No permit required for assembly and procession at Hong Lim

Below is copied from an article appearing in TOC discussing about the need for a permit to hold an assembly or a procession at Hong Lim Park. According to the Public Order Act(POA), no permit is required. Please read on.

‘The Public Order Act (POA), which was introduced in 2009, regulates public assemblies and processions and gives new powers to the authorities to preserve public order.
Among other things, it states that a permit is required for the conduct of any public assemblies or processions.

However, the POA also granted exemptions to certain areas and circumstances, namely:

- an assembly or a procession exempted from this section under section 46
- an assembly or a procession within any part of an unrestricted area not falling within a special event area.
Section 46 refers to the areas and people whom the minister, through the gazette, have granted exemptions from the POA.

It is the second provision which directly refers to Hong Lim Park as an exempted area.
Under the Public Order (Unrestricted Area) Order 2013, Hong Lim Park is declared as an “unrestricted area” and is thus exempt from certain provisions in the POA.
This includes the stipulation that Hong Lim Park is exempt from the permit requirement for assemblies and processions, as stated in the POA:

“The area in Hong Lim Park and delineated in the Schedule is designated as an unrestricted area whereby no notice under section 6, and no permit under section 7, of the Act shall be required for the holding of all assemblies or processions or both therein.”
The law, thus, seems to be quite clear that Ms Han did not need to obtain a permit for her march at Hong Lim Park on 27 September.’

From the above quote, it is quite clear to me that no permit is needed to hold an assembly or procession at Hong Lim. Then what is this permit that the NPark and Police are talking about? I would like to be enlightened.

I think the NPark Commission has the power to cancel an assembly or procession at Hong Lim provided he has good reasons to do so, eg if the event is going to turn into something dangerous or a security or safety issues. Or as provided by the regulations on the use of Hong Lim that the assembly should not be about race or religion.

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Anonymous said...

Easy Money! Easy Money!

Heard that the issue of the
lawyer overcharging his client
by $1,000,000.00 had became
another very hot potato.

Why like this lah?

Anonymous said...

He is very capable that's why can charge so much mah.

Anonymous said...

"No permit required for assembly and procession at Hong Lim"

That will be for the court to decide, should Roy, HHH and others are brought to court.

Even lawyers, let alone layman like RB, interpretation of it may not be of use, should the court based on the circumstances, decide otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Who appoint the court?

And who appoint the who appoint the court?

Anonymous said...

'I am the Law'

Anonymous said...

"Heard that the issue of the
lawyer overcharging his client
by $1,000,000.00 had became
another very hot potato."
Anon 9:28 am

But will the hot potato make the opposition ready to be govt?

If not, will 60% want to vote for an opposition which is not ready to be govt?

Anonymous said...

All animals are equal. Some are more equal than others.

4 legs good, 2 legs betterer.

jjgg said...

Who says they'll be charge for illegal assembly..they'll probably kena a littering charge n serve 2 years CWO

jjgg said...

Or indecent exposure..for laying out the bare facts??? Why are MIWs paid so well? They are paid to be
(In)different..why is tony tan so quiet...he hasn't learnt the art of ventriloquism over water yet...why do our politicians spend so much time oversea..you would too, if you need to handle all the rubbish that's going on here...why do they call it a sports hub when it's all about money..why didn't the grass grow at sports hub..good turf don't grow on pure shit...hehe

Anonymous said...

..why didn't the grass grow at sports hub..
jigg 10:48 am

For the same reasons why didn't the Sinkie opposition being ready to be govt.

b said...

The justice system is to facilitate the rich to become richer. Anyone who had tried to claim from small claims tribunals will understand this. Those judges there are corrupted to the core. They helped companies to bully the individual taxpayers.

Virgo49 said...

Actually when GCT promised that HLP be made into speaker's corner, there are NO RESTRICTIONS to talk cock and bull stories and also to protest in any part or the whole of HLP.

The only exception is no talk of religion and race to stir up shits.

The NP Director and the so called SPF (think they are ad hoc last moment called to duty bouncers or SAF warrant officers now become Discipline masters in schools) to come and intimate Roy and HHH.

That's why so shy to show warrant card and only their fierce faces. They knew NO LAWS to chase them away. Also HHH and Roy broke no laws.

They chok 48 to scare the wits out of them but instead got lose face by them.

So they umm kum ban and stirred shits using strong arm tactics to put them into grueling interrogation.

Now these backfired and the PAPies are losing more grounds to the electorate.

This morning at the Gym, one of the LHL's staunch supporters was telling another.

Poor fellow, the hair of LHL grew all WHITE. Must be lots of stress in thinking for the welfare of Singaporeans.

I told him, WHITE because he slept half eye shut and half eye open for his time of getting kicked out like his father from the Tungku is coming soon.

Repeat of history of 1965 and weeping on TV.

Anonymous said...

When protesters got permission before proceeding for the Events, Rulers should thank them.
If oppression continues, protesters will show middle fingers to Rulers and prepare to shed bloods. Why the hell will they apply for permit. It happened everywhere.
Sin shall be no different when the people are shoved to it.
逼虎跳墙的后果不会是善终的. There can be no end when the People are forced to do what they dislike.
Humans can only bear so much and not more.