Firm loses $2m to secretary

A local company is suing its secretary for theft amounting to $2 m. Apparently the secretary had been depositing the company’s cash cheques into her own pocket for a period of 7 to 8 years. And the cash cheques were in sums of $30k to $400k.

Taking this as an example for discussion, who is to be blamed? The secretary is at fault for sure. What about the company? How could a secretary keep on taking cash cheques from a company without anyone noticing it for such a long spell of time and for such a considerable sum of money?

What is the moral of the story? If you allow a thief to keep taking away your money without resisting, or did not want to bother, did not want to know or do anything about it, you deserve to lose your money. By not wanting to do anything, or not bothering, it is like telling the thief, actually not a thief, to take and take and take.

Apply the same logic to the jobs in the country, the space and the whole country. If we let foreigners to keep taking away our good jobs, our space, and eventually the whole country, and not doing anything about it, we deserve to lose everything, all our possessions and even our country.

Do you want that to happen, daft Sinkies?

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Anonymous said...


Maybe theft not quite the Right Term, siphoning more appropriate.
Are there Sinkies siphoning out wealth to other countries?

What say Yew?

Anonymous said...

I dunno what yew said.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ cannot-distinguish-his-asshole-from-a-hole-in-the-ground Redbean:

»» Apply the same logic to the jobs in the country, the space and the whole country. »»

You cannot apply the same "logic" unless it is the "logic" you pulled out your rectum.

The company theft is ILLEGAL and it violates the property rights of the owner of the money.

As for jobs: No one owes you a living -- bosses hire and fire according to their wishes, needs, whims, fancies and occasionally irrational corruptions -- but it is NO ILLEGAL and violates no one's rights.

As I've mentioned before: the only way to a job is that you are PERCEIVED as being a PERSON OF VALUE. No everyone is "equal". Some people are simply more "valuable" and thus "in-demand" than others.

So grow the fuck up, immature prick. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Lee kong si mi

Anonymous said...

Anyone agree Matilah Singapura is an IB kee chiu!

Matilah_Singapura said...

I agree. I am IB. You wanna throw down motherfucker?

Anonymous said...

"Do you want that to happen, daft Sinkies?"

If a Sinkie, or anyone for that matter, is daft, anything can happen lah.

Hence the solution to this is to be smart to make money, not lose money or jobs. And in spite of foreigners taking away our good jobs, our space, and eventually the whole country.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear a plant masquerading as a tough talking street fighter - except there's no street but a dimly lit room which also doubles as a masturbatory hideout. Tch tch.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, u mother fucker, u want to wait outside? No balls right? Go write your books.

agongkia said...

//The secretary is at fault for sure//
Not really lah.My kachang puteh Towkay intentionally give some low amount cash cheque to his secretary to bank into the company account and but hope she secretly bank into her personnel account.
He is having an affair with her and do not want to feel guilty for feeding a mistress.He pretend not to know and one day if the secretary is out of control,he know what to do.I taught him.
Dun be shallow minded.Uncle.

Virgo49 said...

It all boils down to the Company's external Auditors.

These so called professionals will not bite the hands that feeds them.

Can see so many court cases of misappropriation of Company's funds and year in and year out, the auditors ALWAYS certified "True and correct and fair accordingly to our judgement"

What BULLSHITS?? Even they find any monkey businesses going on and cannot find the correct answers, in the end they still certify Correct Sirs!

See the NKF and CHC cases for examples. These are BIG NAMES Auditors, not kuching kurup ones.

Finance Managers/Accountants and what have you always in Courts will said, I really do not know! How come I charges in Court ah? Bosses asked me to do so I follow!.

Just throw some of these jokers in Jails and you will see less of these misappropriation of funds.

But our Law Minister will said NO! If like this, no one wants to work in Auditing.

So its the Company's faults for their lax control of MAS- Mana Ada System.

Anonymous said...

Great... daft should learn from this talented foreign talents

Puki pundek thangkachi..

Move over papigs, black ah neh is bestest now

Hsien loong.. knn hojinx chao cb, pua cb

b said...

"Do you want that to happen, daft Sinkies?"

Unfortunately, only 40% of the sinkies do not want that. This is a democratic country. Majority has the say whether 99% or 51%. Blame the system not the people.

b said...

Democracy itself is flawed. When a system is based on majority rule, it is flawed. Killing Jesus is wrong but Jesus was cruxified because of this flaw.

Anonymous said...

Democracy? You are fooling yourself, sonofab.

Anonymous said...

Firm loses $2m to secretary.
PAPigs lose Singapore to aliens.