No more ‘hanjians’ for China and Hong Kong

The history of China has been peppered with many traitors(hanjians) through the various dynasties. In the early days of the Republic of China and the dying Qing Dynasty, hanjians were everywhere, thinking only of their selfish interests and willingly selling off country and their fellow men.

Many hanjians were killed or purged when the Communists took over and reunited a poor and tattered country that was more like a bag of bones. In less than 60 years, China has recovered and risen to stand shoulder to shoulder with nations of the world. Do not for a moment think that this is easy. China is even challenging the USA as the Number One super power and as the richest economy in the world. Under the present trajectory, these two goals are not wishful thinkings and could be a reality in the near future. Anyone thinking of these notions 30 years ago will become a joke himself as the prospect of such an eventuality was practically nil.

Today, the Chinese people as a civilization have never been looked at in the same light as before in the last two centuries. Some may still grudgingly sneered at the progress and richness of China, but no one would think that the Chinese as a people are daft, stupid, mindless, inscrutable, useless, faceless and unproductive peasants. China has stood up. The Chinese people have recovered their dignity as equals among equals. Even the poor communists are now courted by the West as rich communists and welcomed with red carpets.

There is still a long journey for the Chinese people as a civilization to regain its ancient richness, culture and refinement. Many are still boorish, ‘lao tu’ and very unrefined in mannerism when they travelled the world. What can you expect from a people of peasant origins, growing up in communes, were poor yesterday, to behave like the rich bourgeoisies and aristocrats of the West? Give them time to learn the finer things about living a good life that money can buy. The West took a few centuries to turn from pirates, robbers and mass murderers to gentlemen.

What is all these all about? The success of China and its continued growth and prosperity is hitched to the country remaining as a strong and unified nation. The country must not break up and return to the times of turmoil, internal strifes and civil wars. The country must not be distracted to spend wasteful time and money to deal with insurgencies and fake democratic movements led by hanjians.

If China is allowed to be messed up by hanjians and broke up like the Soviet Union, and ruled by warlords all over again, the Chinese as a civilization would be turned into rubbish and assigned to the rubbish dump all over again. The Chinese as a civilization will become a laughing stock of the world, to be spitted at, despised and kicked around, even become victims of racial discriminations and genocide.

The Hong Kong students should wake up their ideals and know how good life has become and how good life can be and not be misled by hanjians, to bring down China and the Chinese civilization as a whole. Hong Kong has more democracy than Singapore. Sinkies would never be able to demonstrate like the Hongkies, in the main streets, in large numbers. Our democratic right to demonstrate is confined to a small field in Hong Lim. And demonstrators would need to apply for a permit and the permit can still be cancelled. Have any of the demonstrators in Hong Kong been subject to long hours of police interrogations for illegal assembly?

What is this nonsense about electing the Chief Executive? Sinkies also did not have the right to elect their Prime Minister. Many democracies also did not elect their Chief Executives. Singapore’s Prime Minister is elected by the party. The Hongkie students must see through the façade of deceit initiated by foreigners and hanjians with a bigger agenda. If China is in trouble and break up, the Hongkies could be subjects of colonial powers once again. And yes, some will be happy to be knighted as Sirs and Dames, but with no rights to determine what is good for their little island and people. Democratic rights could also be withdrawn and the highest police officer would not be a Hongkie Commissioner but a sergeant Ah Sir. The Commissioner and all the senior officers would be kweilos. And the Chief Executive will be a governor appointed by Her Majesty’s Services, another kweilo. Chris Patten may come back to rule Hong Kong.

No more hanjians for China. No more hanjians in Hong Kong. The Hongkies must not become the sinners that caused the break up of China and destroy the Chinese civilization, and bring down the Chinese people to become the pariahs of the world. The issues at stake are not some idealistic democracy norms. Do not become the pawns of foreign powers and bring about your own humiliation and destruction.

Kopi Level - Yellow


Anonymous said...

Sinkies also did not have the right to elect their Prime Minister.

That is beside the point.

The point is that Sinkies have the right to elect the right party to get the right Prime Minister(PM).

Right party will have, if not 100%, at least 93% chance have right PM mah.

How can wrong party have right PM? Or how right can the PM be if he joins the wrong party?

Anonymous said...

Right, right. Right party right PM. Wrong party, wrong PM.

Anonymous said...

Old fart kuan yew.... is he a hanjian or translator

As for hsienloong n papigs .. .. no need to ask. 6.9 tgt ..... more. Knn hsienloong u fucking bastard

Anonymous said...

RB calling hong kong students traitors to china? Hes just trying to cover up for his god son and daughter, roy and hui hui right?

The past weeks many have compared the scale, organization and behaviour of the protests in HK and singapore.

RB trying to make HK students look bad now as compared to his beloved HLP loser gang?

I thought a few days ago RB is saying that PAP dominance is waning and a lot of electoral battles is 50-50? So why is that now worse than HK who cannot even elect their preferred party?

RB trying to talk like as though PRC is so great? He sounds like LHL on this don't you think?

Anonymous said...

