Hazard Risk and Impact Assessment Unit

I think not many people are aware of this new unit set up last year within the Meteorological Service Singapore. It is tasked to study the effects of lesser known hazards like volcanic ash, radioactive fallout, tsunamis, storm surges and even particles from outer space. I am truly impressed. Singapore could be the futuristic centre of advanced science to monitor all natural and unnatural disasters in the whole world if it keeps adding on expertise and modern scientific equipment to monitor all these rare events that could affect Singapore even remotely.

I can think of a few more possible but rare hazards that could be added on. One is the effect of melting ice in the artics and antartics and how it would affect the world and Singapore. It may want to study the dust storms of Sahara and the Gobi deserts, the impact of glaziers in the Himalayas. It may want to have a team to study the possibility of the earth being hit by meteors and monitor the universe and life in other worlds. Oh, it may want to procure equipment to do exploration in the deep oceans as well, and to study the microbes in the deep ocean beds.

I think Singapore, with so much money to spare, can do a lot more to study everything under the sky, and buy all the latest equipment needed, employ all the best scientists in the world that money can buy. Why not, we have the money what?

How about starting a space centre to build rockets to the moon and travel the universe? We can afford it and it is only small change. What’s the big deal spending a few more billions on vanity projects and the nice to have equipment? And we can pay for all the big name scientists to sit in our little paradise island. We are already paying for so many foreign scholars in the few world class schools Schools on international relations.
Singapore is truly becoming a gem of the world in terms of attracting and paying for all the brains money can buy to be here. The money is well spent and surely would benefit the people greatly and uplift the quality of their lives. We are having a Singapore renaissance in our midst. Singaporeans are so lucky. Who says we have no money in the CPF?

Let us all rise to the occasion and stop bothering ourselves with mundane stuff like CPF withdrawal and minimum sums. Think big and spend big.

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Anonymous said...

It would be very grand to buy the whole NASA team to station here. Money is not important. Grandeur is.

Anonymous said...

WTF, our hospitals are still short of beds. Friend's mother in law just admitted but was asked to sleep at the corridor. Forget about rocket and those fenciful stull. Give our citizens decent stuff that are rightfully ours!

Virgo 49 said...

MediShield Life for life sleeping in corridors and tents in car parks.

They admitted no 20/20 fore sight in bringing in the trashes and now said no needy sinkie need to be worried of their medical needs.

So with these so called subsidies invlufing the PGP, please sleep in the corridors and tents.

Better keep your IP insurance to have B1 wards.

Anonymous said...

Wow Rb really imaginative this morning calling on Singapore to help save the World.
I say Rb better be prescient and pragmatic, please call the Rulers to fulfill their basic duty to keep Sinkies happy or at least stop Native Singaporeans for fucking and cursing them everywhere all the time.
Young and old are damn frustratedand have to resort to anti social behaviours to show their ffrustration, displeasure and suffering. And all are being ignored and some sued. Yet Rb is calling the Rulers to care for the World when the Rulets are NOT ABLE TO CARE FOR SINKIES ADEQUATELY.

I suspect that Southernglory and Rb himself were also very impressed with the First Genetation Sin Leadets. Even today, Rb is singing praises of them. He may have pet ministers in the Current Regime such as Tharman, Tan Chuan Jin and MP Lily Neo. Had Rb and Southernglory been prescient and far sighted like Chia Thye Poh, JB Jeyaretnam and Company, living could be different today. Do think that older Sinkies have wrought about the prrsent Singapore themselves.

Anyway, good to see remorse and people making repentance albeit damages are done. These are people whose conscience rain intact, unlike the Culprits that pretended to be good but act and scheme to benefit themselves. They have no fear of sin and legalize their deeds with the power and mandate the Daft Sinkies gave them.

So, who should be responsible for the Sin of today?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singapore is progressing from vanity to grandeur. I just hope that we really have so much money to spend and spend on such grand projects.

11:10, you are right to be more concerned with the have nots. I too think so. Vanity projects and grandeurs are good if we really have so much money to spare and at the same time can uplift the life of the citizens. If by spending on these projects that cost hundreds of millions or billions but the people struggling to pay and pay, something is not right somewhere.

Perhaps a screw is loose. It is so easy to spend on OPM.

Anonymous said...

A mindset shift from a time when one has to justify for every cent spent. Now you can spent hundreds of millions without seeing any real returns but just feel good.

Anonymous said...

Sarcasm at its best ...

Anonymous said...

How about sending a probe into outer space to look for extraterrestial life?

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ unscientific asshole RB:

Please lah, the threat of natural and unnatural disasters/ calamities are real -- even though they might be small.

Take for instance Near Earth Objects -- astronomical bodies which pose a danger of colliding with earth. This is REAL see NASA's Current Impact Risks.

Like I said, go investigate some fucking science before you embarrass yourself further by shooting your ignorant mouth off ;-)

Anonymous said...

Fuck lah, scientists cannot save anything including themselves.

Everything has to come to an end. Accept that to come into being is to face the End. Extinction is a natural phenomenon. Of course it is sad to die young, however it is a torture to live in pain and struggle.
In Sin, it is better to die than be in physical and mental pains.

Matilah_Singapura said...


If you cannot tahan occasional pain, suffering and anguish, and are not prepared to "struggle" when you need to...then you deserve to become extinct and fucked-off into oblivion.

Life comes with a hearty does of discomfort--everything we choose to do is to avoid as best we can, or at least minimize potential discomfort and displeasure.

For e.g. (1) why wake up early and drag yourself to work at a job that sucks (the majority of people)? Because it is better than the alternative of being broke, depressed and disrespected.

(2) Why bother spending money on exercise stuff, making the effort to choose a healthy lifestyle? Fuck, why not just smoke, drink and eat cake and ice cream all day, and bak kwa and belly pork all night? Why sacrifice all the "shiok" stuff? Because many people want to live as long as they can as healthy as they can.

Can tahan? If not, better faster die lah!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Sinkie who talked and thought like the Americans is talking again, and talking very big : )

Is Sin big enough and rich enough to want to save the world? Why spent this kind of silly money when money can be put to better use?

Anonymous said...

/// Why spent this kind of silly money when money can be put to better use? ///

Why spoil your vote when the vote can be put to better use voting for the Opposition?

Anonymous said...

U r rite.

People made wise choice diving fr highrise or into reservoir snd mrt track. But, cordon deprives some fr mrt track.
Time to cordon off the sea, reservoir and all highrise becos more sinkies tak boleh tahan.
Matilah is indeed wise, the weak and feeble are better of to go n die.

b said...

Singapore ministers own islands and sinkies own iphones. Of cos, these two segments think differently and want different things. The gap is very big lah. But the gap is created by the 60% not smart voters.

Anonymous said...

How much is the govt spending on this unit? Is it necessary? Who is paying for it?

b said...

Of cos it is not necessary. It is just a way to transfer money from the reserve to someone pocket. Climate change is nothing new. It happened way before humans existed and maybe way before dinosaur age. Without climate change, evolution will not occur. Nothing last forever, it is just part of nature.