A return to hard headed policies

Tan Chuan Jin is shaping up nicely in the mould of the first generation ministers, tough and an advocate of hard headed policies. He spoke his mind, like calling the protesters at Hong Lim Park heckling Special Needs Children as vile. Yesterday he spoke again for the need to make tough policies that are necessary to tackle challenges.

Chuan Jin referred particularly to the issue of foreign workers and talents in the country. He said, ‘some are calling for further tightening to protect Singaporeans and their jobs…But this “seemingly pro Singaporean” mindset is but a fallacy.’ How is that so? My guess, the call for tightening of immigrant workers here is actually against the interest of Singaporeans and is not pro Singaporean but anti Singaporean. And the influx of more foreign workers and talents policies are really pro Singaporean, not against Singaporeans. So these policies are the hard headed policies and should continue.

The little problem here is that the people did not see eye to eye with him and the govt. The people are seeing a few million foreigners here and all happily employed but Singaporeans are losing their jobs or under employed. Maybe this is also a fallacy. Maybe the people are really daft and did not know that these millions of foreigners are here for their own good. Read whichever way you like. Would be good if MOM could provide some statistics to show how this is the case.

What is the purpose of the MOM Jobs Bank? Nothing heard of it lately. It was created to help Singaporeans to get jobs, a pro Singaporean creation. How successful is this? Or has MOM found this to be irrelevant as the need for foreign talents and creating jobs for foreigners are more important as they will end up creating more jobs for Singaporeans, especially the PMEs who can now look forward to driving taxis after being retrenched or sacked? Without the demands for taxis by the foreign talents they may not even have the chance to drive taxis.

The Govt knows what is right and good for the people. That is why it is calling for more hard headed policies, like bringing in more foreigners to create more jobs for Singaporeans. This is the hard truth. Singaporeans must face up to the competition and not run away from competition. My suggestion is that if Singaporeans are not competitive here, they should venture out to India, China and neighbouring countries to compete and make themselves relevant in these countries. Tap on the privileges of free trade agreements like the great CECA to get jobs in India and China, and live there for a better quality of life, if they can’t find it here.

What do you think? I think the hard headed policies will triumph and Singaporeans that are uncompetitive only have themselves to blame. Got taxis to drive is better than nothing to do. Forget about the Jobs Bank. That is history, created at a time when the mind was weak. Singaporeans must open their arms to embrace more foreigners, like 6.9m. Singapore need tough leaders and hard headed policies to survive.

Kopi Level - Blue. thank you and thank all the IBs flooding here to top up my kopi level.


Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle RB

A Very Good Morning To You!



Anonymous said...

' My suggestion is that if Singaporeans are not competitive here, they should venture out to India, China and neighbouring countries to compete and make themselves relevant in these countries. Tap on the privileges of free trade agreements like the great CECA to get jobs in India and China, and live there for a better quality of life, if they can’t find it here. '

I believe this is good advice. Will spread it vigorously in my circle of friends. Makes good sense....tapping on the privileges of free trade agreements.

Thank you

Darkness 2014

Anonymous said...

Would be better if all the Sinkies move out and leave this island to the highly competitive foreign talents.

Anonymous said...

I vote for the political party that can get me a job.
A good job.
I guess this means I can't vote PAPig tio bo?
I have no desire to be a taxi driver at 40 years old.
And I want my children to have a university education.

Anonymous said...

Read any American newspaper or magazine. Turn to any America TV channel. American politicians and leaders of all stripes proudly proclaim that they will do everything and even die for the American people and nation. Any suggestion that they have acted against American interest would cut short their careers. There was a time when LKY would battle foreign governments to protect Singapore's interests. For example, when he went to Australia he told them to lay off our graduates but offered them our 'hewers of wood and drawers of water." It is time to get rid of those who are afraid to protect our interests.

Anonymous said...

Is Singapore a country?

Anonymous said...

Singapore needs to have 10m pop. This will allow the island to provide 8m jobs to foreigners who would then provide 2m jobs for Sinkies.

jjgg said...

Don't every say the government is not working for you..the ministers have been traveling far and wide to lay the groundwork for Sinkies to work overseas...our fearless trailblazers have stormed buckingham palace and the cathedrals and mosques of turkey...some have gone into China and some god forsaken places in Europe n America.. all to ensure our Sinkies stay employed..what more can they do? I know...stay permanently away..

Anonymous said...

If a Singaporean political party is not willing to protect Singaporean jobs;
Why would my children and I want to vote for such a useless political party?

