RN + H3 – The elixir of life?

Health supplements are doing great business today with the baby boomers ready to splash out their silver dollars to look good and younger for another few days. The hair gets the black treatment, the skin gets the pull and the massage, the dentures replaced by implants, and liposuction for the ugly body fats. And Guardians, Watson and all the pharmacies are lined with all kinds of formula drugs and nature’s wonder extracts to make one live again, like a young lad or lass, bountiful of energy.

There is yet, unfortunately, no elixir of life that would double the lifespan. RN + H3 will shorten the lifespan by half instead. The combination is really potent and effective. Within a matter of weeks, it could hasten the system to react frantically with the production of massive antibodies, every cell and organ going on overdrive, going haywire, to counteract the effects of RN + H3. It is something like the whole system going mad, through a self regulated chemotherapy regime, to kill the presence of RN + H3.

RN + H3 will be neutralised at all cost, but not after doing enough damage to shorten the lifespan of the regime. The uncontrolled and over reaction of the ‘chemotherapy treatment’ plus the excessive production of antibodies by the cancerous organs that have lost all sense of balance and propriety, doing strange things that they should not be doing, will result in more harm than good, will kill the system in double quick time while desperately trying to save it.

The RN + H3 combination is deadly. It can do more damage than by any means that would normally take years to do any harm. This combination will do all the harm within a matter of weeks and the patient is dead without knowing, but still walking like a zombie high on steroids. The game is over.

No, RN + H3 formula is not the elixir of life. It is the anti thesis, the anti climax of sort. It will shorten the lifespan quicker than any drugs could do. It draws out all the defensive mechanism and drives them mad, reckless and causing more harm than good to the system.

RN + H3 formula is a controlled drug and must be prescribed by specialists. Accidental consumption is dangerous. See a doctor quick if consumed by accident.

Kopi Level - Yellow


Raymond said...

For a deadbeat airhead like you, the recommended dosage is double the usual.


Virgo49 said...

So potent after taking them can abseil down from twenty five storeys and still smiled at mid point

Anonymous said...

Yo Sneaky Raymond, you are here full time, like your mum in my bed.

Anonymous said...

I feel very sorry for this silly Raymond. So unhappy to be here but still must come here everyday to have a dosage of redbean just to get angry.

Is he an escapee from IMH?

Anonymous said...

No lah, must be from SPCA.

Matilah_Singapura said...

In Australia there's a problem with pharmacies selling SNAKE OIL. People are trying to change this by regulation.

Most of the health supplements from vitamins to herbs to "de tox" and the rest are PURE BULLSHIT -- i.e. there is no evidence to show that they actually result in what they claim.

So caveat emptor ... as long as people fear death, there will be a market for all sorts of "salvation".

Anonymous said...

Raymond has nothing better to do than stalking Rb.
He could be infatuated with a fatherly figure.

Redbean could be guilty of being too loving to Minister Tan Chuan Jin and too much reverrence for Lee Kuan Yew. And also his respect for DPM Shanmugaratnam.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with Matilah that health supplements are pure shit.

But the fact is human vanity and ego make this a very lucrative business. The supplements are not cheap, but people still pay a hand and a leg just to look and feel good. It takes all kinds of people to make this world.

But in the end, no matter how good they look, they cannot defeat nature.

b said...

If old people died earlier, it is good news for the pension funds. There is winners and losers in every game.

b said...

Btw, talking about snakeoil, the Lees are big investors in pharmarcies (aka snake oil)all over the world. Each time when you step into one of those, do not forget to pay tributes to them.