New recommendations for protesters at Hong Lim Park

All protesters planning to hold a protest or even a party at Hong Lim should take note of the charges against Roy Ngerng and Han Hui Hui. Both have been charged for   “disrupt(ing) the YMCA event and caused annoyance to the public” and having committed the following acts:

1. marching around the general vicinity of the YMCA event
2. shouting loudly
3. chanting slogans
4. waving flags
5. holding placards
6. blowing whistles loudly
7. beating drums

I think the above charges are relevant when there is another event with participants in the Park. I am not sure if the above charges can be levied for annoyance to the public nearby. What if the hotel or hotel guests complained of the noise and disturbances? This point needs further clarification.

So, in view of the above, may I offer a few suggestions to protestors so that they would not be charged for the same offence by committing the same crime and doing the same things as Roy and Hui Hui. The Hong Kong Govt can learn a trick or two from Singapore and charge those students for causing annoyance to the public and all the 7 points above plus misuse of umbrellas and pitching tents at the wrong place.

Let me concentrate on the Singapore scene so that protesters in the future would not get into trouble with the law. Yes they can protest at the Speakers’ Corner but must get a permit first from the NPark. What about the provisions in the Constitutions and the POA? What about them? I am not a legal expert.

The protesters must observe the following:

1.  Check if there is another event in the Park. If there is, speak to them nicely and beg them not to report to the police if they are disturbed by the noise make by the protesters or offended by the placards, slogans, flags etc etc.
2.    Do not march around in the Park close to the participants of another event. I am not able to advise how close is close. This point must get clarifications from NPark or the Police.
3.    Don’t shout loudly even if it is a protest. Speak in a normal tone like talking to someone in a kopitiam. I think loudspeakers are definitely out now. Too loud and very disturbing.
4.    No chanting of slogans.
5.    No waving of flags even if it is the national flag.
6.    No placards, especially those with not nice things on them.
7.    No whistles ok. This is not a football match and Hong Lim Park is not the National Stadium.
8.    And also no beating of drums. What do you thing, a protest rally is not a dragon or lion dance ok.
9.    The best is to ask NPark and the Police what can or cannot do for additional safety measures. Perhaps the two agencies could come up with a Can Do and Cannot Do list to help the protesters not to break the law.
10.     And make sure it is not an illegal assembly even if the Park is designated for public assembly and protest. It can still be illegal.

I think protesters would be able to protest in peace and would not be heckled or harassed by other park users if they observe the above 10 Commandments. Good luck.

PS: The above should be read in conjunction to my other recommendations posted earlier.

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Anonymous said...

RB, please do not play God, laying down the Ten Commandments. That role has already been taken and there is only one God.

Anonymous said...

If you want to protest;
The proper place is the polling booth in GE 2016.
You can register your protest vote there.
Everything else is just a 5 year long wayang between the general elections.

Virgo 49 said...

The bloody shit PAP devils had all areas of bull shits laws implemented to shut up any dissent to their dictatorship.

What nonsense causing public nuisance?

Gazetted place as Speaker Corner.

Then charge them for making noises in rallies. They expected people attending in churches for bible studies??

Protests also must ask permission??

canned human behaviours and emotions.

Give you face obtained permit and go to designated area.

Why previous gatherings also with noises they still give approvals for future gatherings??

Main evil scheme to obstruct NNN and RN for standing as election candidates.

Penalty above 5 k disqualified.



Virgo 49 said...

Donations for HHH and RN un case they get fine.

Also support for their deposits as election candidates if they intend to contest.

Anonymous said...

Had the Sinkie opposition been ready to be govt, there would not be a need for HLP, or RB, let alone protests, being charged, recommendations, etc.

Anonymous said...

Ya lor.

Because the Sinkie opposition is not ready to be govt, daft Sinkies suffer from all kinds of shit lor.

I say daft Sinkies because smart Sinkies will make money in thei bank account and not protest. So with lots of money, they got good life lor, even if cannot withdraw CPF money.

