Lawrence Wong – The citizens must play their part by offering alternative solutions

Leong Sze Hian was so pissed off by the comments of Lawrence Wong that opposition parties were opposing for the sake of opposition and not offering solutions to help the govt that he wrote an article addressing the remarks directly. This is what Leong Sze Hian wrote:

I refer to the article “Citizens should be active in seeking solutions to improve Singapore: Lawrence Wong” (Straits Times, Oct 17). “This goes beyond partisan politics. It’s about the kind of democracy we want to be, and that I hope we can be – a democracy of integrity, and a democracy of deeds, made up of an active citizenry who get involved in developing solutions for a better society.” Lawrence Wong

Quoting Lawrence Wong, Leong Sze Hian said, ‘In the last 15 years or so – I have written a few thousand articles, a few hundred letters published in the newspaper forum pages, about 50 videos on youtube, more than a hundred radio talkshows, made scores of suggestions, etc.

In particular, I do not think I have hardly had any response to my suggestions.’
Leong went on to list 12 of his suggestions on healthcare. And it is not only Leong Sze Hian that had been making suggestions to the govt, here is a list of the suggestions or alternate policies put up by SDP.

- on Healthcare (http://yoursdp.org/_ld/0/5_sdp-national-he.pdf, http://yoursdp.org/publ/sdp_39_s_alternatives/healthcare/31)
- on Housing (http://yoursdp.org/_ld/0/7_Housing_a_Natio.pdf, http://yoursdp.org/publ/sdp_39_s_alternatives/housing/32)
- on Population (http://yoursdp.org/_ld/0/8_Building_a_Peop.pdf, http://yoursdp.org/news/sdp_unveils_six_point_plan_to_control_population/2013-02-14-5548)
- on Ministers' salaries (http://yoursdp.org/_ld/0/2_ethical-salarie.pdf)
- on Economy (an update coming soon, http://yoursdp.org/publ/sdp_39_s_alternatives/economy/25)
- on Education (http://yoursdp.org/news/scrap_psle_delay_streaming_and_foster_creativity/2014-05-18-5827, http://yoursdp.org/_ld/0/12_SDP_Education_P.pdf)
- on Malay issues (http://yoursdp.org/_ld/0/10_A_Singapore_for.pdf, http://yoursdp.org/news/sdp_holds_historic_malay_discussion_in_dignified_manner/2012-09-08-5341)
- on the Budget (http://yoursdp.org/_ld/0/9_Transforming_Ou.pdf, http://yoursdp.org/_ld/0/4_sdp-shadow-budg.pdf)

I can see the glaring problems in Lawrence Wong’s complaint about opposition and citizens not offering solutions to the govt. He or the govt did not receive the above suggestions and solutions put up by Leong Sze Hian and the SDP. The two parties are thus also at fault. They must send their solutions to the govt for considerations, by SingPost courier service to make sure that they are received. They must know that suggestions or solutions put up in opposition party websites and social media may not reach the govt as they are very busy and unlikely to have time browsing the net or going to read opposition party websites. Maybe if they put them up in Reach then the chances of the govt reading them would be good. At least Amy Khor will read them and maybe make a summary of the number of suggestions put up. Then Lawrence would not make those complaints and acted ignorant of all the suggestions and solutions available.

It is thus unfair to blame Lawrence Wong for not knowing that Leong and the SDP have put up a lot of suggestions and solutions. I have a win win suggestion. Leong Sze Hian and the SDP should quickly submit all their 10 years of solutions and suggestions to the govt so that Lawrence Wong and his colleagues can read them and use them to make improvements on govt policies.

What do you think? Good suggestion or not?

PS. I have a confession to make. I am one of those that never offer solutions or suggestions. But I have my reasons. I need to work for a living, so have no time to help the govt solve national problems. I am just being pragmatic. I also don’t believe in working for nothing or being paid handsomely for not working.

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Anonymous said...

"Leong Sze Hian and the SDP should quickly submit all their 10 years of solutions and suggestions to the govt so that Lawrence Wong and his colleagues can read them and use them to make improvements on govt policies."


I think what Lawrence Wong meant is that alternative solutions that PAP think will work lah. Or at least enough Sinkies think it will also work lah, by voting SDP into Parliament to speak on their solutions, rather than outside Parliament.

But Lawrence, being a smart politician, is trying not to sound arrogant by saying in this way lah, tio bo?

