China US partnership – A New World Order

This New World Order is taking shape with the latest US state official praising China for its increasing role in Afghanistan. The US had moved in with its military, did all the mop up operations to kill and destroy all the Afghans that they did not want to see, flattened the country from the air to Stone Age, then they moved out.
Next, the Chinese would move in with all the economic aids to help the Afghans to rebuild their broken country and to restart life anew. China has pledged to give Afghanistan US$327million in aid, in addition to the US$250 million it contributed after the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001. The Americans had dumped perhaps more than what China is giving, in kinds like bombs and bullets.

The changing roles of a destructive US and a constructive China are not premeditated or planned by the two powers. Neither is the new China US partnership. It just happened naturally. The Americans just enjoyed throwing their bombs in other people’s countries, mowed everything to the ground. China just sees it as an opportunity for economic development and building friendly ties with these countries. A Chinese statement said, ‘It does not seek to fill a void left by the US withdrawal, but has promised to play a big commercial role in reconstruction’.

China did not seek this role and did not seek to be lauded by the US. It is just a natural thing to do, to help countries that needed economic help and reconstruction. And there is a bigger role cut out for China after the US has done its destruction in the Middle East and decides to leave the region. Many Arab countries would need the resources, funds and reconstruction capability of China to rebuild their countries.

Now the sickening part. After rebuilding these countries, the people of these countries will curse China for taking ‘advantage of them’ and increasing its influence in these countries, and seeing China as the enemy. They would want to drive the Chinese out. So was the story told for the last few decades. Would it change, would these silly Asians think and know who is their real enemy and who destroyed their land and homes and lives?

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Anonymous said...

RB. No country is an angel. Chinese would have its own interest. I do not believe China go into ME purely to help reconstruct the place. In China there are so many poor rural peasants who could benefit from this extra money spent.

Matilah_Singapura said...

One big cuntry does the fucking, and after that another cuntry moves in to clean up the mess.

This reminds me of a sign outside an abortion clinic:


WOW! Can you imagine if you're one of the financiers to both these activities? You can have wall-to-wall pussy, and have your shirts woven out of fabric made from the soft pubic hair of young virgins!

Life is good!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, don't you have another angle to look at things?

Anon 10:17, the China's rural poor is not the rural poor that you know. In the 50s and 60s we used to send food, medicine and very basic things back to China. Today they have everything.

By the 80s, China is self sufficient in food. We fed our pigs with swill, they fed their pigs wild good food from over production. Yes, their pigs are fed not with leftovers from the dining table, but from the farm.

1.4b population have taken the great leap forward from poverty. Go and look at the new China. Every city, including second tier city, is bigger and more modern than London, Paris or New York.

Their rural poor are no longer hungry, and are well clothed with good schools.

They are the rich communists of today.

b said...

Usofa cannot even keep their backyard (latinos) in proper state. The rest of the world has difficulty trusting them already. Look at Angola, after china investing in that country, the angolas are employing portugals (ie their ex colonial masters). The servants become the masters and the masters become the servants. The best thing about the chinese is they never enforce their belief or 'religion' (if they even have one) on others. They only want peace and prosperity - ching ching ching.

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> Matilah, don't you have another angle to look at things?

No, I leave that to people like you ;-) I have, like most people one asshole and one opinion and, like ALL people both of those things STINK. :-)

Rural poor? Most of China is still rural poor. Thankfully, in a market based capitalist economy -- in which China excels at -- the ACTIONS and ENTERPRISES of minority of rich and productive entrepreneurs goes a long way to lift many of the poor out of poverty, and launch them with terrific speed into the working middle class -- so that they too can become 21st century consumers buying iPhones and taking vacations to Australia.

BTW I have (thankfully) good PRC clients. I frequently visit them at their homes in Singapore, and man...you should see how many of them live. Mostly like fucking kings -- with emphasis on the "fucking" -- i.e. they have a predilection for gorgeous "high maintenance" women.

Every one of my PRC clients loves living in Singapore, but they are not complimentary to the culture of Singaporeans -- i.e. they think Singaporeans in general are fucked in the head, and I for one mostly agree with them. They think Singaporeans thinking is "backward". Mind you, these are the top of the China food chain, not your "average" PRC.

So you can label me as a "banana PRC-lover", I don't care.

What I do is follow the money. Sometimes I get some, most of the time it is an "experience". I apply the same principles to geo-politics: somewhere, everytime, there are financiers taking advantage of the situation.

China and the US are adversaries. To me this is a good thing.

Should there come a day when both China and the US become "good friends", start cooperating, and worst still integrating, all of us "average guys/ small-timers" will be swallowed up faster than cum in a gay bukkake porn flick!!