Return My CPF protest rally on 25 Oct cancelled by NPark

Just read from TRE that the protest at Hong Lim Park this Sat has been cancelled on the advice of the Police. The reason, both Roy Ngerng and Han Hui Hui are under investigation for illegal assembly. So they cannot apply for a permit.

Do they need a permit in the first place? Could they and the protesters just go to Hong Lim on Sat and have a party there? Is it illegal to gather at Hong Lim Park, a public park designated for free speech? Must there be a permit to make free speech? If that is the case, then it is no longer free speech.

Is the cancellation for a protest rally against the Constitution? Is NPark acting unconstitutionally?

So far Roy Ngerng and Han Hui Hui have held 3 such protest rallies and the attendance could not be anything near hysterical numbers. Why is there a need to curb this protest rally? Is the rally really something to fear, something like the netizens have been saying, disclosing an unpleasant truth about the CPF money?

By banning the next protest, the govt is sending out many negative signals to the people. There is nothing positive about this banning of a small peaceful protest in a confined park designated for such a specific purpose.

Would this act make the protesters angrier and turn up in full force despite the ban? What would happen this Sat? Would there be a bigger turnout instead at Hong Lim?

What is happening?

Kopi Level - Blue, Thank you.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"Would this act make the protesters angrier and turn up in full force despite the ban?"

Unlikely lah. If this can happen, the strongest Sinkie opposition party would also have been ready to be govt. And that would be better than protesting in full force at HLP, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

The govt is behaving like suffering from bipolar disorder. What it is doing to the organisers and banning a small protest is strange and bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Rb knowing sinkies may be less than 10 will dare to go. Including me lor I being honest as I scare kena invited for kopi

Anonymous said...

My lanchao... daft natives dare to step on the hlp ground

The smellee stinkapore lokang nearby will part n roy will lead us across to the promised land

Hsienloong n papigs. Knnccb

Anonymous said...

haunted place

Anonymous said...

Look at HK, that is what we
called public PROTEST!

The so-called protest at HLP is
nothing, micro micro in scale.

Let it be.


Raymond said...

Good riddance.

I hope the police take a long long time, like a few years, to investigate this case.

The irony is that those two reckless, jobless brats probably doesn't have much CPF in the first place!

Only senile old fools like yourself would fall for their ramblings.

Anonymous said...

@ raymond

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Anonymous said...

This place is for stupid fools. This Sneaky Raymond is so good that his masters have assigned him to keep company with fools. This is how good he is. If really good he will be assigned to do more honourable things. His masters know that he is a sneaky bastard and will do all kinds of sneaky stuff.

Look at the mirror, you Sneaky bastard.

Anonymous said...

This is a ideal place where a net can be easily casted! you don't mel?

Anonymous said...

Yawn. Why forever depending on Han and Ngerng to apply for the permit? Leong Sze Hian can do it also right?

Whats there to stop other members of the CPF protest group from applying for the permit? Did NParks say no one can organize? Even if they ban Han and Ngerng for attending, there can be no stopping the movement if there are others who want to do something. You mean they can systematically reject over 100 permits?

RB talk so much here about the relevance and patriotism about HLP rally. If so, why no he and his fellow bloggers now step up to apply for the permit, in place of their heroes, Ngerng and Han?

Instead of once again, acting pitiful here?

Anonymous said...

RB acting pitiful or you acting silly?

Anonymous said...

Nothing silly. They reject permit for two people, dozens of others should step up and try if they believe in the movement. Nothing silly on that.

Anonymous said...

Joshua Wong said : " if HONGKONG just depends on me, the movement will fail.".

He' s half singapore's Roy's age and he is a great activist. what he said is so true when applied to Sinkieland. If sg depend on just roy the protests will fail. who will take over the next protest rally on this saturday? nobody? Die lah. All keyboard warriors niah.

Anonymous said...

Singapore's Roy Ngerng is like Hong Kong's Joshua Wong.

Please support.

Anonymous said...

Roy "Joshua Wong" Ngerng?

Nice ring to it?

b said...

"free speech"

- unfortunately, the school system did not do their jobs well to teach "nothing is free lah."

Anonymous said...

In Sinkieland, some things can be as predictable as the rising sun.

So, is this the end of our Hyde Park adventure?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:55.

Well said. All keyboard warriors. Come out online like very fierce. But actually will not step out to do things.

Anonymous said...

Please don't insult Joshua Wong by comparing him to the looney fringe Roy.

They are NOT even in the same league.

Anonymous said...

@October 22, 2014 6:34 pm

u r fucking correct

ROY is a hero

joshua is a fucking americunt running dog ... like kuan yew is a fucking japenis running dog tho he can himself a translator

limpeh waiting for the PLA to steamroll those fucking terrorists on the street