The making of another tragedy

The govt is going all out to convince the people that bigger and bigger population is good for the country and people, more lively, more alive, richer, vibrant and prosperity for all. And for the sake of this glorious future, Sinkies are encouraged to have babies for all the wrong reasons. The primary reason is economics, to support the ageing population.

When the reasons for having babies do not include whether the parents want the babies, love to have babies, can afford to have babies, it baffles the logic of any reasonable and caring man. How responsible it is to ask people, with no regards to their emotional and psychological needs and financial ability to go and make babies?

Babies that are born not out of parental love and needs but to serve the country and nation are simply the products of a tragedy, a misguided logic for their existence. And this tragedy or pain is hundreds of times more than the two years of NS and 20 years of reservist liabilities. The commitment and responsibilities, including having the money to give these children a decent life, start the day they are conceived and would not end till they are financially independent. What about those who are not gifted to struggle successfully in this highly competitive city? Who’s responsibility to provide for them?

It is not a joking matter that can be talked about carelessly. It is a very serious commitment on behalf of these babies that do not asked to be born. The govt are committing these babies by coaxing their parents, to shoulder the welfare of the older population and the country. Would anyone want to bear such a huge responsibility as the reason for his birth into this world? They are already indebted, heavily indebted to the oldies and the country. The oldies are waiting for them to be born to support them. They are not the loved child, to be born to enjoy living and to start life with a clean slate, but with debt already piling up for them. And the current generations are waiting for them to carry on their shoulders.

How tragic can things be? Who is going to pay for their growing up expenses and needs, and to prepare them to shoulder these heavy burdens not of their own doings?


Anonymous said...

What for have so many babies?

We got first class schools for all of them meh?

Anonymous said...

why have babies now when a world food shortage is coming? why have babies when a world depression is coming?why have babies when a world war 3 may happen in the coming months ?

check out the news source if you like.



Anonymous said...

Red bean you are damn right

Anonymous said...

Only dafties will think that the Pretend Action Party will provide the necessary facilities like;
a.good schools
b.good teachers
c.good healthcare
for the babies.

And if your baby is off-spec.
Born with some defects.
Then you really in deep shit.

There are no good facilities for your child.
You will have to emigrate to a western democracy to get help to bring up your child.

Anonymous said...

They can push and shove Singaporeans into making more babies all they want, but it is another exercise in futility.

It has come to the stage where Singaporeans no longer listen to the Government, knowing that the Government had never listened to them over the years.

And the problem of locals against foreigners is going to get worse if they continue to let in more foreigners.

Something has to give and that can only mean the country will see bigger social problems in the years ahead.

Anonymous said...

When the govt is talking cock and formulating silly policies, and they think the Sinkies are really that daft to listen to them?

My God, who is the real daft ones? No wonder they are drifting further and further apart from the people.

Halting State said...

Speaking of debt piling up... Western countries have hidden the theft of their remaining wealth by the rich, by creating more and more debt to let the masses continue to believe that they can afford stuff, when they really cannot.

We are now seeing the end game where it's mathematically impossible for their economies to generate enough productive surplus to repay all that debt. It will either end in total system bankruptcy and deflation, or hyperinflation due to printing money, followed by system bankruptcy and deflation. (Which implies certain things about how you could prepare yourself for this.)

Meanwhile, the outstanding PAP has pushed its policies to reductio ad absurdum:

-Build reserves by overpricing land => sell shoeboxes unfit for human habitation.

-Import skilled people to fill gaps in the workforce => throw open the floodgates for any and all types of humans to take up space over here. Even if they don't speak the common language.

-Recover cost of providing government services => choose policies in the order of surpluses generated. (Yeah, they said they don't do that any more, but they also said the NUS law prof wasn't being investigated for sexcrime because he wrote nasty things about the judicial system. You decide.)

-Use CPF savings to invest in the reserves => bleed the system dry and blow the funds on ill-judged purchases so that nobody can get their money back in cash.

-Make a business and investor-friendly tax system => remove all tax liability on the investor class (capital gains, dividends, interest, foreign income) and stick it on consumers and middle-income earners.

The purposes might once have been right, but the effects are now oh so wrong. We're in a Potemkin village of smoke and mirrors. Worse, the rulers have inhaled their own smoke and think they see great and wise leaders looking back at them in the mirror.

Just like in the West, the collapse will come when there is no more surplus value to extract from the masses, the fragile little system starts to eat itself after there is no more raw material to input, and the machinery seizes up and grinds to a halt.

Be ready.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Halting State, welcome to the blog.

The western way of spending ahead of income done in excessive ways is killing the system. Couple with the huge corruption and excesses in the financial system, they are on the verge to self destruct.

The Sinkie system is a blind imitation of the western system particularly the American's and would go the same way.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I keep saying this -- it is up to the WOMEN. They need to get mad and feel insulted that the government is using their vaginas as the main tool for social engineering.

Also, what about the hi-flyin' women in government? When will they wake the fuck up and stand their ground? Have they got any dignity left, as women, or are they about to roll over like the powerless bitches and power-whores that they are and blow-off (pun) all the hard work of the brave feminists of history?

Girls, its time for you to grow a pair of balls and fight the men like better men. Or do you really feel it's your "patriotic duty" to use your cunts for "national service"?

If you do, then you are nothing more than Whores Of The State.

I hope you follow the logic. ;-)

Anonymous said...

For once, I agree with you 100%.

Better buy lottery ticket today.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The thing is that they really grow balls once they got into Parliament and forgot that they were women before. Now they think they are men.

Anonymous said...

Machine men with machine hearts and machine minds.

Speech from the movie;
"The Great Dictator"


Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled by the gahmen. You think they really care whether you have babies or not meh? They just want your baby to contribute to their Empire and maintain the slave population so that their own children can sit on their warm and comfortable thrones.
If you're not already rich and powerful in Stinkapore, your kids will likely end up being just a pport the slave digit for the MIW masters and familees and their elites in their dynasty.
So that is why all the smart couples now absolutely REFUSE to have kids to support this stupid regime and support National Slavery (NS). Any empire with less and less supporters and slaves, like the Roman Empire, will eventually collapse and the Dynasty will also rapidly die-off because of lack of critical mass in followers. That is why this MIW now desperately trying to bring in FT/FWs to support their pyramid structure, regardless of all costs.

Anonymous said...

[Marriage jokes]

"Marriage is not a word. It is a sentence - a life sentence."


Anonymous said...

Having children is a great joy for the parents if the children are love childs, given life to live and to be loved by the parents.

When the children are demanded by an entity called the govt, to service the system, at the cost of the parents, what do you think?

The people asking you to produce children for them are so happy if you do it. Will you be happy doing it? Will your children be happy becoming a commodity of the system, willed by un related people that could not careless of their well beings?

Anonymous said...

Please do not make anyone to suffer in Sin.
Produce only when one is sure of giving joy and happiness to the new life as well as yourself.

Anonymous said...

Yepp, do not bring tragedy to oneself and to others.

Anonymous said...

Do not let your offspring lives in Sin.