Foreigners create jobs for Sinkies

Is this a myth or a truth? Why is it that whenever this is spoken, everyone is giving it a dirty look? The polite ones will give a cynical smile. The not so polite ones will show their middle finger. Sure, if a foreign company operates here with 100 of its own people and employs 10 Sinkies it is still creating jobs for Sinkies. On the other hand how many jobs are Sinkie companies and organizations, including govt and GLCs, creating for the foreigners instead? And is the equation beneficial to the Sinkies overall?

Leong Sze Hian and his expertise could be put to good use to show some real figures on how many jobs that the foreigners have created for us and how many we have created for them and put the numbers on a balancing scale. We need to know whether this is true or false and whether this is good or bad. And are we creating good value jobs for foreigners and foreigners creating low value jobs for Sinkies?

So far we only hear people repeating this myth like a golden truth. Leong Sze Hian, if you are reading, I would suggest a few tables like foreign company hires. Look at the PME levels will do. The lower levels are not too significant as many of the jobs are not lucrative enough for Sinkies. And don’t waste time on construction workers and manual labour. Only people who want to change the subject will be talking about foreign workers when the crux of the matter is the PME category.

A list of companies showing how many foreigners, PRs and citizens will be good. And do not lump PRs and citizens together as locals. I know Leong Sze Hian will not do that. Also a list of the GLCs including the universities and some high profile institutions with many foreign hires to show the pattern of distribution. We need to know the truth and not allow a repeated myth to become a truth.

Heard that the some local universities have more foreigners than locals in their academic staff. Not very sure if this is true. What about the big institutions with the high percentages of foreigners.

We need to see real data to dispel this myth. To allow the myth to continue to spread and shaft down our throats only makes us more daft.

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Anonymous said...

Spot the myth challenge:

1. Foreigners create jobs for Singaporeans.
2. PAP government create jobs for Singaporeans
3. PAP government is on the side of Singaporeans.
4. You can use your CPF money when you retire or when there is a rainy day.
5. The President of Singapore is protecting our Singapore Reserves

lust for love said...

Mostly low-paying jobs such as taxi-drivers, remisiers, nursing assistants, cleaners, food court/hawker center dish collectors and washers, etc!

Good for those property developers and for those who have a place to rent!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hhahah. Thank you lust for love for including remisiers as low paying jobs. This is not a myth.

This is the new truth.

Michael Heng PBM said...

MYTH: Foreigners Create Jobs for Singaporeans.
No, Jobs are not some Charitable Handouts to Singaporeans by Foreigners.
Actually, we Singaporeans create the conditions for Foreign Investments. Every $dollar investment requires people to translate investments into earnings. And Singaporeans are very good at this. We have been branded the “World’s Best Labour Force”, an attractive, world-class, and productive work-force – a key ingredient for the success of any business. Since the country is primarily a knowledge-based economy, its manpower force is educated and professionally qualified. Singapore’s workforce is cosmopolitan and recognized for its high level of education, high productivity, technical proficiency, work-hard and work-smart culture.
Foreigners can here to make money. WE Singaporeans create money for them by working for them. We create JOBS and Business for Foreign Investors by creating the conditions – good govt, financial incentives, social stability - where Foreigners would choose to come here instead of elsewhere. Read this:

Anonymous said...

"And are we creating good value jobs for foreigners and foreigners creating low value jobs for Sinkies?"

That is beside the point.

The point is that there must be economic growth, and minister and senior civil servant bonuses, being pegged to it, will also grow.

If casinos for growth is also OK, what is creating low value jobs for Sinkies, u tell me lah?

And most crucial for PAP is that despite all these rubbish dished out to daft Sinkies, there are still not enough daft Sinkies angry enough to want to vote PAP out, even in worse times than now. Or made the Sinkie opposition ready to be govt, let alone a better govt than PAP.

So PAP will continue to rule Sinkies for a long time to come, till the extinction of low fertility and daft Sinkies.

Veritas said...