That's why I think Leong Sze Hian, RB and others misread what Lawrence really meant. And which is why, unlike Lawrence, they are also not politicians.

Anonymous said...

Lawrencwe is smart. He wants you to provide solutions instead of complaining and opposing. You have just made him work too hard that's why he is not happy with oppositions.

Anonymous said...

Only cadres can offer solutions, the rest of us are just noise that government has not heard. Maybe

Anonymous said...

Leong Sze Hian should decide immediately to contest the next GE to convince enough Sinkies to vote for him and his solutions. At least better to speak, ask and complain in Parliament than outside, tio bo?

And that's what Teochew Ah Hia and his MPs did, and successfully, although they did not offer as much solutions as Leong Sze Hian did.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Leong Sze Hian is a good man and has all the qualifications to be a minister. No doubt about it. He would be a good catch to any alternative party.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to add. Those who made suggestions must add a clause that they give up all rights and ownership to the suggestions and that the PAP can use it as its own.

Only then will PAP consider the suggestions, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

If one SINCERELY hopes to improve
the life of Singaporeans, one
must be on the ground to feel,
experience and UNDERSTAND what
the true issues were so that the
right solutions could be tailored.

Confucius says.....

I hear I Forget
I See I Remember

Anonymous said...

So, you see, the PAP has run out of solutions to problems they themselves created over the past four decades.

Now, they want us to give solutions. Next step they will say it is the people who created the problems like overcrowding on MRTs, congested roads, low birth rate etc.

Sounds much like the USA, asking for solutions, from the rest of the world, to solve the problems in the Middle East which they created

Anonymous said...

"Citizens must play their part by offering solutions"

Does that apply to Hougang in particular? The PAP ignored the people there, denied them benefits as citizens, punished their elected MPs, and now you want them to offer solutions? What a joke!

Anonymous said...

LW and companies are paid millions to work and provide solutions to all problems, if they expect others to provide them with solutions, then tell us why we need so many of ministers with all their PA and secretaries and Assistant to assistants etc..
LSH and SDP or any other are concern and give suggestions, LW and companies should respect and reply each on why suggestions provided is not feasible or workable if they don't agree or accept, this way more will come forward_unless this is not what they want

Anonymous said...

Lawrence MUST show how many citizens' ideas and suggestions were actually accepted by PAPi. Sze Hian and Company's suggestions are pretty convoluted most times and self-serving, really. Have a neutral Citizens Think-Tank chaired by Professor Simon Tay or Ambassador Tommy Koh to come with with REAL alternative solutions. That's real democratic participation,

b said...

If the gov wants to listen, there are many suggestions already given. Unfortunately, they have probably chopped off their ears and only open to suggestions on how to increase their own personal wealth.

Anonymous said...

In Olden Day China, officials in the Palaces(Imperial) were scared of giving suggestions. For, when suggestions worked or proved constructive, they were considered duties.
If suggestions resulted in negative results, light punishments included demotion or dismissal. If the Rulers were enraged, the heads of those who gave the suggestion and idea were decapitated.

In Sin, ideas and suggestions were takened with no acknowledgement to the Original Sources but made to appear liked they originated and belonged to the Establishment.

Anyway, like in Olden Day China, it is never safe to so anything for Rulers. If ideas failed to work or when problems arise, blames will be made at the Ones that provided the suggestions.

If idea, suggestion work well, they will be hijacked.

Sinkies had been takened for granted and treated as daft for too long. BUT, THEY ARE INDEED TOO DAFT TO REALISE IT.


Anonymous said...

most idiots can make suggestions, sze hian. how do they affect others? implementation details? will your suggestions be accepted by most sinkies? that's why u need to form or join a political party to contest your ideas, szzhia. dun just talk only ... action lah.

Anonymous said...

KNN, being paid multi million dollars and everyday waiting for other people to provide them with solutions. Got so good life meh?

Anonymous said...

Haha, here's Lawrence Wrong asking people to help him do a good job ! And he's paid millions despite being useless. No wonder he's Mr Wrong

Anonymous said...

Actually hor, why the WP keeps quiet on many things instead of suggesting solutions is that in the past their ideas were hijacked quietly and discreetly by you know who, rewired, and sold as invented by the PAP.

Head they win, tails we loose. OK?

Anonymous said...

Of course .... well said

Alternative solutions.. kick the fucking... cheebye... poohpuki...papigs out

Hsienloong,...,. Knn hojinx chao cheebye

Anonymous said...