China Speaks for all Hong Kong, According to The Basic Law.

Democracy is about the Rule of Law, Not the Rule of the Mob. Never mind the size of the Mob Crowd or the loud noise of the Rabble. They have no place in a Democracy when illegal. HK students represent NOBODY.

It is clear that the Hong Kong demonstrators, mostly students encouraged by politicians with their own agenda, do not care about the livelihood and well-being of the rest of Hong Kong, who is really the majority. The Hong Kong demonstrators are fighting only for themselves, NOT for the majority of HK people. They should now keep quiet and listen to the rest of Hong Kong whose families has lost much needed incomes from reduced tourism and disruptions to transportation.  The loss of tourism earnings by 7% must seriously hit the pockets of taxi drivers, retail shop owners, amusement centre operators, tour guides, tour operators, restaurants, hotels and, yes, the parents, uncles/aunties, relatives and siblings of the demonstrators.  The earnings loss will never be recovered.

Never has the abuse of Democratic freedom so blatant.  The inherent right to peaceful protests has been openly misused to riot over unfounded fears about the future.  Nothing is more frightening than to lash out at shadows when believing monsters residing within.  

WHO will speak for those hurt most by irresponsible Hong Kong demonstrators? According to the Basic Law of Hong Kong, it is China.      

Under British common law, the owner’s right to the return of his “stolen” property is absolute.  And any agreement to abridge or limit such rights by stating conditions for the lawful return of rightful property has no basis in law and therefore unenforceable. Whither the HK Basic Law?  

The Hong Kong Basic Law is a purely domestic legislation deriving its authority from the Constitution of the People's Republic of China (PRC). In fact, Basic Law’s Article 158 specifically vested the power of final interpretation of the HK Basic Law in the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPCSC) which is the highest organ of state whose power is derived from the Constitution of the People's Republic of China. Ergo, YES, the PRC Constitution supersedes the Basic Law of Hong Kong SAR.  In fact, it was the NPCSC who adopted and approved the HK Basic Law on 4 April 1990, and came into effect on Handover Day, 1 July 1997

Essentially, the HK Basic Law, which is the outcome of the Joint Declaration between PRC and the British government on Hong Kong, acts as the historic interim (50 years) agreement on the rightful RETURN of Hong Kong back to the People's Republic of China.

Hong Kong is NOT Scotland. Scotland conquered England (plus Wales) in 1603, and UK was formed in 1707 together with Ireland. Unlike Scotland, Hong Kong has always belonged to China, who was forced to cede it to the British under the shameful Treaty of Nanjing in 1842 when China lost the Opium War with Britain after failing to stop Britain from selling the profitable poison to the Chinese people. It's like the Mexican/Latin American Drug cartels demanding the State of Texas as payment and compensation for American destruction of their lucrative cocaine trade in the American war on drug.

Unlike Scotland, the option for Hong Kong independence is not available since she is just a SMALL Chinese city and an integral part of China. Hong Kong people must learn HOW to live as part of China, not apart. 

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Anonymous said...

Killing these herd of special needs will be a blessing to mankind

Leemember... Fuck papigs knnccb

Anonymous said...

To redbean
I apologize in advance as you know I have a revisionist interpretation & views on China.

The headlines:
"China Speaks for all Hong Kong, According to the Basic Law"
I have big problems with a lot of the unspoken underlying assumptions here.

1. Who is China?
I see only Chinese people.
I don't see any "China".
I see Chinese people speaking for Chinese people.
I don't see any "China" speaking for Chinese people.

Assuming "China" refers to the government officials of the Chinese people.
Have these government people been freely elected by the Chinese people?
Or did these government people just elect themselves?

As far as I can see.
Self elected Chinese government officials self appointed themselves to speak for Chinese people living within the political borders of China.

And these same self appointed people now claim to speak for all Chinese people who live within the political borders of Hong Kong.

Anonymous said...

I spigs 4 myself

Lee hsien loong... knnccb, poobor kia, yaosiew kia, puahojing chaocheeby

Papigs.. descendants humkar chan

Anonymous said...

Do not be daft.
All women can be my mother, wife, sister and strangers.
The One that gave birth to me is my mother.
The One who produces baby with me is my wife.
The Ones made by my parents arr my sisters.

You are lost regarding China and Chinese.

Most Chinese fought the japanese during WW II. BUT

Ok, ok, not nice to confuse a lost soul further.

Michael Heng PBM said...

Anon9.49am, Actually, Hong Kong is WITHIN the political borders of China. Hong Kong is just a SMALL city in China, can be considered part of Greater Guangzhou Province but a SAR. There are NO Native Hong Kong people, only Chinese People in Hong Kong living under British colonial servitude. Go read Full Story.

jjgg said...

So there should be no change or attempt to make changes unless it's top down? It cannot be your premise that hongkongers cannot be allowed to protest their circumstances. There are not many citizenry in the world who are as sheep induced as Singaporeans..

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 9:49, this is Michael Heng's article. No need to apologise to me.

China, Hongkies, Sinkies, all depends on the definitions you used and the backdrops as well.

