Bambang Yudhoyono - The humble President and a great man

‘Please forgive me if in the 10 years of my leading this beloved country, I have said/done anything that hasn’t pleased you, the people of Indonesia. In truth, with all our flaws, we wanted to do the best for the people and the country. With love.’ SBY

This is the final Twitter message by Bambang Yudhoyono to his 5 million twitter followers. The message speaks for itself, a selfless man full of humility, and a perfect gentleman politician. He did not say a word about his achievements or what he has done for the people and his country. But what he has done is for the people to see and judge him. No amount of gloating could make any difference as the people are able to see for themselves.

And prior to his departure, he ensured that the incoming President would take over the baton with the full dignity and grace that a President should deserve. And he took the task upon himself to make all the final arrangement for Joko Widodo to assume his post as the 7th President of Indonesia in style.

Yudhoyono is a President that would be honoured by the Indonesian people, more so after he has left his office so magnanimously. He left his office in high notes and ensured that his successor will take over without a hitch despite all the challenges placed in the latter’s path.

A great man knows when to depart and be loved by his people forever

PS: When a country is on the rise, it will be blessed with great leaders. Yudhoyono is succeeded by another President in Jokowi with great potential to turn Indonesia into a great nation..

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Veritas said...

Very few elites are without stains and even if they are really good man, they often derive their source of power from murder.

President Susil Bambang Yudhoyono father-in-law, Sarwo Edhie Wibowo, was an Australian-trained officer who led the killings in Central Java in 1965.

The Indonesian elites today are all lackies of Suharto. Decades later, some Suharto scion may still ascend to presidency.

Anonymous said...

But Jokowi is not lackey of Suharto what.

He came from a poor family background and is also a leader with track record who understand and help the suffering common folks.

Will there be a "Sinkieland Jokowi"?

Anonymous said...

Will there be a "Sinkieland Jokowi"?
Anon 1:32 pm

The Sinkieland soil and climate cannot or very hard to grow a "Jokowi".

The best can grow is only a "Teochew Ah Hia".

Anonymous said...

Since politics is deemed to be dirty, can politicians be known to be clean and white?

Don't talk about red dot. You knew, I listened, they claimed.

b said...

Unless they proven themselves, never trust a politician.

b said...

Anyway, most politics is a game that changes the person in charge but the game does not change - poor will still get poorer and rich will still gets richer.

Anonymous said...

The saying that power corrupts is very true. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I think this applies not only to politics. Even religion is not an exception. And I think it goes beyond the money factor. Corruption can be in any form. Cronyism is also a form of corruption, but proving it is difficult. That is why some got away with it.

Anonymous said...

In a democracy one is supposed to follow the rules, step down when the people have decided. There are tyrants that would not give up power even in a socalled democracy and would threaten to use force to stay in power after being voted out by the people.

Anonymous said...

Mr Bambang Yudhoyono will be recorded in World History as a Great Statesman of/from Indonesia.

He deserves the Honour.


Anonymous said...

Hi RB, speed. Mr Bambang Yudhoyono was well loved by his people. Jokowi is looking good at the moment and he will have to prove himself as the president of the Indonesian people. He has start life from humble beginning. Lets hope he will understand the plights and difficulties of ordinary people of his country. I have high hopes for him.

In Singapore things are slightly different.

Anonymous said...

You talking about the little Emperor or the last Emperor?

Anonymous said...

Many heads of states will crow and write books after how great they are and how much they have done for the people.

This man asked his people to forgive him for anything that he has not done well. He is asking for forgiveness not expecting praises.

Virgo 49 said...

Sinkie PM, Ministers, MPs will tell you:

It's a honest mistake, let's move on!

At same time We still get our million dollars salaries.


Give me suggestions lah!! I get the salary, you contributed the idea.


FL said...

Mr SBY, former Indonesian President, is a calm, steady and a composed leader leading Indonesians thro' the last decade. I believe the Indonesians are proud to have him as their President for past ten years. We wish him happy retirement and good health. Also, we wish to congrat
the new President Mr Jokowi.

Anonymous said...

Must be nice to retire with people showering praise on you. Being humble is a good quality. Unlike those who are hated and many wishing them to up lorry.

agongkia said...

I always feel at home when I visit Indonesia.Indonesian are happy citizen,humble and are proud to have you as their leader.
You have done a good job.
Wishing you a happy retirement.

President Joko is well like too.
I am confident that he will continue to bring prosperity and happiness to the people.

My heartiest congratulation and best wishes to Pak,President Jokowi and all.

Terimalah ucapan selamat saya.

Anonymous said...

Yudhoyono is succeeded by another President in Jokowi with great potential to turn Indonesia into a great nation..

Lee Hsien Loong is succeeded by another PM in ________(fill in the blanks) with great potential to turn Singapore into a great nation..

Anonymous said...

PAP real Sinkie PM?
Opposition real Sinkie PM?
PAP instant Sinkie PM?
Opposition instant Sinkie PM?
Through a military coup and dictator PM?
Merge and become Matland state chief minister, not PM?