Americans have selective memory or memory lapses

The assault on the Russian annexation of Crimea is still the top agenda in the American politician and analyst’s agenda. Russia and Putin are the favourite footballs to be kicked around. Bad country, bad boy!
According to Gideon Rachman in his article in the Financial Times and reprinted in the Today paper on 8 Oct 14, ‘Russia through the nuclear looking glass’, he wrote, ‘The annexation of Crimea was an illegal act of aggression.’ Yes, sure, it is an act of aggression, not much different from the aggression against Iraq and Libya and many more.

But in the not too distant past, how many states have the European Americans annexed to form the USA through acts of aggression? New Mexico, California, Texas and what else, were either independent states or part of Mexico. No, not acts of aggression? Or were acts of aggression by the Americans to annex other states are not acts of aggression and not violating any rule of law?

It is a historical fact that the whole of the USA was annexed by acts of aggression against the native of North America. No? They came and they found America and they have the right to own the whole of North America?

Are the Americans suffering from dementia nationwide? Why keep harping on the Russian annexation of Crimea as a big wrong as if the Americans have not committed any such crimes? What about human rights, the human rights of the negroes and Red Indians?

In the interest of the American Empire, North and South Korea must always be kept apart and agitated to keep them fighting. The Japanese would also want to see this state of hostility between the two Korean people to last forever. And now they are agitating the students in Hong Kong to demand things that are utterly out of the Basic Law and defying China to do a Tiananmen in Hong Kong.

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Matilah_Singapura said...

What's the problem? American Exceptionalism rules the world!

Please lah, even Putin likes American culture, having a fondness for cuntry and west-turn music.

All Putin has to do is either become an ally of the US, or immigrate to the USA and take citizenship. Then he can do all the gangsta shit he likes under the umbrella of "American Freedom" and be the toast of Washington.

Putin, undoubtedly a gangster, is simply in the "wrong" gang.

Anonymous said...

I said it before and I say it now.
As long as the 6 majors news medias are controlled by them they will say and write what they like to spread their lies. And all the other newspapers
will pick up to help them spread.
Not much one can do except to find more alternate news which
unfortunately you cannot much in this region.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that our msm picked up American propanganda and paid for it to feed the daft Sinkies?

Anonymous said...

What do you think?

Most of the articles in St are from
NY times, Washington Post, Bloomberg, Financial Times,Reuter
Eg I don't read much on the recent Vongfong typhoon creating
havoc in Japan making Fukushinma
radiation more dangerous.

Anonymous said...

The Americans even control our media and decide what we should read from the 52nd state of the USA.

The said...

Grenada, anyone?

b said...

War means boom time for investment firms invested in weapons industry such as carlyle group. They probably already came out with a ww3 draft. Love of money, the root of all evils.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I have the feeling that Hongkies have more democracy than Sinkies can ever hope to match.

I mean, the fact that they can demonstrate and occupy parts of HongKong speaks volumes about their level of freedom compared to Red Dot. And Hongkies are still not satisfied.

Here in Red Dot, if four people gather to stand in front of CPF building, peacefully, vanloads of riot police will be there to arrest them. Oh, forget about HLP or the enclosed spaces for such purposes as designated during the WTO meeting here years ago. That is a stage manage event for show to the world.

And here in red dot, if you belong to any opposition party, everything you do must go through a PAP appointed stooge. Even the elected opposition MP is subjected to such humiliation that the ruling has become the laughing stock of the world. I would be interested to hear Mahathir giving his two cents worth of holy sermon about this laughable rule some day.