Happy Deepavali

It is quite a nice feeling to see this word Deepavali appearing on the streets again. Most Singaporeans have grown up with this word and it is part of our local culture. Last year it disappeared and a new word Tiwali took its place. I also used it here since it was everywhere.

Reading from some of the sites the word Tiwali is used by northern Indians while Deepavali is a southern Indian word or a Tamil word. Our daft Sinkies have this habit of adopting anything that is new without thinking to replace the old. New is good, old is bad. In Mandarin, many words are now pronounced in the way the new migrants used them as if they are cute or better.

Let's hope that in out imbecile way, we would not rub away our origins and things that have been dear to us and a part of us and embrace everything that is new without thinking. Our National Heritage Board is exactly for such a purpose, to preserve and retain our heritage for posterity and not to destroy everything for things that are new.

Happy Deepavali to all.

Kopi Level - Blue. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Happy Deepavali to all who are celebrating.


Anonymous said...

will 3% presileent never spend diwali with his daft subjects at the istana?

Too low caste? Better have afternoon tea with old witch in loontoon?

Papigs .. may your descendant bear your karma