Racism in Singapore

Recently the outcry against racism is getting louder. Many, even a minister, are raising issues of racism openly. Yes, there are incidents of racism in this island and there is nothing to hide, or better to sweep them under the carpet. The case of this elderly man berating his Indian neighbour for unpleasant smell, unhygienic lifestyle, and turning his flat into a squalor, has been given special prominence by the minister in his Facebook posting. What is the intent of the minister, to prove that there is racism, to use this as an issue in the national dialogue or to say that racism exists in little pockets in the society?

Short of saying that this elderly man’s IQ or EQ is suspect, that he did not find anything wrong complaining to Minister Shanmugam who is obviously an Indian, I just dunno what to say. With such a strange behavior from an elderly man, it is equally strange to trump this as a good example of racism. And the case only helps to confirm the mindset of those who see racism as a big issue in this island. And some took the opportunity to beat drums and gongs to the screams of, hear, hear, there is racism in Sinkieland.

And the drum and gong beaters are raising their pitch higher, which is very unfortunate. No one in his right mind will deny that there is racism here and everywhere in the world. It is a matter of degree and seriousness. No one will accept the racial slurs by the elderly man even he if he is not the average Sinkie man one encounters in the island and thus not excusable.

The point is this, is racism really a big issue in the island? Since 1969, has there been any racially incited conflict or killings, of people being attacked physically or verbally abused in public because of race? There were a handful of racist postings in the blogs by some hot young men and they were immediately taken to task by the police. And these were about the most serious incidents of racial discrimination one could find. It is quite embarrassing really.

What more can you ask for? For those who believe that this island is a racist place populated by a racist majority victimizing the minorities, why not choose a country that has a more pleasant environment where different races live in better harmony than in this little island? No we are not perfect, but trying to.

Yes, I am offended as a Sinkie. I seeing more accusation and agitation of racism in this country I called home. And no, I am not saying that there is no racism, but when they manifest, they are so mild and so few in between to warrant the sounding of a tsunami coming. There are bound to be a few bad hats in all communities. But the bad hats here don’t beat up people or shoot people with guns. This is Singapore, a multi culture and racial city state with no equals in the world as far as race relations is concerned.

Sinkies should feel offended when people keep harping about racism in the city and tell the racist off. Only racists go around seeing everything racist using their racist lens.


jjj2usg said...

Indian against Indian, Chinese against Chinese is racism???!!! I
am getting very confused and am sure others feel the same. But what is the propaganda now??? