The big disconnect, where got?

When ministers openly claimed that earning a few millions is barely enough to maintain their decent standard of living while some spoke with contempt about the poor wanting to eat in foodcourt, how to miss the disconnect?

When ministers expect to be paid in the millions for a life time pension but did not blink when deciding to hold back the people’s hard earned savings through all kinds of schemes, is there a connect?

When ministers made a case that $1000 pm is good enough to buy a HDB flat when they splurged several millions on several properties, could there be a connect?

When the people are gasping for air in an overcrowded environment and the elite said there is room for another few millions, how to connect?

When on one hand ministers are telling the people to have more babies but keep shrinking the flat sizes and adding on the price tags, and then condescendingly telling the people to live within their means? What do you think? Does having more babies got anything to do with being prudent or being reckless and irresponsible?

When the people are struggling at the unaffordable property prices, the ministers are claiming that it is affordable, is it a case of being connected?

When the people are screaming and shouting for change, the govt is calling for a conversation. Is there a misconnect?


Anonymous said...

In the early 1970s the Pappies stringent policy on population and birth control was stop at two or face penalty. There was however only one wise minister who countered against the stop at two policy and warned the Prime Minister of the period that he and the country would regret later for the ill conceived policy. That wise minister was the Deputy PM Doctor Toh Chin Chye. Today the old man who was then the PM can still have the cheek to give warning that if Singaporeans don't procreate it would be a disaster for Singapore. It is a shameful turn about but too late for for nobody would listen to him now. The Pappies claim to have all the talents but look at their inconsistent flip flop policies which are doing a lot of damage to Singapore and Singaporeans. The Pappies are senile and it is time to boot them out in 2016.

Eagles Eye

Anonymous said...

Good post. Hard hitting and truthful.

Major disconnect and soooo out of touch.

Anonymous said...

Cont... from Anon 10:55am

Seriously... why are we penalised by our own govt who in someways run the country like the Nazis (superior race ideology)

How grandful arrogant is LKY to threaten us.

We need to vote them out and put humans to run Singapore

Anonymous said...

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
Albert Einstein

Our population policy according to Einstein.

Anonymous said...

We need more Opposition MPs in Parliament.
They will help the PAP government connect better with the citizens.

Anonymous said...

The Great Leap Forward

历史回顾 -- 从大跃进到大饥荒

Anonymous said...

Now they will regret the reversal which is opening the floodgate for the million plus FT to make the population short fall, and perhaps later another regret for the next reversal... and the next and the next... and the real losers are still the sinkies.

Anonymous said...

The next big regret, too many people too little jobs...in the next big recession.

patriot said...

Just wonder if the People In White will come in here to converse to Redbean and others.
They are looking forward to CONNECT with the plebians; dont know whether they are sincere about it.


Anonymous said...

our words are "too refine" for men in white to take seriously...RB blog has a lot of scholar and poffessor contributers you know..

Anonymous said...

Just join the Pappies an you will be "re"-connected , for sure .


Anonymous said...


Matilah_Singapura said...

Rest assured property prices will rise. It looks like Bernanke is getting the printing presses ready for QE 3.

Oh yah, be ready to fork out more for food and energy too.

Got central bank?

Anonymous said...

Right, no disconnect!

Obviously there isn't. Because the connection between the top and the common people is not there in the first place. Long gone!

Now, trying to connect again is another exercise in futility.