Anonymous said...

"Also support for their deposits as election candidates if they intend to contest."
Anon 9:58 am


They will have a 93% chance of losing an election if they contest. Because for sure they will contest under the opposition, tio bo?

And 60% will never vote for an opposition which is not ready to be govt.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The judges are put in a bind for a case like this. Many judges would throw them out as nuisance. Now they have to judge if they dare not throw it out.

The implications, many community events in housing estates and public areas would attract the same noise and disturbance and everyone will be complaining against everyone. In our multi racial and cultural society, when such intolerance is judged in court and becomes a precedent, our fragile social harmony would be put to severe test.

Weddings and funerals and religous activities in the void decks would come under tremendous pressure and complaints would mount into a mountain.

Anonymous said...

"The judges are put in a bind for a case like this."
RB 10:09 am

Not really lah, u are a layman, not judge mah, so it is understandable u see it as judge put in a bind lah.

Just like the lawyer overcharging case, u and I as layman also see it as overcharging, tio bo? But did the Law Society see it that way, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

I am no lawyer too, but I dare say that the charge of "illegal demonstration" is without basis. Commissioner of NParks has no authority to overwrite the Public Orders Act 2013 which exempts requirement for permit for assemblies and processions within HLP. "Approval" of Commissioner of NParks is required only in respect of registering person(s) who may wish to use HLP for this purpose. The Commissioner's powers are not unfettered. He cannot deny usage of HLP without valid reason, or delimit or delineate usage that has been exempted from permit under the POA. In short, he can only say "Yes" or "No" to any request for registration for use of HLP for assemblies and processions exempted under the POA.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Reported in ST today.

'She(NParks spokesman) said NParks did not cancel the approval given to Ms Han's "Return Our CPF" event on Sept 27. One of the charges Ms Han and Mr Ngerng are expected to face on Monday is of organising a demonstration without approval.'

Matilah_Singapura said...

How to have a proper protest with so many fucking rules?

Singapore, generally speaking, rocks awesomely.
However this "I'm going to tell you how to speak, when to speak, and on what topics you can speak... blah blah blah" mentality has GOT TO GO.

This casts the whole cuntry, its people and their plurality of cultures in a poor light -- as viewed on by outsiders, the international press -- they are at to think, and arrive at an opinion (quite correctly) that the entire cuntry is CHILDISH and run by authorities who have so little self confidence and obvious self esteem issues that they cannot allow unfettered dissent.

Fuck you Singapore. Grow the fuck up -- if people want to scream, let them scream. You know what? If you allow that, after some time it becomes no big deal. People will soon realise that screaming and being boisterous has a place to get their attention. Once you have their attention you still have to make your point, and you will be judged by the content and strength of your arguments.

There exists NO TOPIC that is off limits as far as free thought and free speech is concerned. Also you can joke about anything.

Anonymous said...

Well, there always need to be a plan B in case you fail to follow what RB mentioned and still going to kena fine.

Crowd source lor. Its only $1000, maybe much easier. There is always that core group of 500-1000 people who are very willing to give you money. Follow in Kong Hee's example and collect more. Then after that can post online about how groundbreaking your donation drive is.

Then when you go pay the fine, make sure you bring some video camera and record the whole conversation. Be sure to ask in a shrill voice for the guy's identification, which law is this, which section of the penal code etc.

After that, go into victim mode online and post about how pitiful you are that you have to go through all this.

Confirm got people sappork!

Raymond said...

Han Hui Hui: "Wanna Sue Me?"

Police: "Done!"

ROFLMAO! :) :)

Anonymous said...

Yo Raymond, someone told me you know that after the next GE the present govt would be voted out. So it is best you hide your true identity and then change side to support the new govt.

Is this true? You got no faith in this govt winning the next election? So you are just playing safe?

Anonymous said...

You mean he is this kind of Pap supporter?