In praise of animal life

Singapore is stepping up its effort to care for and protect animal life in the city state. You can go to jail for ill treating animals but not ill treating your parents. The laws to punish animal abusers have been enhanced to increase the punishments that can be meted out.

It is the first time that a minister, Khaw Boon Wan, came out publicly in praise of a group of MPs, Yeo Guat Kwang, Alex Yam, Gan Thiam Poh, Edwin Tong and Vikram Nair, for jointly putting up a bill in Parliament to protect animals. This is only the third time after an MP, Christopher de Souza tabled a bill last year to combat human trafficking and in 1994 when NMP Walter Woon tabled one for Maintenance of Parents.

The importance of animals and their protection are getting more credence and publicity especially with the high profile recruitment of an animal lover by the PAP, with a likelihood of being a candidate in the next GE.  This animal mood seems to be like a prevailing fad and the media is giving wide coverage on animals daily.

If only animals could vote, the PAP will definitely have its majority votes increased overwhelmingly. I hope no one is proposing to change the constitutional rights to allow animals to vote in a general election down the road.

Not only that, dogs and cats are also have a great time in cafes specially catering to their whims and fancies. But this is only a natural trend after having taken good care of the people, especially the senior citizens’ welfare. The senior citizens are now all happily working and enjoying a very dignified life. When people’s problems are solved, there will be time, money and resources and the luxury to entertain animals and animal welfare. This is something only a first world country can indulge in when not only human beans are important, animals are important too.

This is progress as the people become more civilised.

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PS: Writing about dogs and cats is about the safest thing on a Sunday morning. And for those reading about cats and dogs, it is free and not having to pay for it. Maybe Sundays I shall write about what I eat, what toothpaste I used, where did I go walking the dogs, examine the colour of dog poo.


Anonymous said...

Please lah, if govt care for animals, they are also by extension caring for animal lovers and welfare activists, tio bo?

And animal lovers and activists can be Sinkies who can vote!

Perhaps from their ground intelligence, they found that this group is a very large constituency, u know.

So for daft Sinkies who are wondering what's the point (WP) making an issue of caring for animals as an issue in Parliament, this is it.

Anonymous said...

The pioneer generation (is RB one of them?) are also a very large constituency of Sinkies?

That's why got Pioneer Generation Package (PGP)?

But why no NS men Package hah? I mean like the PGP one lah, not those miserly one off shopping vouchers or what not.

The said...

/// I hope no one is proposing to change the constitutional rights to allow animals to vote in a general election down the road. ///

A wise old nonagenarian once floated the trial balloon of some voters having two votes and some only one vote. Reason being those older are a burden to society and are more consumers than producers, so should have only one vote. Those in the working age or property owners should have two votes as they are contributors and have a lot to lose.

So, in this vein, we should have different number of votes for different creatures. I propose that voters with 2 legs be given one vote, and those with 4 legs be given 2 votes. Apologies to those who lost a leg or got their legs amputated - no votes for you.

Human beans - 1 vote each
Coffee beans - no votes (no legs mah)
Cats & dogs (it is raining) - 2 votes each.
Chicken & ducks - 1 vote each.

Rationale - four legs good, two legs baa-d...

/// PS: Writing about dogs and cats is about the safest thing on a Sunday morning. ///

Or you could do a Sumiko Tan. She's always writing some bimbotic stuff full of nothingness.

Anonymous said...

Good! Good! Good!

Today, many dogs and cats are
leading a much betterer life.

Our seniors too, are also leading
betterest life.


Raymond said...

Only a miserable old wanker like you could twist a story about animals into an election issue.

Well done.

agongkia said...

Animal more important than being.No wonder I see more and more Sinkie poothowkia here.
Can boast sending their dog for 1 k treatment but come to sending their elderly to see doctor they got no time and no money.
Dog and cat should consider themselves lucky to be born here.
In other country they will end up on dining table.
Want to protect animal then must be fair and no discrimination.
No eating of animal and allow them to roam the street freely and no culling.Can or not.

Anonymous said...

I like The's suggestion. Only slight hitch, dogs and cats would not know how to put a cross on the voting paper. A little modification, owners would acquire additional votes for the dogs and cats in their care. Eg, 1 cat means 1 more vote. 2 dogs and 2 cats mean 4 more votes.

Then the owners can exercise the rights for their dogs and cats. This is like smarter or richer people can have more votes.

Anonymous said...

Winning the votes of the animal lovers.

Anonymous said...

Yo Sneaky Raymond, you are here earlier than me. Just to let you know your mum is still sleeping in my bed. I will let her sleep a little longer. Not nice to disturb her.

RB is now your idol and you cannot eat and sleep without coming here to say hello to him.

RB, you are quite something to have this sneak glued here 24/7 to increase your pageviews and kopi level.

patriot said...

In Sin, animals have become PETS
while elderly humans are treated like PESTS.
Indeed, it has gone perverse for sometimes and has evolved into a unique culture to Sin.
The Most dreadful will be the Effect this perverse culture will have on future generation of Singaporeans.

The two legged species in Sin get abandoned, disposed into homes, some possibly located in other countries. Most will be left to fend for themselves or left to wither and rot.

How on Earth did Sin come to such a situation?


b said...

"If only animals could vote, the PAP will definitely have its majority votes increased overwhelmingly. "

- there is no protection (but exploitation) of sinkies and their livelihood bill but sinkies still voted for them many times.