Singapore model of multi racial society not perfect

Many countries today are multi racial in composition, from the US in the west to the Philippines in the east, from China in the north to Australia in the South. The racial mix differs from country to country with some with the majority veering towards near absolute but not many are about evenly split. The latter is likely to see unending bickering for power, like a two party system.

There are absolute majority countries with the majority taking advantage of the minorities and discriminating against them in a whole range of social, economic and political matters. There are also instances of a minority discriminating against the majority when they own the gun, like in South Africa during days of apartheid and in the Middle East.

In general, it is always the majority taking advantage of the minorities and forcing their wills on them. Singapore has an absolute Chinese majority and it is one of the exception where discrimination against the minorities is the least and often have to bend backwards to accommodate the interests of the minorities. The minorities are still unhappy for some of the discrimination they are experiencing, though not life threatening or overt oppression. It is still far from being ideal, far from being good, but still one of the best in the world as far as ethnic relations and living together as a country of many races. There are still pockets of hardcore individuals that would be very racial in their thinking and behavior, but not as a group behavior.

Would Singapore be better off with a more even distribution in its racial composition? Or would it be better if there is an absolute Malay majority in power, or an absolute Indian majority in power? Theoretically every group will think it will be better if their racial group is in power and they would or could be more generous, merciful and magnanimous to the minorities. Would that be the natural outcome? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

As long as it's not a PAP majority.
We will all be better off.

Veritas said...

Hi RB,

Singaporeans are now increasingly oppressed by FT Indians, with the help of PAP government. For the pass years, I have been writing about wicked FT Indians and their their noxious racism.
Today in TRE an apparent insider raise the same thing, with new inputs.

The elite Brahmin probably is less than 5% of the total population in India and the result is India is run into shit. Total, our Brahmin/Kshatriyas population is approaching that ratio. Singaporeans are all going to be shit collect.

The fucking FT Indians come preaching neo-Hinduism. The old Hinduism teach that the Dravidians and Tharu, (the cleverest people in ancient world) have bad karma. So they must lick up the Brahmin ass and become shit collector, to the point that some low caste tribe are hereditary prostitute.

Today, neo-Hinduism come to SG with LKY as the one of its founder, teach us that Singaporeans are daft, stupid, and lazy. Indians are clever and hardworking. So Indian must get all the high pay job.

That is despite that Indian IQ are the lowest in the world at 81 and Singaporeans IQ are the highest at 103.
I am going to fight these fucking racist. I am going to increase awareness of these slumpdog 5th column imported by PAP.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas,

2 points. A local Indian posting here is annoyed by the Chinese chauvinism he is feeling. So there is another side to this.

Secondly, Citibank would disagree with you as they are employing so many Indians. So they must find the Indians very productivity and very able for the bank. In fact many American banks and financial institutions are now run by the Indians. They will soon replace the Jews in controlling the financial institutions of America and even American politics.

Veritas said...

I am not a Chinese chauvinsit. Call me a socialist. If you follow my postings, I supported some affirmative actions for Malay. I am "racial realist".

I do not like current PRC either. I seldom speak good things about PRC. I do not like PRC FT either. But, FT Indians is totally a different league.

I hate it when I saw Indians attacking Singaporeans as racist. We even give the lowest Dalits our daughters.

In India, they will need to re-incarnate to marry a Brahmins. They are discriminated more from their own high caste tribe. Nevertheless Indians like to preach and wont repent.

As for whether Citibanks or other institution hiring so many Indians, I would comment to it next time.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The model is completely WRONG.

The correct model is to have NO MODEL and allow individuals to make individual choices freely.

i.e. allow bigots to be bigots, and allow those enlightened to act in enlightened ways.

In the LONG RUN, you will find that bigots pay a HUGE PRICE for their 'exclusivity' -- i.e. they'll have less friends and less people who like or who want to associate with them, and the more enlightened tolerant folks will have far richer and more multi-dimensional lives, many friends, huge networks etc.

Anonymous said...

The best system is not to have any identity. Wtf is race, culture, nationality and religion!
Any food eat, any drink just togo, any hole just use, chow or not chow, pink or dark.
Best, got money can travel freely, why the hell have to go thru immigration and custom.
Maybe, the best country needs no government, wtf for.

Anonymous said...

M_S will agree with You Anon August 31, 2012 1:02 PM.