Is Madam Chung medically fit to revoke LPA

A LPA is a very serious piece of paper that accorded great powers to the holder over the finance and wealth and health of a person that gave the LPA to. Now Madam Chung Khin Chun is under an appointed medical expert to determine if she is medically fit to revoke the LPA. What if she is found to be unfit to revoke the LPA? Would the holder of the LPA still retain the power and continue to exercise that power legally?

I would presume that if Yang Yin is found guilty of fraud and declared unfit to be the guardian, the court could revoke the LPA on Madam Chung’s behalf. What if there is insufficient evidence to make a conviction and Yang Yin is discharged or acquitted, does it mean that he should still legally be the guardian of Madam Chung with the LPA?

Can it be so scary?

Madam Chung’s case exposed a serious flaw in the LPA process. These are likely to be people at a point of losing their mental capacity and lucidness. And they could totally lose their ability to revoke the LPA very soon after granting it and in case of a similar fraud, how are they to revoke the LPA on their own? Going through the due process of the law and OPG could be time consuming and by the time the matter is settled, all the assets could be disposed off.

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Anonymous said...

This OPG and LPA saga is just a symptom of the root problems in SINKIELAND.

One case solved is one misfortune averted.

But on the larger scale, the root problems in different aspects in SINKIELAND would lead to countless problems now and going forward.

When LEEDERS act blind and deaf but demand their special needs and requirements to be paid millions, how would society play out in the longer term?

If YEW are still daft and dunno the eventual ending, pls KEE CHIU!

Anonymous said...

Under the circumstances, the best strategy is to drag the case for many years cause at $3000 per week it's good living for the many years to come as its 156,000 net each year or close to over 200,000 gross in normal pay after cpf and tax. 10 years is 1.56 million hor but since the house is worth 30 million, still plenty left lar

Anonymous said...

Once we get our s'pore birth certificate, we already 'sign' the LPA making the famiLee our donee to act on our behalf as our proxy decision maker because to be born a sinkie legally means we already lose our mental capacity and like mdm chung we are medically unfit (according to the famiLee) to revoke our LPA

Anonymous said...

// Madam Chung’s case exposed a serious flaw in the LPA process. These are likely to be people at a point of losing their mental capacity and lucidness. And they could totally lose their ability to revoke the LPA very soon after granting it and in case of a similar fraud, how are they to revoke the LPA on their own? //

Yew talking about Mdm Chung Vs the PRC or Yew are talking about Sinkies vs PAPigs?

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when close family members did not get close enough to the elderly in question. Maybe ignored or tolerated her.

So along came a chivalrous knight overseas in armour - or amore - and she fell for him, lock, stock, bungalow and such?

Suddenly the close relatives realised it? Or familiarity breeds contempt until too late?

agongkia said...

No need this LPA or I call it Lanpa Act.
Just spent your wealth when you are healthy and hug as many mei meis or produce as many as you like.
Why leave such redundant wealth and cause so many disturbances .
Not only there are always people like Yang,domestic helpers are capable of cheating on our elderly especially when they are being mistaken by our elderly as their daughter or daughter in law.
My Ah Kong got a sum missing but my father dare not ask his sibling.I suspect its the maid who was mistaken by my Ah Kong as his daughter in law where she can bring my Ah Kong anytime to the bank to withdraw and gave to her.
Moral of story.
Should travel everywhere to hug many mei meis if you have the mean.No need wait long long for age 55.

Raymond said...

How about you? Are you also losing your mental capacity? Isn't it a sign of diminished capacity to follow two young brats to heckle children?

Matilah_Singapura said...


»»Madam Chung’s case exposed a serious flaw in the LPA process.««

Not a flaw. It's a "feature". be very fucking careful WHO you choose as agent to act on your behalf in an LPA.

OTOH an LPA could be PRECISELY the protection you need if you are going to become gaga or suffer from dementia. It is PROTECTION from other interlopers who would try to steal your stuff, but they cannot because there is a "trusted party" (as appointed in the power of attorney document) is there to protect your interests.

You alone have to decide whether or not an LPA is going to benefit you or not. In every case, there is a matter of TRUST -- in the fiduciary i.e. the "agent" who acts on behalf of the principal.

That being said, millions of people have LPA's in force with no problems. Because I live in 2 (or more) cuntrees, I have LPA's in force for many years with NO PROBLEMS. I am also fiduciary to a number of DPAs and LPAs of close friends and family members which I'm on "good terms" with. (family: have to be extra careful. Not all family members are "good" people)

The "safety" of an LPA is that it is LIMITED (in time and/or function) as opposed to a DURABLE power of attorney.

When there is money involved, you better make your CHOICES of ASSOCIATION very carefully

Matilah_Singapura said...

Just to contrast how easy and INEXPENSIVE it is to get an LPA in Australia:

1. Go to any newsagent and buy a Power Of Attorney kit (about $10) or download forms from internet (free)

2. Write up the PoA

3. For validation/ noterization can use any police or military officer, engineer, teacher/ uni lecturer, doctor, Justice of Peace, real estate agent, pharmacist etc...
i.e. no need to visit the Notary Public and pay $$$. For me -- I live near a pharmacist, I use him.

In Singapore for PoA, you have to use a lawyer and pay a Notary Public to validate your PoA.

Fuck that shit. It's yet another example how EXPENSIVE legal processes keep out the "ordinary folks" from being able to use the laws of the state for their own peaceful and moral benefit.

Singapore law: wake up!

Anonymous said...

She can lose her pantlee too... cunt be bothered, y kaypoh chew?

b said...

I am surprised that a normal tour guide has such legal knowledge to con that old lady. FTs are indeed formidable. What else have they con?

Anonymous said...

