Six proposals to turn Sinkies into baby making machines

4 women from the PAP Women’s Wing, including MPs Jessica Tan and Intan Azura Mokhtar, have came out with 6 recommendations to make Singaporeans to produce more babies. And the recommendations are sensible.

Are they smarter than those that are paid millions to come up with such good proposals? Or when can’t those who are paid in the millions come out with such good proposals? The talents in the Women’s Wing cannot be more talented than the million dollar talents right? If they are, then the Women’s Wing talents should be paid the million dollars instead.

And why does it take so long for a group of women to come out with such good ideas? I think the answer to this is that someone came out to ask for ideas, so ideas are coming out now. Does it also mean that if no someone asked for ideas, then no ideas will be forthcoming?

Maybe the million dollar talents are working on some more brilliant ideas that they have not discovered in the past. Just hope they do not throw away the good ideas from the Women’s Wing but offer nothing better in return.


Anonymous said...

PAP should be glad that they still have some sensible people,but not senior enough.

Anonymous said...

Sensible people do not get promoted.
Only people with selective vision and hearing gets promoted to senior positions.

"Hear only the good stuff"
Class 90.5 FM:


Anonymous said...

Teenage abortions a source of babies in Singapore?

"According to Ministry of Health, there were 1,396 abortions in 2006 for girls below 20 years old compared to 1,099 cases last year."


Anonymous said...

"I think the answer to this is that someone came out to ask for ideas, so ideas are coming out now. Does it also mean that if no someone asked for ideas, then no ideas will be forthcoming?"

The answer is YES.
Anybody who has worked in the civil service knows this.
You don't want to make the scholars look bad by coming out with the good ideas.

Matilah_Singapura said...

All women should be offended and angry at these 4 political zombies for even thinking of handing over their fundamental right to decide issues of motherhood, to the service of the state.

Really? Not a sound of protest or anger from Singapore women?

Any of them got a spine?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A leader is as good as the assholes sticking around him.

Anonymous said...

Depending on woman folks to give and contribute ideas for procreation?
Minister Grace Fu is tasked to look at the issue of TFR, how many children has she made.
What about business women sleeping around lately, will husbands not doubt about the paternity? Accept children born out of wedlock? Will they not become future problems?

The only way to have high TFR and good children is to go back to basic and traditional oriental custom. Ladies stop working and care for their children full time.
Any other way will not work. Children brought up in infant/childcare centre will put their parents to old folk homes and hospices when they grow up. The vicious cycle got to stop. Or Sin will be hell.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.01 is spot on.

But one problem. If wife stops working, how to survive?

You see, the Government knows what the problem is, but is reluctant to tackle it squarely because something about economic growth is in the way. They will never sacrifice that, at any cost.

So, I agree that any other way will not work and they are just leading everyone on a wild goose chase.

Anonymous said...

Dont give birth to provide the Rulers more slaves, end of story.
It is better to die alone than to bring anymore to Sin.

Anonymous said...

the govt already fixed up everything, two incomes to pay for affordable flats. one income sure mati. so needs maid, then built small flats so maid got no place to sleep. in laws helping no grant or anything. head you lose, tail they win.

sinkies are fixed left and right.

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