Quote of the Day

Alex Au is now in court to defend his contempt of court charges. One phrase that the AG mentioned in Au’s blog was highlighted. Au was quoted to have said, ‘the courts were as “limp as a flag on a windless day”’.

The AG says that the metaphor of the flag implies that the court needs ‘wind’ from outside the facts of the case to determine an outcome.

I vote this as the most ingenious interpretation of the phrase, “limp as a flag on a windless day” I am impressed.

Kopi Level - Blue, Thank you.


Anonymous said...

But how come limp terrorist can escape hah?

Raymond said...

Au is yet another weasel of the opposition camp, just like you.

You two should be perfect for each other.

Anonymous said...

What would be the interpretation if Alex Au used the term half past six?

b said...

Got chance better emigrate. Now, very difficult for him to emigrate because his police record is not clean.

Anonymous said...

Sneaky Raymond is here working full time. Your mother so happy that you are here ah?

Anonymous said...

Ya, you can also use that quote to describe the failure of our procreation policy because, well - "The cock is limp as a flag on a windless day"

The said...

Actually, what Alex wrote was "his confidence in the judiciary was as limp as a flag on a windless day".

Maybe should have said "as a flag on the moon."

Anonymous said...

siliao loh ....

like all courts around the world

ruling usually favour the rich, famous and elite

another one down the drain

papigs ... fuck u deep deep

Anonymous said...

court is as limp as a used condom

Anonymous said...

Quote for 2day..

Y the kentucky fried chicleen president neber stay in stinkapore n celeebrate deepavali with his daft subjects at his istana?

But instead goes to loonton on official visit n have tea with the old witch at birmingham palace

No dignity.?

Dun like curry?

Knnccb... papigs