RB is absolutely right. Those
hanjians should be hang by piano
I would say the falungongs devotees are the worst violent,
next come come the Taiwanese who are descentants of Japanese who use d to behead Chinese.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM (i.e. individual liberty, freedom of speech, economic freedom etc) are not the same thing!!

>> Hong Kong has more democracy than Singapore.

That is open to question. Both HK and Singapore are hardly the "examples" of what political democracy is.

However HK has more FREEDOM than Singapore.

Another glaring error: Singapore IS NOT a "DEMOCRACY". It is a REPUBLIC where parliamentary representatives are chosen by a form of democratic process.

for e.g.: Switzerland is a PURE democracy. India is a democracy. Canada and Australia are democracies.

OTOH, The USA is a REPUBLIC formed by the voluntary FEDERATION of states. If you call the USA a "democracy" you are deluded and/ or mistaken. A choice between 2 major parties IS NOT and can never be a "democracy". However like Singapore, democratic processes are used to choose a representative government.

Personally, I echo Li Ka-Shing's "advice" to the students: Forget about this "democracy" crap. Go back, study, and come and do business and make tons of money -- in typical, Old Skool Hong Kong Style: "mo tuck ting", rocking Cantonese-with-English-accent culture -- proven to work for over 150 years.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. Since politics is collective "power and will" expression of a cuntree and its peoples CULTURE, there is not one political system invented and debated in political science faculties by usually loser-professors which can be considered "correct".

Most cuntrees are politically STABLE, but they have varied political systems, as they do cultures.

For e.g. For most (western) European societies, democracy seems to work well. In the US, they like their republican system. The Aussies and Canadian like their loud and messy democracies, as do the Italian who like to change government as often as they change lovers.

The Brits with no formal written constitution are still essentially working from the Magna Carta...and trying to ward off Sharia law ;-)

So lets be clear, accepting and understand that One party Singapore is essentially a BENIGN dictatorship...and it works FUCKING WELL.

Both democracy AND freedom is "controlled" by The Authorities. As long as they are "reasonable" and not going from house to house in the middle of the night and making people "disappear", IMO it is OK.

Singapore still rocks awesomely, although there are a few 'annoyances" when it comes to personal freedom and the small but irritating "anal-retentive" side of the Singapore Government. (e.g. no chewing gum, no porno, no weed, no gathering to protest, no political films etc etc)

Bottom line: Can you still live well in Singapore? Of course you can!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:12, you silly fart, do you know how to read Ingrish or not? If you can't even read stop being silly here, like that Sneaky Raymond or Roger Zhang. Come to think you it, you are Sneak Raymond right?

RB is talking about hanjians pulling the strings behind the students and you want to put words into RB's mouth. Asshole!

Anonymous said...

I must agree. Anon 12:12, no need to pretend that you are silly. When you are silly, you are silly. Just admit that you are silly. OK?

b said...

Democracy or autocracy does not matter. Most important that your hard work does not get rip off by some politicians via high direct or indirect tax such as EU.

agongkia said...

Anon 12.26
Dun talk rubbish.Say what you want.Taiwanese are not descendents of jeepoonkia.

b said...

HK has the lowest personal tax regime. Many eu countries have more than 40% taxes. They are also democratic but I think they are draculatic in reality. The rich has all ways to reduce their tax liability. The workings class are the ones being screwed.

b said...

Anyway, it was no wonder that there are many 'hanjians' in qing dynasty. The manchurians are not han chinese and they did not threat the han chinese well. They made them wear pig tails. They are foreigners like mongolians. Even till now, china does not want to claim them back from russia. HKees should consider themselves very fortunate.

Anonymous said...

The Hongkies should invite the Chinese to practice socialism and level the playing field in HK so that the rich cannot exploit the poor. That is what democracy is doing to the Hongkies, creating a rich poor divide.

Do they know what are they fighting for, more democracy and more inequality?

b said...

Democracy facilitiates capitalism not socialism. THe socialism practised in europe is fake. It is making the working class paying for everything while the rich elite class enjoying immense tax breaks via all tax loopholes.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:12. Thanks for all your warm postings. No, I'm not sneaky raymond, but you believe whatever you want lah huh?

Anyway back to the topic. RB is saying that HK students should forget their fight for a true democracy as this is being pulled by foreigners and "han jian" to China? Why? Are they doing something wrong? Is it wrong for HK to want true democracy, the right to elect their preferred parties for themselves? To me, nothing wrong. Is that not what we want for ourselves here as well?

PRC is so great that HK must forego the fight for a true democracy and simply bow down to everything they want?

I don't know, I'm asking you guys, and RB.

To me very obvious, RB will look for every angle to try and exonerate his god son and daughter, Roy and Hui Hui. Here, he is indirectly portraying the HK students protest as irrelevant and unnecessary, and therefore imply that the HLP circus in Singapore is therefore more relevant and worthy of support than what is going on in HK.

I might not be fully right, but I think I am at least 50% correct, in this observation. When you read RB for long enough (he posts the same kind of articles every now and then), you kind of see where his tendencies lie.

And by the way, instead of just calling me silly, why don't you rebut me with your arguments?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When you linked Hongkong and Roy/Hui Hui as one issue, I would not waste my time talking to you.

b said...


