1962 – When the people were not daft

‘I have recounted these events so that you can see and decide for yourself what is in your best interest’. I heard this statement by LKY over the TV promoting the Battle for Merger book/film.

In 1962, LKY had full confidence in the people to think and to decide for themselves what was best for them. In 1962, the bulk of the people were illiterates. In 1962, the highest educational level attained by the population was primary with some at secondary school level. In 1962, the people were still British subjects, but were allowed to make the most important decision in their lives, to decide in a referendum, whether to be a part of Malaysia or otherwise.

The best part, and I repeat, the LKY govt did not treat the people as daft, unthinking and irresponsible. And the govt would not decide what was good or bad for them but for the people to decide for themselves.

Today, after achieving 1st World status, high level of university education and sophistication, the people became daft, irresponsible, unable to think and decide what is good or bad for them. They could not even be trusted with their money in the CPF. They could not be trusted to view a movie to decide what is truth or untruth, and the govt has to ban the film to protect them from being misguided or conned.

In a way the govt’s position is understandable. Just look at the numbers of unthinking IBs in the internet. They simply parrot whatever the official view is and went around attacking netizens that have a different view from them. If this is the level of thinking of the majority of the population, then I can support the govt’s decision to ban the film as we are becoming a nation of irresponsible and unthinking daft. Totally blank in the head.

No wonder they did not know that their country is being overwhelmed by foreigners to the point of them becoming a minority, a stranger in their own country. They could not see the risk of losing their country and are laughing away happily and unthinkingly, like what daft usually do.

How could the people of 1962 be smarter and better thinking people than the daft of today? Unbelieveable, but it is true. The govt in 1962 trusted and believed in the people to decide what was best for themselves. The govt of today does not trust the people and think they are daft, which is, in a way, quite true also.

Have we progressed as a people?

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Anonymous said...

Have we progressed as a people?

Oh Yes! Oh Yes!

From "not daft" to "daft"!

Anonymous said...

Then PAP has no absolute power. That's why.

Anonymous said...

in 1962 we have the people's govt......

now we have a govt of the people.....


Anonymous said...

But after more than four decades, with slow and subtle programming, Singaporeans of today became daft because Lee "con you" and the people failed to realise it. Only a minority knew what this will lead to, but, alas, what can they do as a minority?

In anything, as long as people are willing to follow, in blind faith, the lure of the road to prosperity, nothing will change their thinking.

Politicians know that citizens crave and will cave in to greed and fear. Religious leaders,too exploit their followers using this factor. Once they are persuaded by these two factors, the rest is just as easy as taking candy from a kid.

Anonymous said...

"Have we progressed as a people?"

Definitely no, but to PAP we definitely progress as Slave and Sheep.

b said...

Human beings are fluid objects. They are easily affected by what they see, what they hear and what they discussed. The system and the content of the system made the people the way they are.

b said...

Btw, the gov in 1962 still did not have their hands on the reserves yet. The gov now has full controlled over the reserves and thus they do not need the people anymore and can call them draft, lousy or whatever ugly names.

Anonymous said...

The problems in 1962 were unemployment, lack of good paying jobs, citizenship problems, lack of cheap housing. Today also got same problems or not?

Anonymous said...

Before tge 70s, most Singaporeans were educated in the Vernaculars. Their fidelity to their roots were solid.
The Chinese in Sg were much attracted to the Communist Ideology as Russia and China were doing fine and the US was losing battles in Vietnam.

The Locals in Sg and Malaya frown on the angmo culture, especially the hippies who were mostly unkempt and drug addicts. The immigrants from Asia were very pride of their ethnicities and cultures.

After Sin was handed to Local Rulers, E glish replaced all Vernaculars and Sinkies got bastardized and began to become daft. And now they are daft beyond redemption, their roots almost rotted entirely and angmos are their idols. They do not know their mother tongues and jeer at those who know.
More laughable is that they rever the Man that caused them and call them daft as their founding father of Sin.