The heavy price of being a citizen

Another NSman missing in Brunei. Coxswain Muhammad Fahrurrazi went missing during an exercise and a search party is out there looking for him. This is the heavy price paid by every male citizen and their families for the good of this island. Some still sneered at National Service as nothing to crow about. If Muhammed is not found, a family would have lost their beloved son for good, in the service of the country, paying the ultimate price even in peace. All the hopes and aspirations of a family will turn into a just sad memory, plus a few consoling words, and to bear the pain alone for the rest of their lives.

How can the people and country compensate for this unquestioned loyalty and contribution to their well being and the welling being of all fellow citizens? Can anyone who has not done his NS claimed to have contributed more than an ordinary NSman? Can any PR or new citizen know and feel the pain and sacrifices of the NSmen and their families?

Can any company or organization still think it is okay to go for CBF, go for foreigners instead of the more expensive locals while operating here enjoying the peace and security because of the NSmen? Should corporations be made to do NS by recognizing and serving NSmen, by giving preference and priority to employ them? Would the govt seriously look at the contributions of NSmen and make sure all NS are given priority to own a home for their selfless sacrifices to the country?

Instead of empty words like all first timers would get a flat, would this be put to reality? Anyone being left out, cannot own a flat after serving NS, willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the country? Any cock crowing and demeaning the contributions of the NSmen, taking it for granted? This is tangible contribution to the economy and the corporations owed it to the NSmen.

What do you think? Is $195 or $900pm adequate as fair exchange for this little aspiration demanded from the young men by the country?


Anonymous said...

Vote Opposition.
then you will claim your rightful prize for citizenship.

patriot said...

The Land should be defended by professional soldiers.
Singaporeans should ask for National Service to be scrapped.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The land should be defended by the rich. It is their land. Proportional representation. The richer one is, the more one contributes. It must be.

Anonymous said...

Vote Opposition.
Means testing will be implemented.
Those tested to be rich will have to do national service. The poor (which is the majority of us) will not have to do.
As RB says, "It must be".

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

NS has become part and parcel of our life. But many have taken it for granted. The ordinary Sinkies have not complained and will dutifully do their parts.

With the influx of foreigners who did not think there is any real value in NS, and some of the jokers even took this very lightly. It is only in sad moments like this that we are reminded of how big a contribution NS made to this country, our country.

The least the country should do is to make it mandatory that all NSmen must be given priority to own a stake in this country he is willing to stake his life for.

The foolish who disregard the contribution of the NSmen should be damned to ignore this very impt sacrifice of our young men.

Why the fuck should the NSmen be defending this country for when they don't even have a stake here, when the govt thinks only in monetary terms and does not think the NSmen should be allowed to at least own a public flat?

agongkia said...

Serve our NS with pride ,voluntarily,without expecting any thing in return.It is a privilege for local born Singaporean.
Free food,free uniform,free accommodation,free training,even condom oso free.What more to expect?I will feel offended if they say I am not fit to serve NS.

Having say that,I am sad and hope to see Cpl Muhammad returning safely and hope his family's welfare is being taken care of ,at this point of time.
Sometimes,I hope he went missing becos he AWOL and not becos of any mishap.

Anonymous said...

Good thinking. Ask not what the country can do for you. Ask what you can do for you country. We need more citizens who think like that.

If my salary is less than $3m it will affect the quality of my life and my family. I will leave to join the private sector.

Anonymous said...

Agree with RB's views that the rich will have to do more NS because it is their land, a proportionate representation, kind of an eye for an eye logic which is totally fair.

Also, that NSmen should be allowed to at least own a public flat. But current HDB rules prohibit young singles (below ? age) from owning hdb flats because gahment want to encourage family nucleus and discourage sepculation by singles, wonder what is RB views on that? Would RB also want govt to allow singles, gays and lesbians to buy public flats as well because they served NS? Maybe we should just let everybody as long as one served NS, to buy any HDB flat they want (3, 4 5 , exec or EC) regardless of marital status, income level and sexuality ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There must be a rethink in this policy to recognise the contribution of NSmen which is forced upon them. If the govt is using such a big stick, it is only fair to consider the interest and reciprocate.

The housing policies must be tied to the needs of the citizens welfare to be meaningful. There are many things to consider and to encourage family units does not mean that the govt must ignore the singles or people with different orientations. It is not a crime and some have legitimate reasons to be single.