Veritas said...

You are full of error Mickey. No such thing as Scotland conquered England, but the Stuarts of Scotland was invited to reign over the English.

It is not unlike in later English history, the Orange family of Netherland was invited to be the crown of England. And later the house of Hanover was invited to reign over Great Britain. Hanover is now in Germany.

Not a single sensible person I met mentioned anything remotely as "Scotland conquered England (plus Wales) in 1603, and UK was formed in 1707 together with Ireland".

Today the original family name of Queen E2 is Saxe-Coburg and Gotha of the Wettin family, and the UK branch changed to Windsor because UK hate Germany.

Why not you say Holland conquered England and Germany conquered England?

A academic from university should produce better work than this.

Veritas said...

Please research more before you write anything Mickey. You are not rigorous in your work. You are from university and I wonder over these years, many juniors academics are now giants producing masterpieces. You seems to be extremely shallow and you seems to read very little.

And who are the culprit of riots. The protesters are peaceful. The real rioters are the "counter-protesters", and those apprehended have links to organized crime.

HK citizens are speculating that some of the status quo are using elements of organize crime to break out peaceful protest.

Are you prostituting to PRC?

Anonymous said...

Veritas, why you hate everything PRC?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Hong Komg is part of China. That is accepted by the United Nations.

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative region. With laws that apply only to Hong Kong. And these laws have a limited life span.

I am disputing your broad unthinking statement that "China speaks for all Hong Kong".
I am asking who is this China?
And who is this Hong Kong?

I see a lot of Hong Kong people protesting that the Chinese officials do not speak for them.

Same as I see 40% of Sinkies saying that the PAP government do not speak for ALL Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Actually hor, there maybe people who prostitute for PRC.
So are those domonstators prostituting for USA and Japanese.

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake.
Throughout China's long history.
Chinese rulers became rulers through the use of force.
Not by free elections.
That is our history and our culture that carries on till today.

The Chinese emperor's mandate from heaven comes from the tip of a sword.
We have a long cultural belief that "might is right".
And in Singapore, this has mutated to "wealth is right".
He who has more money is more correct than he who has less money.

Veritas said...

Veritas, why you hate everything PRC?

I am widely accused as a China-nationalist.

I want a strong China, not a China whose leaders fuck virgins and keep 100 mistresses. Not a china who use bullets against children as in Tiananmen.

Mao and Zhou Enlai both started off as students protesters and trade union leaders. These HK students are re-creating Mao and Zhou Enlai. Whats wrong?

Anonymous said...

/// Actually hor, there maybe people who prostitute for PRC.
So are those domonstators prostituting for USA and Japanese. ///
October 04, 2014 12:04 pm

All I see are some unhappy people in Hong Kong exercising their human rights to protest.
What is wrong with that?
Just like Roy & HHH exercising their rights to protest.

If what we are building in Singapore is legitimate, sustainable and viable; surely our Singapore can withstand the peaceful protests from a few hundred elderly people wanting back money that belongs to them?
Money that was originally promised to them when they reach 55 years old.

If Singapore cannot even tolerate and withstand such puny protests ... then we are just kidding ourselves by saying we are a financial hub.
And our defence force is capable of defending Singapore against an external threat.

Anonymous said...

So... y cry like babies?

If they get killed..that part of revolution, tough luck

If fucktard must win? Goes suck papigs dicks

Veritas said...

Actually hor, there maybe people who prostitute for PRC.
So are those domonstators prostituting for USA and Japanese.

Mao, Zhou Enlai and Sun Yat Sen were prostitute of USSR. Sun even double as prostitute of Japan.

Fuckers do not know the origin of KMT and CCP. The KMT Whampoa school was funded and armed by USSR. CCP was funded and armed by USSR. At that time, both party look the other way when Beiyang government was busy fighting USSR in outer Mongolia.

Both parties are biggest traitors in the entire history of China. They lead of the loss of outer Mongolia. Not a single China traitor including Qin Hui result to such huge lost of territories.

Go study harder.

Anonymous said...

A little knowledge is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Given the circumstances you think you could do better? What is your solution?

Veritas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

/// Given the circumstances you think you could do better? What is your solution? ///
October 04, 2014 12:35 pm

This must be a PAPig.
Asking for "constructive" criticism.
PAPigs are champion complainers.
Pay them million dollar salaries.
Still they say we must be "constructive" in our criticism.

If a PAPig's Minister's dick is only 3 inches long.
Then the fact remains it is only 3 inches long.
It's not possible to spin a 3 inch dick into something more "constructive".

Michael Heng PBM said...

U are so Right, Vertas. There was NO conquest. Stuart (or Stewart) king James VI of Scotland INHERITED the English throne in 1603, and the Stuart Kings and Queens ruled both independent kingdoms until the Act of Union in 1707 merged the two kingdoms into a new state, the Kingdom of Great Britain, prelude to the United Kindom.
Well Done, my student!

b said...