RB is just someone trying to substain his living via kopi in this costly island.

True democracy does not exist, not even in switzerland. Been living there?

agongkia said...

Hanjian can come in many form lah.
There are also many SIN. hanjian in one social blog here .
The enjoy to bash the PRC at the slightest provocation.
And any comment to justify for them can be deleted.
Any comment to bash or shame them will be high lighted.
And these are SIN Chinese,many westernized, name themselves or children like angmo and carry angmo like their ancestor.

Not knowing the PRC could also be their long lost cousin.Just that their great Ah Kong are lucky enough to chaboe here.
Maybe they oso descendants of hanjian.

I am more worry about my country 's future than of those Hongkies or PRC.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:12

Thank you, RB. As long as you mean that, consider me as having gotten it wrong on the Roy/Hui Hui issue, and I apologize.

Nonetheless, I believe HK has the right to voice up for what they want. Your reasons that China is on the up and therefore HK should close one eye to democracy because they stand to gain rather than lose by letting China have more control sounds eerily similar to what our own government has been telling us.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 12:12,

Hongkong is having the best of both worlds. China would want to see Hongkong succeed and leading a good life so that Taiwan would be comfortable to rejoin China. Hongkong would have everything it wants to succeed and China is doing everything possible to support Hongkong.

The only thing China is fearful is for Hongkong to be used by foreigners, esp the West, to destabilise China and leading to its breakup. This is the primary concern of China and they must hold the golden share to keep Hongkong as part of China.

Hongkong would be a dead duck if China shut all economic activities with Hongkong. Hongkong and Taiwan are having an economic boom because of priming by China.

Would a strong and rich China want to make life difficult for its people? Look at the Chinese people, 1.3b of them. Would they be running away from China today when it is getting richer by the day? China and for that matter every country is about making its people rich and happy with some exceptions.

The path China is taking is capitalism and a rich and properous China. It is doing very well. What Hongkong can do is to keep the flame of democracy alive and use it to influence China to have more freedom and more respect for human rights. But to try to move Hongkong away from China is courting disaster.

Hongkong needs China and not the other way. China can allow Hongkong to rot if it has no choice and if that is what the Hongkies want. Sorry to say this, the students are too immature to look at the bigger picture.

Anonymous said...

When I saw the photo of Anson Chan and Martin Lee in the office of John Kerry I was trying to guess what was John Kerry thinking.

'Ah, two willing dumb Chinese traitors that I can use to give China a big headache. Maybe used them to create more trouble for China in Hong Kong.....'

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:12.

I don't think the HK-ers are wanting to break away. They have more or less accepted the fact they are part of China now and yes, HK no doubt gets plenty of business from China.

However, there is little to no democracy so to speak of, from what you said, keeping the flame alive. Haven't people already compared it to the NMP system here in Singapore? How is it a democratic process when the only candidates put up for election for chief executive are those that are endorsed by the government in China? China is huge. I'm not sure if it can be destabilised just because a pro-west chief executive comes to power. HK is still part of China, no matter what, so how much can it do?

By the way it is true that China is getting more prosperous by the day. But I would not agree that it can make life good for all its people. China people ARE in fact still leaving China for greener pastures (coming to Singapore, no less, or why else we have so many of them here?). I don't see the Chinese government able to make every one of their 1.3 billion people rich and happy.

I agree with you that the students do not look at the whole picture. Student protestors can be myopic. But I don't think that protesting for voting and electoral rights is a bad thing. By your logic, as long as the PAP government makes everyone in Singapore rich and happy through capitalism, you don't mind if they suspend some democratic processes and impose harsh regulations on certain kinds of freedoms?

Just my 2 cents.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Maybe you are right. When China took over from the British, it promised not to change anything in HK for 50 years. What is in HK is more or less what the British left behind, no democracy.

The British did not even allowed its governor to be elected. At least there is a small change, that the CE will be elected except to be approved by China.

You know that Spore govt has one golden share in SIA and DBS? What is the golden share for?

Would China allow its territory to be run by hanjians?

Anonymous said...

Majority of Hongkongers are not with the Protesters comprising mainly immature, naive students and ingrish speaking demoncrats.

Simply take the Protestors into the farming communes to teach them the latest farming techniques. Teach them how to live peacefully with 1.3 billions compatriots and also contribute positively to society rather than living in make believe ideals.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:46, you are talking cock lah. You think China is harsh to the Hongkies? If they are they should be starting to shoot a few of the stupid students and if that doesn't work, bring in the tanks and see where the students going to run.

Even America will not tolerate their students to demo for so long. They will wipe their arse open. The best is to let the adult Hongkies to go in and wallop them. Their businesses are badly affected and Hongkies are very impatient about making money.

Anonymous said...

There is an article in the ST
opinion page A26 by a Mr.Wong Chun Wai of The Star. I was shocked to read that the the demonstrators splashed urine on the policemen. Must read article.
Where in the world can you find policemen protecting the demonstrators when taxi drivers, retailers,construction workers, etc are confronting the demonstrators for blocking the roads.