The mysterious utility bill hike

Many bloggers are complaining about the mysterious hike in their utility bills in the recent months, more accurately after they have a little cheap thrill of receiving $110 U Save out of the blue. The little happiness is quickly turning into a nightmare and demanding a quick explanation.

An example of the complaints is a comment by Poor Singaporean in TRE.

‘My utility bill averages around S$80-90+ a month. So far, our electricity, gas & water consumption have not varied much until July according to SP Powers.

I got a rude shock upon receiving the bill, our electricity consumption had doubled. I don’t understand how is this possible when our lifestyle still remains the same. Our electrical appliances are still new; we have just moved in to our BTO HDB flat a year ago only.

After deducting the U-SAVE Voucher of S$110, my bill amounts to S$95+. Which is around the usual range for our monthly utility bill. No savings in the end, so what’s the point of giving us the voucher?’

If what Poor Singaporean is experiencing is widespread, it must warrant an explanation from the govt and an investigation on this strange phenomenon. It could be an error that affects only a few Sinkies knowing that errors and glitches are now a common occurrence in many areas. Just hope that it is just a glitch and nothing more to it.

Was there a hike in the utilities charges that was not announced? If so, this is unbecoming and unacceptable. If there isn’t, and if the surge in the bills is true, what is happening?

CSI bloggers would be welcome to do a more thorough investigation on this matter as they are much more efficient and zealous in discovering the truth and the concerns of Sinkies. There are the only reliable and dependable investigative reporters available today. And this is a very serious issue that affects all the average Sinkies. Every Sinkie should take a close look at their utility bills to make sure that there is no error in the bills.


Anonymous said...

Same old same old. When they give out something, you can bet they will take back more. Whats new??

Anonymous said...

Aiya why complain cause there are many other ways for them to take back the money they gave you

Anonymous said...

just keep voting wisely.

It's the only way to protect your money.

Matilah_Singapura said...

If you software, you will get glitches. Sometimes it works in your favour.

Last month a software glitch at my mobile data provider resulted in my data usage on my tablet being unmetered for the whole month. Result: I got unlimited mobile data. Wah. Download porn galore! Over 150 gigs! Plus Facetime, Skype, all day youtube HD... Non stop bittorrent. Free wifi hot spot to good looking chicks :-) Total use : 300 gigs.

So don't complain too much. One day you might find you have a few grand in CREDIT with the power company ;-)

oldhorse42 said...

I stay in a small condo. 3 person in the house. Wife and son at work. Left for work at 7 AM and come home about 10 PM every day. I am the only one at home all the time.The utility bill comes to more than $200 every month. I do not receive U Save rebate at all.Worst of all, the water bill is above national average. I complained and the authorities investigated and changed the meter.After the meter change the bill size remains unchanged. I come to live with this anomaly and accept it as the price of living here

Anonymous said...

More good years.

No one will be left behind.

Just continue to vote foolishly.

Anonymous said...

Seems that many had that orgasm alright.

Not from the GST vouchers, but from the utility bill shock.

But, sad to say, Singaporeans never learn despite being warned by the opposition.

Just continue to enjoy receiving chicken legs and paying back one whole chicken.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi oldhorse. There seems to be this glaring distorted numbers in the utility bills. It cannot simply be different rate for those living in private and public flats.

Can the authority verify that there is nothing wrong and remove the suspicion that is being raised by so many people? Conduct a proper verification exercise to clear the doubts.

Anonymous said...

When NTUC Fair Price increased the pay of its workers, we smelt rats. See, they are the winner in any situation. WTF!

Anonymous said...

Voting opposition is the only winning strategy.

You can never win voting for your grandfather's party.

Anonymous said...

SO far for our household,it is still the same,so we thank PAP for giving a small gift bu not big enough to swing our votes.

Anonymous said...

Grandfather gives.
Grandfather takes away.

This is grandfather's country.

Anonymous said...

Read his* lips, no GST increase after 2011 election. Well he sure didn't lie.

More than one way to skin the cat, huh?

*Tharman Shanmugaratnam's

Invictus said...

Can we demand our Opposition MPs to demand an explanation.. Or these co-drivers are too busy counting their newly inflated salaries ?
Is this the much touted 1st World Parliment - sitting down quietly while the ruling govt continue to ram down policies down our throats

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They need to check out the facts and the original bills to make sure the claims are true. At the moment it seems that it happened to some and not too widespread.