Must say something good about the Courts

Credit must be given when it is due. There was a report in the ST on 22 Oct titled ‘SMC witness accused of overcharging’. A Dr Hong Ga Sze, ‘an expert witness for the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) to the high profile disciplinary hearing two years ago that saw Dr Susan Lim convicted of misconduct for overcharging the Queen of Brunei’s sister, had his claim of $42,000 for appearing as a witness sliced to $5,000 by the High Court.

Another expert witness, Dr Tan Yeow Oo, had his bills reduced from $12,145 to $9,000. These two cuts were the latest after the Court slashed the legal fee of Wong and Partners from $1.3m plus to about $300,000.

What is strange is that the SMC case was all about overcharging and now the experts have also been accused of overcharging and had their bills slashed by the Court. OK, I stand corrected, though it was reported as overcharging, or like overcharging, or something like overcharging, it may not be overcharging at all. So it is not exactly right to say it was overcharging as according to the Law Society, just because the Court reduced the legal fees by $1m, it did not imply or say that there was overcharging.

The correct version could be that no one was overcharging. Susan Lim also did not overcharge and neither the two expert witnesses. They just submit an excessive sum in their bills and it was the Court’s prerogative to slash the sum to a more realistic or reasonable level. And the sums decided by the Court just happened to be a fair amount in the eyes of the Court, not because anyone had overcharged. Or is it like that? No?

I rest my case. But must say that the Court has done a great service in assessing what were fair amounts to be paid by the parties. If not, the cost of everything will keep going up and inflation will hit the roof and those on the wrong side of the equation would be paying very, very much more than they should.

Thank God, or thank the Courts, to deliver justice to those who needed justice.

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Anonymous said...

"Thank God, or thank the Courts, to deliver justice to those who needed justice."

Should thank God lah, because God is the ultimate creator mah, whether it is Sinkieland, Sinkie govt, Sinkie opposition, Sinkie Court or new and instant Sinkies.

Tio bo, u say lah?

Anonymous said...

But why God create a Sinkie opposition which is not ready to be govt at a time when Sinkies badly need a new and better govt?

Might as well don't create, tio bo?

Matilah_Singapura said...

There is good and bad in Singapore courts. Unfortunately, the justice system is a STATE MONOPOLY -- there is no MARKET COMPETITION for court-based adjudication services for conflict resolution.

If independent courts had to compete against each other they would do so on the basis of achieving and maintaining their REPUTATION for fairness and justice, and achieving decisions in the shortest time in the most effective ways. This is essentially the view of libertarian theorists like David Friedman, Hans Hoppe and Murray Rothbard.

However, IMO the rule of law is well upheld in Singapore. Most of the time, the courts do a good job -- you can rest assured you are going to get a FAIR SHAKE when you have your day in court in Singapore.

IMO, the courts don't do very well in politically related. Opposition politicians and dissenters of the govt/ ruling party are given DISPROPORTIONATE OUTCOMES. Frankly speaking in a FREE SOCIETY (which one supposes Singapore to be), unless the fella is planting bombs and committing other acts of aggression and terror, NO ONE should be in court over politics or their lack of consensus or mistrust of their government. Mistrust of government - in a skeptical, not cynical manner -- is a HEALTHY ATTITUDE. However in the Singapore-context, expressing such sentiments boldy and in public will definitely draw attention to yourself. If that's the intent, good for you :-))

The Rule of Law is what governs the stability and peace. For this is reason it is crucial that the justice system, and the police force are NOT TAINED, INFLUENCED or INTERFERED WITH in any way by "political manipulators".

Also for the Rule of Law to be as fair and just as it possibly can there must be a complete, robust and on-going separation of powers between The Executive, The Legislature, and The Judiciary, as well as a watchdog FREE PRESS and the ability for The People to do their patriotic and civic duties by making fuck noise and if necessary enact civil disobedience if they are to remain ultimately in-charge of their mother cuntry.

Got constitution? Good!

Got free press? Awww.......SHIT!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you think the court will throw out the new charges against the protesters as nuisance charges?

Anonymous said...

Witness also got money to make. So if my 2 witnesses are let's just say Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, then you better expect a bankruptcy petition coming your way.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry. Trust our courts will do the massaging.

patriot said...

Aircrafts and trains are bigger nuisances in the night, so are some coffee shops and night spots.


Anonymous said...

If those charges can stick, Singapore will become a crazy city. Everyone will be complaining against everyone. No more community events in the void decks.

b said...

Justice is a commodity in a capitalist island. If we outsource the court to Clinton or Obama (soon to be ex president and thus looking for a lucrative job), the court will even rock n roll and justice will sing gospel songs.

The medical profession in this island has turned into a blood sucking game. The spirit "healing the sick" has long gone.

Anonymous said...

Greed is a born human nature. Nothing can change that, even in professions as noble as medicine and religion.

People can say they are white and clean. I say bullshit!

Anonymous said...

Our society has become so sick that everyone from top to bottom is breeding greed. And no one is ashamed of it even when they are downright obnoxious in cheating and grabbing money at all costs, totally devoid of any sense of righteousness.

Who do you think should be blame for this country to go down into the shit hole?