Whenever there is a headcount, I always fight to fill in with Singaporeans, even if I am not the hiring manager. A very sad thing about SG engineering is ALL managers are too selfish and they would hire one at lowest cost, require no training, perfect match and can start work day 1.

No one is thinking of training fresh grad, not like last time. These managers never think how their managers give them a chance.

The managers always give extremely hard interview questions that they themselves must refer to books before they can answer.

They also expect engineers to give them a lot of respect. When managers are in the wrong, they do not expect someone to tell them on their face. Managers have entitlement mentality that they are able to write poison email, and to punish and reward in appraisal like an emperor.

Many managers are there due to political appointment and they have 0 knowledge. However their recruiting criterior is too fucking high that they cannot even conduct a proper interview.

Right now you go to linkedin or jobdb and you can see how many people applied for jobs. For many junior positions, they can receive thousands of applications.

Yet managers keep ranting "they cannot find good people". Meanwhile, being spoiled with choice, all Singapore workplace are full of office politics. The engineers are being poisoned to backstab one another because managers want to poison them.

I have work in oversea labs and R&D. I can honestly say SG is definitely the most fuck up.

One of the reason of high requirement for FT engineers is not because there is no suitable candidate in SG, but because managers are too stupid that they cannot bring up engineers. They need a perfect match,

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sorry Michael, you are behind time. Today, the Sinkie workforce is outdated, irrelevant and our universities, despite their high rankings, are not producing graduates with the skill sets for our first world economy.

Only 3rd world universities and their graduates have the skill sets for the high paying jobs here. Ask the recruitment agencies for confirmation.

Anonymous said...

/// WE Singaporeans create money for them by working for them. We create JOBS and Business for Foreign Investors by creating the conditions – good govt, financial incentives, social stability - where Foreigners would choose to come here instead of elsewhere. ///
October 07, 2014 11:02 am

- good govt. ???
- good for who?
- good for everybody but not Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

When I started my first job in Philips (S) Pte Ltd (Tuner) back in 1988, there was no Dutch. Not even one. This is what I would call and continue to call a world class company. Mind you, Singapore was still reeling from a recession at that time. A foreign MNC creating jobs in Singapore for Singaporeans...especially for PMETs.

Anonymous said...

I thought slaves do not have jobs. They just need masters like papigs to dish out work and to ensure that the slaves continue working till they drop, the papigs withheld their hard earned retirement funds?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies no need to worry when they have a caring govt. When they lose their jobs the govt will take care of them through workcare or jobcare or something like that. Govt very good.

Anonymous said...

"One of the reason of high requirement for FT engineers is not because there is no suitable candidate in SG, but because managers are too stupid that they cannot bring up engineers."
Veritas 11:28 am

True lah, but that's only half the story.

The other is that engineering is not the preferred choice of most Sinkie students, especially those with good "O" and "A" level results for tertiary admission.

And so as a result, engineering courses at Poly and U being of large intake and to fill up the places, end up with Sinkie students who did not want it, or many foreign talents, some on scholarships.

So any wonder why Sinkie grads in engineering do not want to work in their field of training, or don't have the aptitude or attitude to be trained? And why foreign talents dominate in this field?

Anonymous said...

You better double-check on what the PAP Ministers have been telling Singaporeans - that we don't need university degrees.

Check out this website study of the earning power of university degrees:


Personally. I make it a rule never to trust a PAPig Minister anymore. They say left. You better think about going right.

Anonymous said...

How about increasing GST to help the poor? Can somebody enlighten me. I am very confuse with what Pinky said.

Virgo 49 said...

Right and why the PAP always in every elections cajoled the voters that these investors will scoot if you vote for tbe Opposition???

Regardless of who is in charge as long sinkie land is a good place to invest with our well educated and hardworking workforce, investors will still stay put right??

Virgo 49 said...

Also included those research assistants washing test tubes in A or whatever Star Labs.

All holding degrees in Sciences and recruited just to wash test tubes for the PRC/ Ah neys scholarships holders with fake degrees

Veritas said...

20 years ago, NUS common engine cut off is ABB. Today, it is worse than Arts faculty. NUS/NTU engine is the only engine fac in the whole world that accept more shit students than arts fac.

