Wanton killings of Chinese by White Americans

Readers if you have other knowledge of white people's atrocities and killings against Chinese people in other parts of the world please add in to this blog.

August 13, 2012, 5:00 am12 Comments
Picturing the Remnants of Anti-Chinese Violence

Many people try to pay homage to historic sites by preserving or taking stock of whatever remains. Tim Greyhavens, a photojournalist from Seattle, wants to highlight a slice of history by challenging his audience to fill in the blanks.

For a new online project, Mr. Greyhavens pinpointed, based on records and interviews, the locations of dozens of anti-Chinese incidents in the American West that occurred more than 100 years ago. After traveling to those locations, he then photographed whatever exists there now.

The exhibit offers an entry point into a little-known and ignominious chapter of ethnic cleansing in American history that, viewed more than a century later, seems stunning for the sheer breadth and brazenness of racially motivated violence.

From the mid-1800s until the early part of the 20th century, towns up and down the Western Seaboard, stretching into Wyoming and Colorado, lashed out against Chinese immigrants by rounding them up, often at gunpoint, and kicking them out. Dozens were killed and injured, and houses were set on fire.

Sometimes, the aggressors — who included mayors, judges and businessmen — acted out of economic fears. Sometimes, they acted out of cultural fears. But the Chinese also fought back, filing lawsuits and organizing boycotts, among other means. Yet much of that history is now largely unknown, even in the places where the violence transpired.

But instead of depicting that violence, Mr. Greyhavens opts for a minimalist approach. There are no people in his photos. No historical markers noting that thousands of Chinese immigrants were expelled or killed. Just frame after frame of seemingly mundane rail yards, downtown intersections, industrial zones and more, in the hauntingly titled exhibit, “No Place for Your Kind.”

“I wanted these photos to represent that all these people had been removed,” Mr. Greyhavens said in an interview. “Here’s something where time has passed, and what was there before was just gone. How do you represent something that’s not there? And what is there that can possibly be visually interesting, especially in these dull urban landscapes?”

Mr. Greyhavens began his project in 2008, when he stumbled upon a reference to a place called “Chinese Massacre Cove” in Hells Canyon along the Oregon-Idaho border. After reading up on the events, he began to “notice parallels between what happened then. and what is taking place in our country right now,” he explains in the exhibit. “Both periods are marked by a widespread lack of understanding of other cultures.”

The project’s name comes from a newspaper article from the time, describing one of the incidents. A map of the Western United States serves as an index, allowing viewers to click specific locations and read short historical summaries.

The clearest juxtaposition between past and present is his entry for Eureka, Calif., which offers images from 2011 and 1885 of Eureka’s former Chinatown. Mr. Greyhavens’s favorite photo, perhaps, depicts the only surviving home from a former Chinatown in Rock Springs, Wyo. Tensions between white and Chinese mine workers at the Union Pacific coal mine led to the destruction of 79 homes owned or occupied by Chinese.

“There is nothing about that picture that says, ‘Oh, I want to live there, even now,’ ” said Bob Nelson, museum coordinator of the Rock Springs Historical Museum, who assisted Mr. Greyhavens. “It just needs to be recognized, so it never happens again. People knew about it here, and they’re embarrassed, and I think they’re trying to atone.” 

PS. More details of the atrocities committed by the White Americans are posted in www.redbeanforum.com under the same heading in the World/International Affairs column.


Anonymous said...

They should send in the special forces farmer. Last time the white man came in and tried to pull that sort of racist stunt. The farmer used them all as fertilizer. Those who managed to run away where sent packing with their tails between their legs in the virtual. So simple.

Anonymous said...

This is an ugly part of American history that they did not want to know or remember, so that they can go on to preach human rights to their victims.

This is a part of Chinese history that all Chinese, Sinkie or PRC, must know even if they did not want to know. They must know who raped, robbed, looted and killed their forefathers. Only then would they understand where they came from and where they should be going.

If not, many will be walking like fools in the company of white men. The White men still remember how they discriminated the Chinks to be cooks and laundrymen and will make a joke out of it. And if the new Chinks did not know the history, they would be laughing like fools without knowing why.

Matilah_Singapura said...

It's ridiculous to blame the present generation for the sins and misdeeds of their ancestors.

Why just stop at whitety? The schoolgirl's dirty panty-sniffing Japs also massacred the Chinese.

But the prize goes to Chairman Mao: He slaughtered tens of millions of Chinese , making him one of the most spectacular mass murderers of all time -- i.e. he is a top notch creator of historical ENTERTAINMENT .

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. No one really gives a shit about
"human rights". If there is killing to be done -- just for the heck of it -- then it will happen.

There is a side to every human which is intrinsically TRIBAL in nature. Which means we dislike people who are different -- even, as in the case of Mao, if they are of the same etrhnicity. Perhaps they don"t agree with the "authority".

Fuck them. Kill them all!

Got Entertainment ?

Anonymous said...

Mao killed tens of millions? The white Europeans killed nearly 100m Red Injuns to rob them of their land. You forgot huh?

You know how many is 100m? Add Thailand, Malaysia, Ppines and Singapore, that is about 100m people, wiped out by the White Americano man.

You get the picture, you punk.

Anonymous said...

But I still admire the Americans.
You can dig up all the dirt on America.
And publicize it in America.
No problem.
Freedom of speech and assembly.

Try digging up the dirt on Singapore.
And publicizing it in Singapore.

Matilah_Singapura said...

There's no dirt on Singapore. It is UNIQUELY clean, corruption free and virtuous.

It is where god lives. It is heaven.

Mao Tze Dung: Great Leap Forward: est. 45 million killed.

Total killed by Mao during his 'chairmanship' est. 60-120 million. China has not released any official numbers.

I swear, the guy was AWESOME. He really showed the White Man how it is done. The WhiteMan kills a few Japs here, a couple of gooks there, maybe an arab camel fucker and his tribe, wipe out a few of those smelly injuns, and hang some niggers....but leave it to a an Asian Barbarian to get THE REAL JOB done.

America should outsource its killing to China. The Chinese can do a much better job, given their track record.

LCP said...

Ya you are right. The Chinese people are daft. They were mass slaughtered by the Americans and the Japanese. They even killed their own people. At the peak of their power during the period of the emperors, they did not colonise weaker countries but merely sent their envoys around the world to trade and spread their culture.

Anonymous said...

They not only kill Chinese. The Red Indians suffered the same fate. And when waging wars overseas, they kill even more people with their bombs and missiles.

Hey, be frightened hor! White Americans families all have guns in their house.

Don't pray pray with them and make them turn nasty. Let them kill each other with all those guns.

Oh, sorry, I forget. They are the most peace loving people in the world.

Anonymous said...

I wish the Americans would stand up to champion the human rights of the Injuns and the niggers. They said, charity should begin at home.

Anonymous said...

They champion not what is right or wrong, unless it is in their interest.

Their hypocrisy is well known, but they know nobody can do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

"They champion not what is right or wrong, unless it is in their interest.
Their hypocrisy is well known, but they know nobody can do anything about it."

You talking about the USA or Singapore government?

Anonymous said...

Both lah!

Owners and poodles alike. Same same.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi LCP, welcome to the blog.

The funny thing about history and civilisation is that empires and people will rise and than fallen and become hopeless. The Indian Empire, Persian, Greek, Egyptian, Romans then the Europeans.

Cannot imagine that Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc are now the poor men of Europe. And the wheels of fortune is spinning and old empires and civilisations like India and China are getting a revival.

How long can America last before its evil karma caught up with them and the Empire breaks up with the Americans becoming the new poor?