Mark Zuckerberg - Why my Mandarin listening ability so bad

Mark Zuckerberg won over many Chinese fans when he met them and spoke to them in Mandarin while in China. They enjoyed his casual style and personal snippets like when he asked his Chinese wife why was his Mandarin listening ability was so bad.

His wife, 'You're also bad at listening in English'.

My answer would be, 'You are American'. The Americans have very serious problem listening to the Chinese even when the Chinese speaks in English.

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Anonymous said...

Knnccb.... the younger generation r already brainwashed to worship angmoh cocks n cheeby

Same with stinkapore n asean cuntries

Hsienloong.... knn hojinx ccb

N raymond, tuikao li

Anonymous said...

Never mind lah, since Mark Zuckerberg is so rich.

What's the point(WP) of listening ability very good in whatever language but being very poor, u tell me lah?

patriot said...

Lots of Sinkie Chinese cant speak, read or write Chinese.
Worse, they dont understand their own Mother Tongues(Dialects) and cant communicate with their elders.

I am proud of You and You should be proud of yourself.


b said...

I think that is a stupid question in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I think all these hoo haa about a white guy speaking a bit of bad chinese is really sad. There are hundreds of thousands of Asian execs who speak good English but no one writes about them... Instead what Asians face is white guy native English speakers criticising non stop about how our english is not to the standard of the native english speakers. This hypocrisy is pathetic

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It was meant to be humour in a moment like that. Don't take it seriously.

Yes we should be proud of Mark who was trying to speak to his mother in law in Mandarin.

PS. Lately I have noticed quite a number of my postings with blatant typo or grammatical errors that were too obvious to miss. I must be getting old or suffering from dyslexia.