Without a strong china, chinese will always be the laundry man, the hawker guy, the toilet cleaner. The naive hk students should learn that democracy is also a flawed system. India, samerica, africa are very good examples. Peace and progress and building up the chinese spirit is more important than those half true ideas fed to them by the youknowwho.

Anonymous said...


Well said.

Some Chinese are OCBC.
Orang Cheena bukan Cheena. Suda jadi chapcheng(adulterated and no more Chinese in their characters).
They even dare to despise Chinese who do not speak ingrish when they themselves cannot speak, read or write Chinese at all.

Veritas said...

Ya, some Chinese are fucking banana like Kuan Yew.

Veritas has one of the highest Chinese standard among my generation. I have read considerable amount of classical Chinese.

Not even the average PRC students read so much classical Chinese, unless this person major it in university.

Virgo 49 said...

Well said, the chow baba's wife always wear sarong kebaya in overseas trips signifying that they are not Cheena.

Screwed true blue chenna Singaporean chinese and sucks up to all things white just because of one his son lookes like white.

Of this Schooling, deferment of National Slavery just for winning some chow tee medals to glorify the regime.

See his swell headed indisclipine in sneaking out and getting intoxicated.

Think he will serve his NS as others in chiong sway ??

He eill spend his two years swimming in pools as SAFSA training for the glory of the Lee regime.

Anonymous said...

b said...
/// Without a strong china, chinese will always be the laundry man, the hawker guy, the toilet cleaner.///
- Right now China is very powerful. So?
- Our Singaporean Chinese uncles & aunties are still "laundry man, the hawker guy, the toilet cleaner"

The PRC Chinese is here to help the Singaporean Chinese or to enrich themselves?
Why not you ask Yang Yin?

The naive Sinkies like b should learn that just because China does well does not mean that Singaporean Chinese will do well.

The Chinese spirit & culture is being manipulated by self serving Chinese politicians to get naive Chinese to obey and follow the rulers blindly.

Peace and progress and building up the accountability & transparency of Chinese government institutions is more important than condemning non Chinese ideas and ideals.

I believe the Hong Kong protestors do more to progress Chinese civilization than PRC Chinese who just blindly follow and trust their PRC leaders.

Robert C H Chia said...

Miko, inherited rather than `conquered` ais better. But even the so-called Union was viewed by many including the poet Robbie Burns as `treason`; Scotland `sold for English gold...`. Ever since the 13th century Scotland have resisted English conquest and this most famously at the battle of Bannockburn 700 years ago. This history is what drove 45% of Scots to vote YES in the recent referendum. Laws, to my mind, do not PRECEDE democracy; they are a consequence of the move towards acknowledging individual rights which is only meaningful because freedom and choice are sacrosanct it seems to me.

Michael Heng PBM said...

Well said, Robert. Remember the morning after the Scottish Referendum Vote where more than 2 million actually voted "Yes" for Independence but could not prevail? There was no street protests, or Occuppy Anywhere, or riots ... just a peaceful mature calm accepting the vote outcome. Democracy is like that. Hong Kongers should learn HOW to behave Democratically like the Scots.

Robert C H Chia said...

Yes Mike, but Cameron agreed to a referndum so that the Scots can vote for self-determination or otherwise. In HK they do not have that choice. So far as I have read, the student demonstrations have been peaceful. Don`t forget it is their future as well. When people come out to demonstrate it is often because there is no other avenue to express their concerns. In a democracy they must be heard.

Anonymous said...

The Reality is simply that the Students and some others are too idealistic and instigated to aspire for the imagined Eutopia that cannot possibly exists in the Human World.

The Students themselves are imperfect, more theoretical in their ideals than real and practical. To cut it short; some folks had given them a perfect interpretation for them to go and fight for it. IT SEEMS TO ME THAT SOME ARE EVEN PREPARED TO DIE FOR THE NON-EXISTENCE IDEAL. NOT SILLY BUT TOO IMAGINATIVE OR OVER IDEALISTIC. Age comes into place here, they are too young and lack the living experience. THEY EVEN OVERLOOKED THE 1.3 BILLION COMRADES/COMPATRIOTS IN THE MAINLAND AND MANY MANY MORE MILLIONS OF CHINESE AROUND THE WORLD.



Anonymous said...

My apology.

Eutopia to be corrected to Utopia.


Michael Heng PBM said...

Thanks for all your comments, fellows. The KEY Takeaway lesson is that the Protestors are going about the WRONG way to get what they want (assuming they truly know WHAT they really want). They have 3 years to formulate a proper political agenda and platform, select and elect a couple of suitable CE Candidates for Select Committee consideration. Go door2door, alley2alley, street by street to explain why their political program and CE Candidates should be at least 1 of the 3 Final Nominations for Direct Elections. Democracy is not easy. It is Hard Work ... walking the ground and talking and Talking to the People. It is Persuasion and Argument for practical solutions to real issues. Democracy is NOT Occupy, Sit Down and Hope someone will Notice you and COME feed or pander to you. That's the Difference between a Mature Democracy like Singapore vs a Democracy Newbie like Hong Kong. We can only wish our Cina Honkies the best outcomes, hopefully the lessons would not be too painful.