True that today engine is a dumping ground but why is it so today? Reason is engineers pay are too low. A graduate engineer can still draw around 2k at the first job while arts fac people can get 4k if they join civil service.

Why pay too low? FT.

I remember the days when I study and study while watch those business/acc students fuck and fuck, party and party. The engine students will stay inside lab, stress like crazy, and next morning, God damn NTU professor will swagger like a mother fucker and tell you you have not complete assignment up to expectation, and threaten to fail you.

In exam time, expecially NTU comp engine and civil engine will see a large number of failures, and NTU lecturers cheers, congratulating themselves they have successfully motivate their own students by failing them.

When come to post grad openings, NTU lecturers will say THEIR OWN STUDENTS not welcome. While all post grad position are given to FT (dono whether degree is faked), like the most shameless prostitute.

If you go for interview like software engineer, MOFOS managers like those in JDSU will test you something like "lockless concurrency paradigm" (their test paper), that I bet not 1% NTU professor are able to answer. (FYI JDSU is one of the biggest T&M in the world and I rejected their offer). I do not think even JDSU engineer know lockless concurrency..

FYI I got interviewed by Google from USA mountain view and the feeling is very good, even though I was not offered. You feel that you are speaking to expert and even I am not offered, I think I deserve that. Fucking SG managers talk cock and no technical

The lao chiau (old bird) learn the lesson and tell the juniors. Who the fuck want to become engineers?

Veritas said...

Also now there is this God damn FT Indians problem in Citibank CBP. All our EECS faculties are more Chinese even including PHD.

But to Citibank CBP, all Chinese not welcome. I used to work at Changi business park.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 11:42, that's true. In those days the Singaporeans were everywhere. Not many foreigners wanted to be here as we were still struggling to build our industries and economy.

Now, after building up everything to what it is now, all the foreigners are here claiming they built this island and we owed it to them for the progress.

And many idiots agree.

Anonymous said...

Lee con you : " you repeat a lie 1000 times, it becomes the truth"

Son : ok, papa. listen everyone, fake foreigners creates job for all of us.... 256th time " ( still have 744 times to LEEpeat before 2016 )


oldhorse42 said...
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oldhorse42 said...

Leong Sze Hian and his expertise could be put to good use to show some real figures on how many jobs that the foreigners have created for us and how many we have created for them and put the numbers on a balancing scale. We need to know whether this is true or false and whether this is good or bad. And are we creating good value jobs for foreigners and foreigners creating low value jobs for Sinkies? RB aka Chua Chin Leng

Why ask Uncle Leong to do the job?
Wouldn't it be better for teochew ah hia to raise the questions in the Parliament. In this way we can get the answers from the horse's mouth and no one can dispute or doubt that.
In the old days, to encourage foreign companies to set up business here, the Govt offered all kinds of incentives including freedom to bring in their people to work here.

Anonymous said...

Can someone compile the top 200 jobs created by foreigners for Sinkies and vice versa?

b said...

Politicians are not saints. They will tell you want they want you to hear so that they can continue to enjoy millions of pay and perks on taxpayers expenses.

b said...

Anyone can just drop by the financial district, changi, tampines, jurong, woodlands etc to know who create jobs for who. No need to trouble uncle leong lah.

Anonymous said...

You disagree with the PM?

agongkia said...

Comparing engaging a foreign talent who can keng and make 40 million in a short period of time and a daft Sinkie who can only keng for M C or paternity leave, I would prefer a foreign where l can use his talent and help my towkay to make profit.
Who say they dun create job.At least they create job for our police , investigator , doctors and lawyer etc.

b said...

Just disagree with that statement whether or not made by pm.

agongkia said...

And dun believe in those so call mathematics king.Can draw chart doesn't mean can see far ahead.Have confident in our leader.Its the kahkia that dissapoint him.He has no reason to dissapoint Sinkies .Give him some time.

Anonymous said...

RB, it is true that foreigners create jobs for Singkies. When Queen Elizabeth II gave us self government in 1959, she gave the most important jobs to LKY and his colleagues. Since then the trend has continued relentlessly.

b said...