Fucking sinkies damn kaypoh leh.
Anyone has the freedom to give away their money, body and soul. So long as they are happy; why are strangers interfering?
Likewise, the Leeders are given the mandate to rule, why are the people making noise after giving the Leeders the power? Are the people guilty of uprising? Should charge those who question the Authority, those found guilty should be exiled.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.18pm // Are the people guilty of uprising? //

Are YEW kidding?

The Chinese over the ages would be laughing until they turn, twist and somersault in their graves?

YEW have no idea what a Republic and democracy means, Anon 5.18pm!

Anon 5.18pm, your suggestion and if YEW really charge those who question the garment for missteps such as MAS SELAMAT fiasco, paying themselves out of this world salary etc etc, YEW will make SINKIELAND a REAL UNMISTAKABLE LAUGHING JOKE IN THE WHOLE WORLD?

Onwards, the LEEDERS cannot lift up their heads when meeting their foreign counterparts?

People might treat them transparent and not even shake their hands or acknowledge their presence next time?

YEW want to the sabo the LEEDERS izzit, anon 5.18pm?

Btw anon 5.18pm, your understanding and definition of many English terms seem to be quite atrocious and horrendous? YEW need brush up on simple English terms and vocab?

Anonymous said...

English not important lah, substance counts.
I no born england, so fuck up english suits me fine. I oso no go school many many years, plse forgive.

Anonymous said...

Ingrish no god neber mine, i kingtoncarton only, no psle, worst than YEW?

But hor then cannot anyhow say charge people lor bcos very serious in SINKIELAND, tio bor?

Oso kannot 乱乱 say " uprising " mah, tio bor?

"Uprising" means "起义"!

SINKIELAND which event ever come 1,000,000 miles close to "uprising" ?

YEW say lah!

Tio bor?

Me kingtoncarton oso neber mind u psle cos u more educated.......

I learn ingrish everyday listen bbw, oops bbc, free one sum more, fm 88.9, YEW know?

oso go cc read nuisancepapers free one oso

So kingtoncarton ingrish but sikit sikit 一点点lor!

Anonymous said...

Glad to learn from U tho U from kingtoncarton, we maybe lowly educated, however, many here can understand us, this me confident.
Admittedly, I shud not have used uprising, too strong. It shud be go against the rulers the people chose to control them. Exile was too strong, shud be just banish them or better still send them to school for reform. Or educate them to be more respectful of rulers. They are talents and elites, as their subjects, the people must be more compliant and supportive of the Leaders they chose, right?
Bukan saya gada gada, cuma saya tak faham macham mana orang Singapura boleh begini tiada budi bahasa. Orangx2 yang U pileh jadi orang besar mesti mau sayang dan hormat.
Betul tak?


Anonymous said...

Anon 12.06am. //选了你尊敬的领袖

Again your hyothesis is wrong.


1) When YEW said that, YEW had suggested 100% chose the LEEDERS?

But EMPIRICALLY only 60% voted in favour in 2011?

So how can YEW claimed that the other 40% voted and chose the LEEDERS and now criticise the LEEDERS?

Have YEW got your facts right?

2) In a democracy, there is no such thing that LEEDERS cannot be criticised if they made blunders. Even monarchs are being criticised by their subjects. Your arguments do not make sense and indefensible. YEW are practically standing on quick sand making such claims.

Anon 12.06 am, YEW are right! Its the substance that counts, not queen's english or beijing mandarin. Do YEW think your arguments carry a lot of substance?

Anonymous said...

Spelling typo:

Should be "hypothesis"

Anonymous said...

Whence there are fact and logic, that is substance.
I wud not argue about that.

Anonymous said...

Fact is empirical. Logic is based on sound theory and strong evidence. Unorthodoxy does not imply existence of substance. Unsubstantiated claims without both facts and logic are not worth arguing about, much less any substance.

Anonymous said...

A good boxer, to improve, needs first rate sparing partners or skilled worthy opponents. A good boxer cannot improve if he meets another bean who dunno boxing and simply just swings WILDLY. A knockout blow is inevitable. But the boxer walks away disgusted and disappointed. He did not improve knocking out a skill-less boxer........

Anonymous said...

When one party is chosen many times for almost 50 years, the People as a whole have proven themselves to prefer the Regime over other political parties in Sin.

Superficial reading or understanding might have lead to different conclusion.

Anonymous said...

// Superficial reading or understanding might have lead to different conclusion.//

What is Operation Coldstore?

Where is Francis Seow?

Where is Tang Liang Hong?

What is the ranking of the MSM?

Can YEW even have a one-man assembly and march to Changi Cargo Complex like a patriot or patraitor?

Is the current dysfunctional element man-made or naturally evolved?

If man-made, who is culpable?

Has the boxer encounter his worst mismatch in history?

What a way to spoil a much awaited long weekend by some superficial bean?

Anonymous said...

Indeed superficial understanding does yield different result.

Anonymous said...

The winner shall be the one that did and do not claimed intellectual superiority. For that's a sign of wisdom and humility

Anonymous said...

// The winner shall be the one that did and do not claimed intellectual superiority. For that's a sign of wisdom and humility. //

The winner is "TRUTH" !

The whole exercise is to demolish and dispel falsehood and wild allegations and misconceptions.

Otherwise, even a million dollars is not worth the efforts, much less zero cent.

Anonymous said...

Well done 1:11pm.
You are the Winner.
Case closed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.52pm, are YEW the self-pointed judge, adjudicator and referee in sinkieland?

Or in MSN?

Or boxer turned referee?

Anonymous said...

When Foreign Talent applies for LPA, the OPG takes no action.
When Singaporean family member applies to revoke the LPA, the OPG steps in and block it.

In both cases, the applications were supported by doctors and lawyers. Why the double standards, why do Sg authorities take sides with foreign talents against Singaporeans?

(Shakes head)