Perhaps for the singles, they may be allowed to go for the smaller units which has a subtle message to form a family unit. Anyway if they are single, they don't need too big a unit.

All citizens who have served NS, regardless or marital status, income level, sexuality, must have a housing stake in the country. The final points can leave it to the highly paid people to work it out.

Anonymous said...

Singles who are above a certain age are allowed to go for smaller units, are u aware of that ?

Anonymous said...

You are saying that current rules should be relaxed to allow rich spoilt kids driving Lamborghinis and living in bungalows to join in the queue to bid for HDB 4 and 5 roomers and fight with the poorer Singaporeans?

Arent you creating a social disequity ? I thought you are fighting for the poorer citizens ? Whose side are you on?

Kaffein said...

Why don't we give SGD230,000 to each of our NS men for giving up their lives to the army? Isn't it better than to those who get an Olympic medal for the country? For me, the medal has absolutely no benefits to the common man on the street.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singles are allowed, above certain age I think.

Anon 5:14, you think I am paid to do the job of millionaire minister and every few sentences I wrote must be a complete policy position?

The rationale of NS, citizenship, housing policy have to be aligned and the priorities carefully calibrated with the interest of citizens and country top most.

If the govt builds enough flats for all, ensure the supply, the poor will not be disadvantaged. It is the screwed up policy of not building that is causing all the problems faced today.

Why can't everyone who did NS be deserving of the right to buy a public flat? A rich kid or poor kid's contribution to NS, service to the nation, is the same. Not fair?

Fairness and equality based on contribution instead of rich and poor is only fair. No one is being deprived when the supply is not arbitrarily cut.

It is most unfair for new citizens who have not done NS to be allowed to buy HDB flats while NSmen who risked their lives are not allowed.

You may disagree.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh, I am on the side of fairness and equity. The poor must be helped. But if both contribute equally, the reward or benefits must be the same.

In NS, all is fair and must be fair no matter when one's father is the President or a hawker.

Anonymous said...

RB talk cock like sing song. Rubbish in rubbish out.
Everyday fart like nobody's business.

Anonymous said...

National service is a sacred cow.
Cannot change.

So let's not talk about this in our National CON-versation.

Coming to think about it.
Let's just put up a list of all the sacred cows in Singapore.
Things that cannot change.

I bet you.
Once you see the list of sacred cows.
You will realize.
Our National CON-versation will be a very short one.
Too many things are sacred.
Cannot change.
Grandfather say so.

Matilah_Singapura said...

NS is morally wrong.

CPF + HDB is full of moral hazards, to the point where they're exploited for political gain and mass control.

It is not possible to get any sense out of this mess.

Doing NS in no logical way "entitles" you to a home.
However, folks like redbean will try and argue this point (actually a non issue).

Anonymous said...

And the whole irony is these young mem died to protect a dictator

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:28, all of us can see who is the real cock here, the one who did not contribute anything. And that is you!

Go and write something to show RB that you have ideas and substance and not an empty coconut head.

Anonymous said...

MS, you ass. No one is entitled to anything except the politicians.

Anonymous said...

They cannot even vote !!

Anonymous said...

Oh ya hor. this 6:28 is only good for one liner. Very likely a paid mole doing his shameless work.

Anonymous said...

Well, how much do we costs per body...

Anonymous said...

"Well, how much do we costs per body..."

You are priceless to your family.
And that's all that matters.

NS men should be allowed to vote for the politicians who put them in harm's way.

Anonymous said...

When I read the ST this morning, I am surprised that the last boat has no buddies. He was alone? Hello, what is SAF thinking? How can the last line of defence is a lone soldier? Who is there to look after or sound the alarm when attacked? Has the plan been properly thought of?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 6:28.

You know that I am farting everyday and you are here everyday to smell my fart. How nice of you.

Thank you.

Oh, you may need to see a psychiatrist for this fetish desire for my farting.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Another young man gave his life for the country. Another tragedy to a Sinkie family.

How much is NS worth? How much can the country repay the debt it owes to the NSmen? When nothing happens, no one see any value in them. Now one more young life has been taken away.

The govt needs to reflect deeply on the contribution of its citizens to the good of the country. These citizens are not paid a few millions. They are paid not even a peanut.

Anonymous said...

Oh, they will offer plenty of condolences.


Anonymous said...

The biggest ingrates are the top leaders.