A Poll to have fun with Sneaky Raymond

Before I post another article, let's have a little fun with Sneaky Raymond.

I have just put up another Poll, but don't take it seriously. I just want to see Sneaky Raymond bringing his battalion of IB boys and girls here to vote for him.

Or would he be fuming mad?



Anonymous said...

Nice Poll RB.

Yo Raymond, I am here earlier than you today. Where are you? Oh, not to forget, I fed your mum with some sticky stuff last nite and she finished every drop of it. Did she tell you anything about it?

Anonymous said...

Annon 9:12. Don't you know "Good things no tell"?

Anonymous said...

Okay .. make u happy

Knnccb hsien loong

Anonymous said...

Aiyah .... y raymond making u so uptight n frustrated?

Ok... breaking news;

Maybe your nemesis on board the rocket sent to the americunt space station to coordinate activities to spy on u:

It's exploded upon take off this morning

RIP ,... raymond . Good riddance

John said...

Don't know PAP uptight and frustated or RB?

Send 150 people clean 8 rental flats.

Pay money employ Singaporean do better. One stone kill 2 birds. They are not being efficient. Confirm is got foreigner background.

Anonymous said...

Well RB, in response to your earlier comment, it is good to spray some pesticide here and there. Its your blog, you got the right.

But Raymond and sites like FAP are merely perpetuating the slime, flame and troll aspect of the internet. No different from many opp supporters on TRE as well.

Internet freedom, is much bigger than the freedom to slime, flame and troll. It is to hear alternative views and judge things and to make yourself be heard.

After having the fun of making fun of Raymond, are we all clear about that?

Judging from some of the above comments, I struggle to wonder if many here are not of the same "calibre" as our dear Raymond.

Anonymous said...

I think this Raymond has done a lot of harm to the IB operation. He has exposed them and by what they are doing here people can figure out how big is an IB under a team leader and the unsavoury things their masters want them to do.

Anonymous said...

In fact I sometimes wonder if you guys make IBs to be more than they really are.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The internet are filled with all kinds of characters. There are many who are blacker than black. But for anyone who represents white and stooped so low to be black, it reflects very badly on those behind them.

When one is white, claims to be white, expected to be white and indulges in black and ugly things by having these IBs running around behaving like gangsters knowing that they are above the laws, what kind of impression would one have of those people and organisaitons behind them?

They are now carried out on full display as blacker than the blacks. They will lose a lot of credibility and respectability by supporting such shameless acts and people. If they harbour and breeds thieves, they are no better than thieves.

Anonymous said...

But this wanyang make occupants verlee hapby n beholden to papigs

Happlee vote for papigs leh... songbor?

Hsien loong ... knn hochingchao cheeby

Anonymous said...

An IB team could possibly have 20 or 30 heads. Plus the other committees, maybe 50 heads to call on to vote in this case.

This guy brought in more than 100 heads here to vote for him. This means he is roping in 2 or 3 other IB Teams to help him.

Try to imagine how many IB teams are out there doing such unproductive and destructive works fixing people?

Anonymous said...

In the first place there are plenty of jia ba ka eng ppl or those who are simply pro pap. So I still dun get how you guys work out all these IB works.

Anonymous said...

Y the so lowsoh?

A say a

B say b

Lanchao say lanchao lay

Go round the pokok ... 4 fuck sake

Anonymous said...

Many of you are very popular with your friends. How many of you could get 120 people to come here and vote to support you if you are not organised, or in an organisation?

Anonymous said...

RB, you so naughty. I want to vote for Raymond but no fourth choice.

Anonymous said...

you know your singapore history very well.
Your poll looks like the referendum for merger with Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Ya hor. Only oldies know about this fact.