"At least they create job for our police , investigator , doctors and lawyer etc."

- they definitely created jobs for the immigration department. maybe they created some jobs but not most or all of the jobs. thus, the statement is a half truth aka deceptive, misleading or irresponsible statement.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi oldhorse42, Teochew Ah Hia already many terms as Opposition MP leader. Comfortable to be co driver.

Why rock the sampan sbd sink it, your self also in danger.

Virgo 49 said...

And also the Magistrates and wardens in the Changi Resort.

Lastly, also the whipping man

Anonymous said...

Frankly SINKIELAND is not fantastic but also not that bad. It is strange only opposition stands the chance to raise questions. Can't sinkies form some civil groups or civic minded groups to communicate with garment without having to go into opposition and risk cold storage by garment as highlighted by virgo49 last evening?

///// Virgo49 October 06, 2014 9:31 pm
Hi Anon 5.28 and.5.25

If they can sue Roy, they will have another "Operations Cold Storage" oops sorry "COLD STORE) for the many dissents who harped now at the social media.

They can find any excuse to get you.

That's well now you can see and hear so many of them like the Workers Party NMP and also other party NMP singing in sync with the PAP condemning the HLP fracas.

Teochew Ah Hia will never wants to be the Driver. So comfortable as Co driver why so stupid to talk over the Wheels??

Also, most too old and got not much energy to fight the PAP.

The only hope are the youngsters in Roy and HHH age groups that can throw up some really patriotic and caring Singaporeans to fight the PAP and gung ho enough to take over the rein of the government.

They are young, energetic and full of inspiration to take the challenge.

Others like Hainan Ah Ko and the rest can at best be elected to be Opposition MPs in the Parliament.

As one Anon bro said, must stay back and fight and do not be quitters like Georgie Boy. This is just a saying for those who actually got not much choice to go as they are too deeply stuck here. ////

The form can be sthg in between a feedback channel and opposition. Not just a feeble feedback outreach channel but also not as extreme as being opposition.

Proposition could be the right word to describe it.

Proposition in favour of SINKIELAND.

Opposition not against SINKIELAND or garment per se but opposition against certain policies which can be improved and made to better sinkies life.

Dun say dun have this type of political in between. Last time also no COE, ERP! It was pioneered in SINKIELAND, was it not?

Why not pioneer some civic entity aka NMP pattern but emanating from sinkies and representing sinkies voices?

Not garment appointed voices to represent sinkies!

It makes a lot of difference........

Voices chosen by sinkies to represent sinkies but not being opposition per se.

Just civic groups chosen by sinkies to represent sinkies views and interests amicably but not adverserial or antagonistic.

Doesn't that suggests a win win solution?

Garment keeps to be garment.

Sinkies got their voices heard and interests represented in a non-adverserial manner.

Sounds a bit utopian and idealistic but if it can work, then it could be better to achieve its objectives of championing sinkies' interests and voices than just plain online disjointed kpkb. At the same time, it doesn't threaten the garment' s hold to power if that's what concerns them? Win win solution. Garment pappy, Sinkies happy.

Plse feel free to disagree but no need throw bad eggs or rocks, ok?

Just disagree civilly can liao, tio bor?

But in case of any accusations, those in opposition are still free to oppose the garment and fight like tigers and dragons during hustling for all they like.

Rb, dun say sinkies free load never contribute idea?

What say YEW?

This idea a bit special?

Anyone else ever thought of this "utopian" idea plse KEE CHIU?

OTHERWISE patent and copyright may be applicable when formerly implemented?

Anonymous said...

In other words, what this idea represents is a bit like Olympic "B" finals.

Win also no medals but legitimacy given in that these groups of people elected by sinkies for sinkies.

Also can have parliament type of regular sitting, constitution, own voting but not binding on garment, ....... etc etc

Main objectives are to throw up views, surface concerns of sinkies but with some legitimacy in that these groups are elected by sinkies, propose alternative governance/ policies beneficial for sinkies etc etc.

