Hong Lim Affair – Got illegal assembly or not?

 This has been quoted in TRE by a commentator using the nick VTO VTO.


Identification card to be produced
6.—(1) The Commissioner or any authorised officer or park ranger, when exercising any of the powers conferred upon him by this Act shall, if not in uniform, declare his office and, on demand, produce such identification card as may be issued to him for the purposes of this Act or any other written law.

(2) It shall not be an offence for any person to refuse to comply with any request, demand or order made by the Commissioner or any authorised officer or park ranger not in uniform, who fails to declare his office and refuses to produce his identification card on demand being made by that person.

I think anyone reading the above will be very clear as to what a park officer must do if he is to cancel a permit given by the Park. Many people have viewed the video clip of the encounter between the NPark Director and Han Hui Hui and how or what he produced to identify himself when demanded by Han Hui Hui. Did he comply with the Park’s regulation? If not, can he cancel a permit without doing so?

There would only be an illegal assembly if the permit was cancelled. Some view that no permit is even needed as provided by the Public Order Act, POA, sanctioned by Parliament and the Constitution.

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

There appears to be a confusion between a permit for an assembly or procession and a permit to use HLP or any other place administered by the Parks authority.Clearly no permit is required to hold an assembly or procession at HPL. But anyone holds and assembly or procession without a permit from the Commissioner of Parks and Trees would be trespassing. It is therefore a puzzle why the police are investigation into a case of alleged unlawful assembly.

Anonymous said...

Fear Not Fear Not

The video clip of the encounter
revealed it all!

Ha Ha Ha.....Cheers.....

Anonymous said...

Lidat aso can?

Can... with such interpretation;
"inside the center " does not come under the "xx distance from polling stations " ruling. .... or something lidat

Gee.. star trek technology, tele-transportation. Dun play play

Anonymous said...

I would like to add that a permit to hold an assembly or procession is given by the Commissioner of Police or any authorised police officer and not by the Commissioner of Parks and Trees.

Anonymous said...

1st, they came for the Jews. I don’t care as i not affected.
2nd, they came for the Activists. ditto
3rd, they came for the Unionists. ditto
Now, they came for ME but no one is left to help me.

Anonymous said...

Life is very miserable to be civil servants and policemen nowadays.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 9.56am....pls note.....

What so miserable lah!?

They may have pay increments increments increments.

U have or not!?

Virgo49 said...

The NP Director and the Commissioner knew that HHH's protest rally is ALL IN ORDER.

Unfortunately, received memo from Big Chief that they are going to set a trap to ensnare HHH and Roy by putting the YMCA Concert at the same time at HLP.

The Director was at wits end. Aiyo yo, if I did not tried to get the little pests out of way, there goes my 20 over K salary. Also, my pension is due very the soon.

Cannot afford to lose all these benefits after my years of service.

So think of plan. Aha aha, get some burly guys and tries to shoo them off and let the YMCA concert goes smoothly.

However, met a chilli padi, my God demanded what right they cannot hold rally. Show me your Authority card.

Cannot show lah as later any lawyer will to see and fight in court then backside koyak.

So tried to intimate them and hopefully they cold feet and stop the rally.

But>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> aiyo now things out of hands.

My God, id only I have the sick, oops six round pistol I would have follow the auxiliary mata mata in Changi Airport and pulled the trigger on my head.

Now have to hope for the best that my big big salary and my bonus and my pension do not go to ashes.

Some more, I say, represented by M. Ravi some more.

My God, my head is spinning and I cannot really sleep. Got to go and get some psychotropic drugs from Dr Jekyll.

Anonymous said...

What the problem?

Go to kong hee et al, tithes one year salary to god, thousand fold returns

Leedat aso must leach u... ?

b said...

HL affair is a distraction to the real problem at hand.

Anonymous said...

HLP Case chicken lah.

One day there could be many many HLPs in Sin and no sinkies will care a damn about permit. Then only will there be problem.

Now, they only tackle a little almost unknown teenage girl and a jobless young man. No big deal to those with authority and power lah.

Anonymous said...

Illegal or not? Which side of the fence are you sitting on? Everyone knows there are two sets of rules for different political ideologist and their followers. Which side are you on?