How to stop gamblers gambling?

I think there is an institution doing this, educating people not to gamble or if they gamble, helping them with their gambling problems. But it seems that they are not very effective. If what I read is true, there was an article posted in TRE claiming that a Town Council has found the perfect and most effective solution. The article from The Alternative View said, ‘Town Council removes stone tables at Circuit Road void decks to “stop” illegal gambling.’ It also posted a photo of the concrete chairs and tables at the void deck completely demolished. If this was a hoax, please correct me. But it seemed genuine.

Hehehheh, now I am staring at the Marina Bay Casino. And a bright idea comes up ala the Town Council solution to gambling. Will it happen?

Actually I have a better solution. No need to waste money destroying the concrete table and stools at the void deck. A simple solution would be to glue some nails on the stools so that the gamblers would have a painful time sitting on them. The solution is cheaper and the table and stools need not be destroyed. See, clever or not? This is not a million dollar solution ok. I no super talent.

But more seriously, just place a few cards on the table telling the gamblers that they could gamble in cool comfort in the two classy casinos, why sweat under the void deck right? The only thing that is keeping the gamblers away from the casinos must be the entrance fee. Just make it cheaper or free and they will not be found again creating a nuisance at void decks and the residents will also be very happy too.

What is the point of having not one but two casinos? For people to gamble right?

What do you think? Can or not?

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Anonymous said...

RB, you have no taken your medicine again huh? What wild ideas you have. Must be the heat.

No country has been sucessful in eradicate gambling and prostitution. So please give up and enjoy the sea view there.

Anonymous said...

This is one vice that cannot be stopped because, like greed, it is what humans are born with.

The Chinese will tell you that even if you chopped off both hands of a habitual gambler, he can and will still continue with his habit, by proxy.

JL said...

Ah yo! RB you may hurt some people
by putting nails
just put dummy cctv cameras
can also use for dirty void deck
smoking drinking etc....
correct or not?

Anonymous said...

‘Town Council removes stone tables at Circuit Road void decks to “stop” illegal gambling.’

In ang moh language, they use the phrase;
"Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic"

In Singlish we say;
"Send the cow to East Coast GRC and the soldier boy to Sembawang GRC".

agongkia said...

If the tables can be use for gambling then they should leave it alone.
Many advantages to see ah pek gambling.
if they lose they will continue to work till die.

If they win no need wait for cpf and can go batam anytime.
Ah pek happy.Batam mei mei happy,Ah Tin job oso easy bekor more happy ah pek,Lor Nerng the roast egg will have less supporter as ah pek rather spent time gambling than shouting.Garmen less hesdache and can concentrate on gdp making Sinkies all happy.. Huat ah.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon @11.20

You are absolutely right!!

Just put some dummies CCTV can be brought from JB store at RM10.00 per set and Voila!!!- no more gaming.

My whole estate all covered by SPF CCTV cameras even on garden fringes covering the lovers benches.

Lift already got Town Council CCTV and yet they want to install at lift entrances.

Do not want to share resources. Actually, all these are dummies.

Our estate notorious for the PAP- ie. Pimps and Prostitutes (Pinoy and PRC performing artists)

Just next to Kampong Bahru and Duxtion with CID Anti Vice HQ next door.

These performing artists even after raba raba off duty hours brought their lovers to our estate and lounge on the garden benches for extra incomes shaking and sucking full blown jobs on the bananas and other sensitive fruits of the bodies.

PRC women gathered at pavilion shelters gossiping which can be interpreted as quarreling and fighting.

Had called the SPF several times and each time asked them why installed the CCTVs when your people do not want to monitor the going on in the estate.

They just kept MUM. So think these CCCTvs are just fake just like the Foreign Talents fakes.

The PAP (Pimp/Prostitute) Party learnt from the Foreign Talents pretty fast.

So, just install the dummies CCCTvs and the gamblers might not gamble there anymore.

Or, if they learnt pretty fast also from the PAP (Pimps and Prostitutes) that the SPF would not come, they might start the full blown casinos again.

Anonymous said...

talking about gambling, I have a crazy idea......

now, Singaporeans and PRs have to pay $100 24hrs-day-levy to enter the casinos.....

gamblers end up spending many many hours inside the casinos just to maximise the 24hrs-day-levy....

to solve the "maximisation" or "kiasu" mentality, maybe a $25 5hrs-day-levy should be introduced....

what say U....

Anonymous said...

Simple maths;
Concrete tables and chairs at void decks = no revenue.
The Big Den of gambling by the Bay = big revenue.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The only ways to stop some hard-core people gambling is to lock them away or kill them.

Gambling is part of human nature: we all make speculations and predictions. In fact, the human brain is an expectation engine, a prediction machine.

Here's the thing: In order for us to make CHOICES TO ACT, we first "guess" what we're going to get as a result of a particular choice to act.

Gambling enterprises like casinos, stock markets, horse and dog racing, lotteries, etc. simply play off the human tendency to "get something substantially "better" than what we have to expend. E.g.: lottery tickets cost a few bucks, but the potential (hope) plays with people's EMOTIONS, and so many people buy -- and we know that the majority of people do not win jack-shit.

You cannot fight human nature ;-) (but if you are clever government, you will find ways to TAX it!)

Anonymous said...

Gambling is very good for business or somelike to GDP.

I suggest that like smoking corners at eateries, there can be gambling corners. With both available at eateries and coffeeshops, imagine the amount of business they generate.

It is found that gambling keeps the brain working and actually prevents people from going senile. I would even say that it makes people creative and more active, hence makes them healthy.
Gambling has much benefit in business, health and leisure, Sinkies will not be bored with having too much time with nothing to do anymore. They will be happier than the Bhutanese.

Anonymous said...

When the banks are gambling big time and condoned, why put up such a farcical act?

Anonymous said...

In the minds of the Government, they would never stop gamblers from gambling.

Gambling is a lucrative way for the Government to share the spoils, so why is there a need to put to stop to it?

What they can try is to stop 'illegal gambling' (whatever it means is just a meaningless definition) so that they hope gamblers will gamble more at authorised outlets to fatten their coffers.

Do you think the Government really cares if gamblers jumped onto MRT tracks or from highrise buildings? If they care, they would not have build the two casinos. The wayang organisers put up the wayangs to fool the wayang watchers.

b said...

If people stop gambling, the mafia (aka minister) will have to cut their income or raise tax.

Anonymous said...

It's call the vampire effect - once blood is tasted they will always want more. It really sucks!

jjgg said...

Rb..u know the govt controls the tote board and singapore pool...it's actually a lesson in why bureaucrats can never be allowed to run a monopoly..50 bloody years and the betting agencies haven't progressed from 4d, toto basic football wagering and even more basic horse betting..compare their offerings with any overseas operators...yes..even Malaysian lottery operators with their fairly innovative games which can offer prizes that Singaporeans can only dream of and you'll understand the real reasons why the Internet gambling bill was hurriedly rush through parliament. Gamblers only gravitate to the arena where it provides them a larger reward for the risks they take..the government only concern is to keep on taxing the gamblers...in the long run their high rate of taxes will only ensure that the underground operations continue to exists and flourish..you want to stamp out illegal gambling?..easy..reduce your taxes, be innovative in your gambling products..then we talk...

Anonymous said...

"What is the point of having not one but two casinos?"

Because two is better than one mah.

And three is one too many, just like too many Sinkie opposition parties.

So that's the point of having two only lah.