Under such framework, good ideas beneficial to sinkies and SINKIELAND would emerge and some ideas might even win glories for SINKIELAND as a nation etc etc

So far so good?

Any seconder plse KEE CHIU?

b said...

PMs these days like to talk about foreigners and locals, inciting xenophobia. Who create jobs for who does not matter so long as everyone happy.

Anonymous said...

Foreigners create jobs for ambulance drivers, paramedics, emergency doctors and nurses who have to patch up all the battered bodies whacked by our beloved, easily offended foreigners, oops solly, foreign talents, who take no nonsense from rude Stinkies.

Anonymous said...

Spain Warns "Something Went Wrong" As Suspected Ebola Cases Rise In Madrid

I sure hope our PAPigs have an Ebola plan in place.
otherwise, it is "Foreigners create Ebola for sinkies"

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 5:22, what you have suggested is a variation of the NMP. NMP could be what you are talking about if the intention is like what you want.

Anonymous said...

Rb, the NMP scheme has already been implemented many years. So far probably many sinkies not very impressed with it. So if it is more of the same, then no point cos it will be seen as ineffective, wayanging and wasting precious resources and time. This intention is a proposal for something genuinely from the ground to represent the ground, not same types of feathers appointed from the top to represent the ground. How can YEW appoint some peacocks to represent the swans or the sparrows or other birds? Would the peacocks able to speak for the swans, the sparrows and many other birds? Cannot right? Current NMP scheme may have some usefulness but also come with many limitations in terms of being representative of people from the ground ......

On the other hand, this suggestion may have objectives that are overlapping but it could go much further in winning hearts, minds and souls of sinkies who might otherwise gradually slipped away and away from SINKIELAND under present circumstances ........

A direct confrontation with the garment in the form of being an opposition to bring about some change may not necessarily bring about the best outcome for SINKIELAND. The opposition has tried for many years already. They can keep trying. That's one option but time may be running out for SINKIELAND in terms of brain drain, disunity and many other issues.

However, it must be stated upfront this is just an idea tossed up to be chewed and spat out if unpalatable or chewed and slept over if worth a 2nd look ......

But what is the objective or what are the objectives?

Anonymous said...

This idea is to put together some form of the NMP scheme in terms of its non-threatening stature vis a vis the garment yet a coalescence of the many disjointed kpkb voices into one purposeful, objective and non-partisan voice with the utopian or idealistic aim of furthering the interests of sinkies but just like the Olympics "B" finals, there will be some competition to get in for legitimacy and also ensure certain minimum competence.

A society is too complicated and a one man rambo no matter how strong, capable and talented is unlikely able to deliver any solid and holistic package to be useful for change in society presumably for the better.

Thus, rightfully and highly likely there are some sinkie beans who would like to contribute but not to the extent of joining the opposition or the garment. Meaning there is this need or vacuum in the political spectrum that is not fulfilled.

This entity is to pose a serious challenge to the garment in terms of ideas and policies how to take SINKIELAND forward but not to the extent to challenge the garment' s power. It is like pooling all the disjointed and fragmented kpkb voices into one common platform with some legitimacy in that they are chosen by sinkies but with no voting or binding right. It is more to push the garment on multiple fronts and propagate the alternatives and views of this group via social media etc.

With a critical mass resource, research, think tank, empirical evidence gathering, testing can be carried out under this group.

The views would likely carry more weight, more balanced and objective and more encompassing.

But in the end, this is just a toss up. If the garment does.not see any merit in such an idea, then this idea would likely be "DOA" .

Anonymous said...

To declare the idea "DOA" is non-issue.

The alternative is that the people would then support the emergence of more RN,HHH and also more TJS, TKL over time?

The important thing is to achieve the best outcome, not what method, form or mode in going about it.

That is all for now.


Anonymous said...

This sinkie society should ask themselves why do so many people turned to social media to express themselves or hear alternative views. Why do RN and HHH generate considerable die hard support given that sinkieland already has 7 elected opposition MPs, 3 NCMPs and 9 garment officially sanctioned NMPs?

