Improving Productivity: Try this PM, Tharman? – Cynical Investor

‘S’pore should try this if PM and Tharman and the govt is really serious when they say that “no stone will be left unturned” in the search to improve productivity. . But then it’s against the Hard Truth that hard work makes people happy.’

The above title and quote is by Cynical Investor in his post in TRE. He was trying to offer some suggestions to help Tharman and the govt with some good ideas for productivity and to improve productivity that has gone on vacation for the last 20 years.

My suggestion to improve productivity is very simple and easy to implement. Select a few role models like those communist countries used to do. Splash their photos in big posters all over the island. Erect statues would be better. Now can also use TV and internet and mobile phones, even betterer. Show their faces to motivate and inspire the people to work like them.

Stay away from those who preached ‘Shorter working hrs, greater productivity’. These are snake oil sellers. Work less and want to produce more? How can? There are many role models among the ministers and MPs that are excellent role models for the people to imitate. Shortlist a few that hold 20 or 30 job titles and appointments to prove that you need to work as hard and as long hours as them to be very successful. Earn millions by wearing more hats.

Come to think of it, if our ministers and MPs did not wear so many hats, we will need a Parliament 10 times the size of the present one. See how much money they saved for the country and how productive they are? And they trained themselves to do so many jobs and to be good in all of them.

There is no short cut to success. Take up 2, 3 or more jobs. If ministers and MPs can wear so many hats, take up so many jobs, the people sure can also. So, don’t be lazy, get off your butts and work, and work if your want to be rich, like ministers and MPs.

One good thing, if everyone takes 5 or 10 jobs, we don’t have to increase the population to 6.9m.

Who got better ideas than this? Want to be rich want to work lesser hours? Got shadow or no? This is ‘Improve Productivity the Politicians Way’. The ministers are all working their guts out to improve productivity and showing the way.

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Anonymous said...

Productivity Drive is a one-way street. Government tells people to be productive and ministries continue to waste resources. Huat ah!

Raymond said...

Oh the irony! Productivity advice from an old wanker who does nothing but spew anti-government rubbish all day and have to beg for alms to buy "kopi". :)

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ RB quoting PM, Tharman:

>> “no stone will be left unturned” <<

I say otherwise: No turn should be left UNSTONED

SO put on your bell bottom trousers, flower shirts, mini skirts and sing along with:

The Byrds (fuck, they were so stoned they couldn't even spell!)

Anonymous said...

let say minister work from 8am to 10pm. 14 hours a day. 365 days will be 5110 hours. $1000,000 salary a year. that will be $195 per hour.

if a normal employee churn out 70 reports within 3 hours, one hour $12. can the minister churn out 1137.5 excel report within 3 hours? if finger faster than normal human being. wpm is faster too?

Matilah_Singapura said...

To express the productivity in one of the more popular places in Singapore, we all fondly know as Geylang, I have created a unit of measurement ƒph, an abbreviation for ƒucks; ƒph thus translates to ƒucks per hour.

If you gather data on the weekend, beginning with around 1pm on Sat. -- about the time NS men book out of camps, you'll notice a rise in the ƒph. You'll also notice a spike in the data around the 15th and 27th of the month -- when the typical worker gets paid.

ƒph can also be used to express the "stamina" of the ƒucker. No doubt female ƒuckers will almost always beat male ƒuckers. As a young man, I could manage 2 ƒucks per hour on average. I have on occasion been able to hit 3, but still no match when pitched against an average female, especially if she's ovulating and heavily lubricated by her own deliciously pungent vaginal secretions.

What is your ƒph?

patriot said...

Sin Ministers are no ordinary beings.

They have infinite capabilities.

Their names and designations by
themselves will increase productivity
many folds. That's why they are brou-on the Boards of MANY COMPANIES.


Anonymous said...

You want a role model of government productivity?
- compare Singapore city (5 mayors) with New York City (1 mayor).

Do you think Singapore's MRT train system is more complex than New York?
Do you think Singapore's population is bigger than New York?
Do you think SGX is bigger and more complex than the New York Stock Exchange?

The smallest farts make the biggest salaries (I mean stink)

b said...

No need other role model. The 91 year old youknowlah sinky is the most suitable productivity role model. Enjoying bery high pay, pensions, allowances, dividends by doing bery little. His only job is only to appear once or twice in public a year. Much much better paid than many celebrities like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt despite his lack of charm.

b said...

"Productivity advice from an old wanker who does nothing but spew anti-government rubbish"

- RB is not anti gov lah else he would have joined the ISIS. He, and many of us here, only wants the gov to improve the system so the rich do not get richer at the expense of the poor.

Anonymous said...

Assault on Red Bean Hill. RB's blog is about the only credible blog left standing and they are unleashing the full force of IBs to take Red Bean Hill.

The IBs are all assembled here to do a do or die battle.

Anonymous said...

My role model for productivity is one 91 year old fug who earns millions doing minimal work. If you measure productivity in terms of earnings per hour, he's unbeatable. No one in the world !

Anonymous said...

If a 91 year old can work so hard, don't complain hor.

Abao said...

Political Parties and the people should have a heart to hard talk on their vision of Singapore.

Nothing will be solved until the direction is ascertained.

Had your kopi already?