Anonymous said...

"Tap on the privileges of free trade agreements like the great CECA to get jobs in India and China, and live there for a better quality of life, if they can’t find it here."

Tiok lah. CECA is 2 way what. They can come here but we also can go there, tio bo?

So why are kpkb Sinkies not going? Too daft and scared to go is it?

Anonymous said...

I thought Former PAP Minister George Yeo signed the CECA with India?
Why is George Yeo working now in Hong Kong?
Why not he go to India to work?
Shouldn't George Yeo eat the fruits of his own labour?
What is good for Singaporeans should also be good enough for George Yeo.

Anonymous said...

If they go to India, it is to become maharajahs. Not to work and earn rupees.

Anonymous said...

Look Far Look Far

Very soon, Singapore is likely to
become the global cosmopolitan
village of the world where people
all over the world want to live

We may have a population of 12M
with a quarter of them travelling
overseas doing businesses......

You are you, me is me and
Singapore is Singapore......

U like it?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have statistics on how many Sinkies have got jobs in India under SECA? I bet there are only a handful of them whereas the flow from India must be in tens of thousands.CECA is a win-lose proposition in favour of India no doubt.

Anonymous said...

How can it possibly be two way. One is the most costlier city to live, work and play in, in the whole wide world. That is a fact. The other is quintessential as third world dirt cheap poor as it can possibly get.

Tell me if you get a job as a manager in New Delhi and let us you can survive on sunflower seeds and sleep hanging like a bat to save on rental and can even manage to repatriate 90% of your salary - do you really believe your wife and children back home in singapore can make ends met?

You go answer that question for yourself.

This should prompt the perceptive reader to ask whether CECA and it's likes were meant to be 'one way' from the beginning to the end.

Good day and do have a pleasant weekend. Need to hit the field now to pay the bills.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Talking about foresight or backside? Oops, I mean back sight or bad sight.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ RB:

>> But this “seemingly pro Singaporean” mindset is but a fallacy.’

Yes, quite clearly. But I don't blame the guy. He has to say such fictions. If he doesn't, all the loud entitlement minded rabble/ "mobcracy" will lose their shit even more.

You cannot reason with unreasonable people, so it is in the interest of the greater good to just fucking lie to them.

Since their thinking is based in fiction, give them a good solid dose :-)

I give my 100% support to the government who tells gullible asshole child-like adults what they want to hear.

Got bullshit? Or can you really think and act for yourself?

Anonymous said...

As for the IB, if they are really the IB. They should perhaps ask of their puppet masters.

'How do we stop people from using their brains?'

You see, it is only possible to engineer consent to a certain economically feasible point, beyond that....it becomes nonsense.

It is for example possible to argue the case something that weighs as much as an elephant can fly. But it is all together another thing to suggest elephants as a species can take to the air.

The same goes with the laws of Newtonian physics - it possible to argue a 100 degrees Celsius water turns to steam and can take to the atmosphere and rise....as it is lighter than air. But it is quite another thing to suggest a river can flow uphill!

If only these people know that historically the trek record of being able to engineer consent thru Potemkin sites such as the Singaporedaily and five stars and the moon stands robustly at zero - they will not waste time doing what they do. These people might as well go and plough the sea.

As the main problem lies in lousy policies that bring neither benefit or hope to so many.

These people should go and demand that of their puppet masters....to simply ask them to serve the people.

I am Darkness 2014

P.S besides if you want to harry someone....you should at least all do me the courtesy of leaving an old man like Chin Leng alone. Why don't you pick on someone your own size. I dare you all.

patriot said...

Do we really need to pay millions Sin Dollars to one like Minister Tan Chuan Jin to come up with lousy ideas that are not even solutions to the Problems that they, the Rulers, had created.

In their hurry to make money, they developed as much the precious little land that we have. Having done that, they brought in the Consummers from all over the World to sustain and grow the Economy base on consumption and make their piles by taxing broadly on the CONSUMPTIONS. GST, ERP, COE, LEVIES and Whatever they could think of.

They care not the Wellbeings of those born locally. Your living cost, job, space and social wellbeings matter not to the PAID MULTI-MILLIONS PER YEAR RULERS.




Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you Darkness. I just wrote a piece on your experience with your doberman for Sunday reading. It is about dog's behaviour and the master.

b said...

Thats why people must migrate if they do not want their kids to suffer at hands of ministers who care only for foreigners. He can make those foreigners defend this country when the need arises.