Why the need is still far from being satisfied with supposedly 19 "representatives" to speak up for all the swans, sparrows, etc of society? Is it because these 19 "voices" are too effective in their roles or the opposite?

There are many ways to skin the cats. PM Lee chatise sinkies recently during a NUS forum not to engage in navel gazing and obsessed with counting of one's arm's hairs and leg's hairs. PM Lee said many sinkies are not reading widely or even minimally. So is PM Lee right to say that many sinkies hardly read beyond whatsapp text messages and snippets sent by friends or postings on facebook or instagram?

Sinkies or rather PM Lee must ask why sinkies aren't reading widely?

Now, perhaps oldies and parents might want to talk to say children studying in JCs. Discuss with them about some world and domestic affairs. Many might be shocked to realise how little even JC students read outside their school notes. Mind YEW, students are not even reading text books on the subjects they are sitting for exams. They are predominantly relying on notes spoon fed by JC teachers.

There are still some aspects working for sinkieland but mostly what had been achieved in the past. Of course it is also not exactly true that sinkies don't read. It is more of the penetration rate. In sinkieland, often libraries are perpetually packed and even at times over filled with students. That sounds encouraging, isn't it? But on closer and frequent observation, YEW will be hard pressed to find among every 100 students even a handful reading any library books there. Easily more than 98% are just mugging their school notes, doing homework or watching movies on their mobile devices. All seemed very hardworking and discipline and well behaved. The library could be a good microcosm of what sinkieland is churning out in the market place. Can a society go very far churning out workers who are more than 98% just fixated on their school notes and tutorial worksheets and assignments?

Youths are the future of sinkieland. The types of youths churned out today determine the makeup and outcome of sinkieland down the road.

Sinkieland should not be allowed to go down without sinkies putting up good efforts to bolster the chances of its future well being and counter balance what are undesirable in society.

If many sinkies need to find expression in two young sinkies in representing what they yearned for or fight for what they deemed are things that have gone to the extremes and too far, what does it speak of sinkieland?

What hope and aspiration do many sinkies have beyond the immediate bricks and mortars and materials surrounding them? Are these what will make sinkies stand out in the global market place?

Discourses and discussions are far from enough and adequate in sinkieland.

Sinkieland, to stand good chances in the global market place, needs more not less discourses and discussions. And they must be genuine discourses and discussions, not staged debates.

There should be more fearless discussions and discourses for sinkieland to be more resilient, stronger and more competitive in the global market place and as a society in the world, not less. But of course it does not imply it is done to undermine the garment or society. It is to ensure sinkieland does not end up more like DPRK than say Germany in its journey to build a better society.

To remake Sinkieland or to foster its well being is a long, arduous process. Likely there will be many ups and downs. Mistakes there will be but Sinkieland will not fail unless sinkies give up at the outset or along the way.

Anonymous said...

Youths are the future of sinkieland. The types of youths churned out today determine the makeup and outcome of sinkieland down the road.
@ October 08, 2014 4:23 am

Please don't be daft.
Maybe PAP's Singapore has never been about what is good for Singaporeans or even Singapore.
Maybe PAP's Singapore is all about what is good for PAP?

Maybe that is why PAP Ministers are promoting the idea that Singaporeans do not need a university education?
After all.
In Hong Kong.
Who is leading the protests?
University students that's who.

Maybe this is all about staying in power forever.
Never mind if it is bad for Singaporeans.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 10:41, you have good intention and a good scheme. But like the NMP scheme, it is the power of the day that determines how the scheme should be or make irrelevant by them.

This is the hard truth.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha rb, the hard truth is everyone knows roughly what is happening.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies know many things but may not want say it bluntly in some fxxxers faces. This is another way of pushing things forward. Current situations will throw up more RN, HHH. Now is 2010s NOT 1950s, 1960s, 1970s

Anonymous said...

Life would be shit if nothing done. Sinkies can choose to uproot for those who can.

Anonymous said...

The above is a suggestion to mitigate the situation in several ways. It also serves to focus what is wrong in SINKIELAND. Who doesn't know at the end it is power that counts. Try reason with the BIG BULLIES in M E?

