment in Sinkie land.

Talk cock we need talents like them

Anonymous said...

I feel embarrassed reading his posts and the kind of thinking in his head.

Anonymous said...

He is not much different from Yang Yin. Maybe he is Yang Yin.

Virgo 49 said...

The PAP government takes in animal activist to stand as their candidate for coming GE.

All the while, they took in strays from all over the world in their shelters.

When we adopted one lovely talented dog from one of the shelter, they told us to save one life so that they can save another.

PAP committed too many sins that they have to provide sinkie land as a shelter to save their salvation.

Or else they be condemned to hell. Trying to gain good

Virgo 49 said...

When our prc ping pong girls meet their compatriots, always lose.

See what talents they recruited

Anonymous said...

Whether Roger is pro PAP or against PAP, or what not, is beside the point.

As WP Teochew Ah Hia had said, and it is worth repeating, the point is that majority Sinkies (aka 60%) are very scared they accidentally vote PAP out in a GE because WP is not ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

Never Mind! Never Mind!

At least his English is still
half past six, betterer than me.

Anonymous said...

Mon, Jan 28, 2013
My Paper

Despite the wide margin of WP's win, Mr Low said that the by-election results have to be viewed in perspective, and cannot be taken as "a trend in the future".

He explained: "It is not a General Election. People in Punggol East have no worries (that), if I vote some other way, I might accidentally throw out the Government."

Anonymous said...

LTK is WP's Kong Ming talking.

Anonymous said...

So, if the voters have no worries, they will vote for opposition, right?

So, PAP always wins because 60% voters have fear in their minds, not because they love the PAP. Take away the fear factor, the pork barrel upgrading, the GRC factor and the reaults could be vastly different.

So, do the 60% really love the PAP? If they do, why does the PAP need to put in so many factors to sway the voters. And they need paid internet brigades to fight the online opposition volunteers. Does not make sense!

Anonymous said...

Ask Raymond and his gang how much they are paid to be here. Even got fucked everyday also would not go away. Are they mentally sick and enjoyed being fucked by people? If not because they are paid, why so stupid, or mad?

Anonymous said...

Be a pastor aso not bad.....

Make S$700,000.00 a yr.....

But, English must be OK.....

Anonymous said...

Wow, unbelievable but real.

Angtow looking down on Chinese with poor command of ingrish.
What if Zhang writes in Queens Council Ingrish, will he be accepted as talent and deserves to settle in Sin.

What if Zhang had written in imperial Chinese and Angtow does not understand? Will angtow understands anything?

ommand of ingrish

Anonymous said...

Another clown trying to attack RB. So many clowns here today. RB must be saying something right.

Anonymous said...

Please don't insult the Ingrish of my comrade ok? His Ingrish is better like my type and I respect his good command of Ingrish. We all got good standard and Singaporeans best to learn to speak like we all.


b said...

Why worry about him? I think RZ is a gay. He thinks RZ is an alien. So what? He is just a distractors.

Anonymous said...

Dun play play ... foreign talents r the bestest especially grasslooters.to harness the votes for papigs

Leemember dr mahatair issued many citizenships to pinoy n indon n bangala to vote for the mud party

Next eleection must adopt mudland system. Lose majority votes neber mind. Still the ruling party.... lidat papigs rule forever

Hsienloong .... knnccb

Anonymous said...

The karma of blindly issuing citizenships. Mahathir did that and the new citizens are claiming Sabah as theirs and trying to secede from Malaysia with terrorist acts.

UK brought in so many immigrants and now is a hotbed for producing terrorists. Canada and Australia will pay the same price of terrorist attacks.

Anonymous said...

Archived records show sabah belong to stinkapore

Wonder if those rumored records still lying around

Bumiputra said...
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Bumiputra said...

For irrefutable evidence that Sylvia Lim lies, check out Singapore GE 2016