Animal lover joined PAP

ACRES founder Louis Ng, an activist for the protection of animals, has joined the PAP. There is a one page article in the Today paper devoted to him. This could be a sign that he is going to be a candidate for the next GE. It is good news for the animals that now they could have a real champion in Parliament, with voting rights, to look after their interests. Previously what we have were NMPs to represent such interest groups like arts or special needs groups. But they were appointed members and not elected members of Parliament.
It would be good that some dogs and cats lovers are picked to join the PAP. Then the dogs and cats would also have champions looking after them in Parliament.

We have many champions looking after the foreigners and foreign talents. Can there be some champions to look after Singaporean PMETs in Parliament? This pathetic group somehow is not represented and no one seems to want to bother with their plight. At the rate it is going, this group can only think of driving taxis and be security guards while their jobs are taken over by the highly rated foreigners.

I really hope there will be some activists who care for the Singaporean PMETs be invited to join the PAP to look after the interests of this group of citizens. Their well being cannot be worse off than animals, dogs and cats. And don’t forget, they can vote too. And they have their family and friends who would show sympathy for them and may vote the same way as them.

Any activist or champion of Singaporean PMETs out there standing up for them? Any political party wants to recruit them for a good cause?

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Anonymous said...


Indeed the animals will be very
very very happy with this news.


Anonymous said...

Woof Woof (translate: Congrats)

Matilah_Singapura said...

When one says "animal lover", I think it is necessary to clarify by defining the term clearly to avoid misunderstanding.

For e.g.: this ISIS member could be considered an "animal lover".

So does the PAP's newest member bang animals? Honestly, I don't know the answer, and actually the answer is irrelevant to his performance as a solid party member.


agongkia said...

Please lah.If animal lovers can benefit just becos there is a animal lover in parliahment then I must also join ,get erected and ensure those mei mei lovers'interest are not neglected too.
A PMET who cannot secure his rice bowl should accept fate .They should not join political party and even if they want,can only do so by offering flyers or cheering.How to care for others when they cannot even secure their jobs.
Many of those that I know are those who exploit their subordinate when they are in power and losing their job are consider karma to me.
We meed more mei mei lover,not animal lover or pmet lover.
My vote will only go to anyone that have a mei mei lover look.
It shows they are caring.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible there may be many, many more Sinkie animal lovers than those displaced Sinkie PMETs turned taxi drivers and security guards?

If so, it is understandable why there are better chances (93%?) of having animal activists PAP MPs, rather than displaced PMET PAP MPs in Parliament.

Anyway, displaced PMETs can still join opposition parties, but with only 7% chance of being elected, since their parties are not ready to be govt.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I must say honestly that agongkia is a very kind and caring person. He cares for and loves mei meis.

Read a report about two hooligan old men heckling and abusing mei mei sales girls just because they could not undertand what the old men were telling them. For goodness sake, take on people that could fight back and not helpless mei meis. They are here to earn a living and doing jobs that Sinkies did not want to do.

They are not here to take away good jobs from Sinkies.

And thank you for your definition of animal lovers. You animal lover too? I mean Matilah.

Anonymous said...

A good find for the PAP. Another talent joining the camp.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of very smart people around who use the phrase PAP dogs to describe anyone that happens to disagree even a little bit with them.

With so many PAP dogs around nowadays, it is fitting the PAP now recruits an animal activist to look after the rights of these dogs.

oldhorse42 said...

He should go and stand for election in Bukit Panjang. The rats there will vote for him!

b said...

How can someone be called animal lover join a party that increase the human population and squeezed out animals? is he an animal lover or hater? what kind of animal? Anyway, all politicians are bad until proven good.

Anonymous said...

Well done ..... b9rd of the same feathers flock 2gether.

Papigs .,.. pigs. dogs.., bitches., snakes,., leeches..

Hurrah ,...

Anonymous said...

Before the 70s, the Chinese Educated Singaporeans, Malayan/sians and Hongkies never stopped using 'running dogs/ 走狗' to describe fans and supporters of US/British Imperialism and Dictatorships anywhere.
Those and these Chinese Educated are now fully converted TURN COATS. They have become DOG LOVERS.

BUT, I do like to say that me feels that many active in politic with ambition are much like HYENAS.
The only difference with the Wild Species is that the TWO LEGGED VERSION dwells in concrete jungle.

They are 'worserer' than the Natural Wild Species which is found to be the Worst Scum in the Animal World.


Anonymous said...

The constituency of Sinkie animal lovers is bigger than that of Sinkie PMETs turned taxi drivers and security guards?

Anonymous said...