Anonymous said...

There are not many options left for all the jiak liao bee!

Anonymous said...

The end game can be seen in the mind.........

Anonymous said...

It is only who will end up being the one to suffer Gaddafi fate and lynched by a mob........

Anonymous said...

The HLP fracas was a bad move. The script is typical is of media corpse std. Nobody believes such scripts are of any std or creditable. It has shown the world how stupid jiak liao bee is. This is just one more nail into the coffin.........

Anonymous said...

Retribution comes fast and furious......

Anonymous said...

Karma coming soon ......

2 years immovable in bed is testimony......

More is likely to come for those guilty of farce

Anonymous said...

@ Chua Chin Leng aka redbeanOctober 08, 2014 9:28 am
// Hi Anon 10:41, you have good intention and a good scheme. But like the NMP scheme, it is the power of the day that determines how the scheme should be or make irrelevant by them. //

Rb, pls discard this suggestion. It is just a toss up idea to save some undeserving assholes. YEW are right. MUST GO FOR THE JUGULAR! No POWER NO TALK! This will be a fight till the end! See YEW on 25 Oct HLP! 不见不散, 风雨不改. Later check astrology and update YEW. This time will be telling straight msg, no more hidden riddles! Previously foresaw some "traps laid", so not advisable too many people turn up, could be "explosive situation" leading to unnecessary side tracks. Thus " predicted" " toh peng". Hope YEW understand the " 苦心" and good intentions. With hindsight, under that day's circumstances, dun YEW think a much larger turnout of a few thousand could have led to some unintended situations? Then really "walked into the holes" laid by evil forces of this universe? Tio bor? If YEW check back previous predictions, the last one tone sound vastly different, right? With your smartness, din YEW notice some hidden msg, some hint hint? Sometimes too direct removes the joy of life?

Virgo49 said...

Time to have someone like Mr Chiam See Tong who stands in the Election on his own without any party affiliation.

Sole Independent MP has no one to tell him/her to toe the line by the Party Whip. Thus they can SPEAK FRRELY.

Once in Parliament, outshine those Opposition MPs by asking HARD questions that affect the lives of the average Singaporeans.

They have Parliamentary Immunity and yet they ALL KEPT MUM IN PARLIAMENT.

This is very disappointing indeed.

See How Mr.Jeya raised so much BLOOD PRESSURE IN LKY AND OTHERS when he was in Parliament both as an elected and nominated MP.

Hear how many times the PAPies challenged him to repeat his questions outside Parliament.

They felt STING by HIM.

We need young Blood like RN and HHH etc to throw their lots into the ring and bring HOPE to the Singaporeans.

The rest of the has beens candidates LHL has no fear of them.

Or Alternatively, the present LOT of Opp candidates must be truly UNITED and be ready to be a Coalition Government if they chosen to be.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 // Sole Independent MP has no one to tell him/her to toe the line by the Party Whip. Thus they can SPEAK FRRELY.//


Good idea!

WP's smc MPs can resign before next election and runs as independent in AwKan and PONGUN. After erected, they can " perform freely" and not kena "whipped"!

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon @5.08pm

Same goes for the PAP MPs who still got an ounce of conscience.

Can run as Independent candidates and SPEAK FREELY WITHOUT GETTING WHIPPED.

Only if the Electorate willingly to vote for them.

See how Mr Chiam See Tong in his first term as an Independent MP SPOKE SO FREELY.

Even asked Teh Cheang Wan how much is the actual costs of HDB Flats??

Lost for words and have to commit suicide.

Anonymous said...

Foreign companies create jobs. Foreign pmets do not. This is something that I believe LHL knows very well. But he needs to please investors instead of scaring them off.

Till now there is a huge disconnect on foreigners. The reality is you can cut their number in half but there will still be cases like yang yin and the fake degree lecturer. Like it or not there are some singaporeans who will be failures of the system no matter how few foreigners there are.

So what to do? To be honest aside from the measures to slow down their intake, one cannot think of much other solution