The days of the Miserables…lawyers

Who do you think lawyers? Are we seeing the days of the miserable lawyers and the legal profession? Or things will go on as normal? The respect and high regards for the legal profession and the learned counsels, will it be tainted or will it continue to glow and shine?

I think it all depends on the outcome of the EGM and whether the legal eagles find it important enough to even attend this EGM. Would the 50 calling for the EGM be the voices in the wilderness and abandon by their colleagues in the profession? Will they be the only 50 members present?


Anonymous said...

You are on the right track but are the "fruits" showing?

Yes, the signs of times, like crystal ball, shall reveal.

Anonymous said...

You cwnt be in that profession without smiling shit all the time.

Unless you are talking about a lot without conscience or highly indoctrinated(educated) that they smell of pharisaism.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they like the...erm....smell leh?

Anonymous said...

I think they like the smell of money but, do some pro bono on the side just to look a bit better to the community or the smell become more apparent and we can't have that, can we?

Anonymous said...

They must think we are stupid :)

Anonymous said...

Whether they attend or not, nothing is going to change, ie still shackled tightly by you know who. Better to stay silent or end up like Ravi.

Glow and shine? You must be joking, unless you belong to one particular law firm.