Protesters at Hong Lim on 27 Sep called up by Police for investigation

Below is part of an article posted in TOC on the investigation by the Police for ‘Unlawful Assembly’ at Hong Lim during the ‘Return My CPF’ protest rally on 27 Sep.

‘Several participants of the Return Our CPF protest at Hong Lim Park on 27 September have been called up by the police for questioning with regards to the event….
In its letter to the participants to present themselves at the Police Cantonment Complex to assist in the probe, the police said it was investigating “an offence of unlawful assembly” committed on 27 September at Hong Lim Park.
The Online Citizen (TOC) understands that at least 5 of the participants were called up for the investigation on Thursday. Plainclothes officers from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) had visited them at each of their homes to serve them the “notice to appear” at the police station.
Two of them told TOC that they were served the notice at midnight on Thursday, just hours before they were required to appear for questioning.
“They knocked on my door at 12.20am in plainclothes,” one of the participants told TOC. “My parents panicked and thought I had committed a crime. They are still kind of panicky now too.”…’
A few points in question. 1. Is Hong Lim Park legislated for such protest and demonstration? 2. How did the gathering of protesters at Hong Lim become an illegal assembly of people? 3. Was the permit withdrawn for the protest rally that made the protest illegal? 4. If the Park is legislated for such purposes, does it require a permit or just a confirmation to use the Park would suffice?
Those being called up must have quite a frightening experience to have people knocking at their door in the middle of the night be they strangers or the police. No one welcomes knockings at their doors in the wee hours of the morning. It is so eerie and scary, like being visited by an owl.
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Anonymous said...

In reading your article, I am
already feeling very very eerie
and scary......

Anonymous said...

Leedat onlee?

Limpeh... laigi terok

Go out, mata cctv start tracking

Carrlee mobile phone, also track, everlee on the phone also monitored.... I pak hand gun video also they see

Cum this blog comments, Fuck hsien loong all tracked n leecorded

Career passport, also have electronic chip embedded inside

Hope go dental.. chips not planted

Fuck hsien loong, knn hojinx pua chee by

Anonymous said...

10.36am, post like that better prepare for visit

Anonymous said...

Why must police only visit people after midnight?

Anonymous said...

11.39 am, likely that timeframe that is when they are free and the person they are visiting is at home mah. Make sense or not Tio bo?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Foreign Talents ever get midnight visits?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon @12.15

Right, Tiok, visit at this time when they are really free to do their daily work.

Before that, just visit Everton Park coffeeshop adjacent to the Cantonment Headquarters.

Out of ten tables, at least eight tables in Smoking Zone occupied by these busy plainclothes officers smoking and chatting merrily away till 1139 hours.

This is the time they started their REAL WORK.

Plus they get time off again to have their Routine at the coffee shop again to have their HAPPY HOURS daily again.

All the Fine MEN and WOMEN from the force.

DPM Teo must be really proud of them.

Anonymous said...

Have ... braised duck innards, balut, tandoori etc will be used to herald the displacement of dafts.

Fuck hsienloong n his papigs

@11.23 ... do u have spare undies or pampers? I just cummed

Anonymous said...

When you want to talk to your PAP Minister, please go through the "correct" channel and protocol.
You think you can anyhow walk up to a PAP Minister chanting your nonsense?
Never heard of Our Singapore Conversation is it?

Raymond said...

Eerie? Scary? Why? Because you are guilty? Got hidden skeletons at home? Afraid to be exposed?

Has to police called you up yet? You seem to know a lot. Surely you talk a lot.

Anonymous said...

RB, Sneaky Raymond is here asking to be fucked again. His backside itchy again.

Helloooo Sneaky Raymond, I am behind you.

Fuck you Raymond. Fuck your mother too, for producing a sneaky asshole like you. Nice right?

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speed. Must have been quite scary when you have plain clothes knocking on your door in the dead of night. Reminds me of movies which show Nazi Gestapo calling on the Jews.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:38, after what you said and this sneaky bugger still comes back for more, it means he likes what you did to him and to his mother.

Anonymous said...

"Those being called up must have quite a frightening experience to have people knocking at their door in the middle of the night be they strangers or the police."

Tiok. But that does not make the opposition ready to be govt, despite the police being controlled by the ruling PAP.

And because of that, majority Sinkies (aka 60%) are not ready to vote PAP out in a GE.

Hence Sinkies can expect the police, if they feel like it, to call up looney fringe Sinkies like Han Hui Hui in the middle of the night to give them a frightening experience, even after next GE.

Anonymous said...

Just cant figure out why the SPF had to issue their summons at those hours mentioned. As it was not matter of great urgency, the Summons could be issued early in the day.

Redbean posed a few Relevant Questions pertaining to the Protest at HLP and the Aftermath. Will we get to hear or read answers to them here or elsewhere?


Anonymous said...

Anyone here wishing for Rb and others here to be visited at 2am?

Anonymous said...

If Han Hui Hui, by her actions and speeches, is not frightened of police at Hong Lim Park, why should she be frightened of police visit at midnight?

In fact she should feel "honoured" that police need to visit her at midnight.

Because unless there are good reasons, I think police don't anyhow visit suspects at midnight one, u know.

Anonymous said...

Ya lor, if dare to commit crime, why scared to go to jail?

Virgo 49 said...

Already told you numbskulls that these chak liao bee salaries funded by tax payers spend their daylight hours chatting at tbe coffeeshop opposite their headquarters.

Luckily I sit at the Non smoking zone, if not throughout day cannot find a seat and eat in peace.

Anonymous said...

Woo nang kong. .. hawkers centres, kopitiam, lao nang kong kor e wee.. chin jue mata e gao , spy spy nang meng kong kor se.

Limpeh kong... hsien loong, knn hojinx ccb.

Anonymous said...

PGP.. si simi lanchao?

Pien gao piang-san?

Pok gai pioneer?

Pay gao pokgai?

Piang goondu perpetually?

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the NPark Director and the police officers for getting assigned to this case.

Anonymous said...

The flutter of a butterfly in the Pacific Ocean could cause a storm a thousand miles away.

I think this case has gone too far and could cause a big storm if it is not stop quickly.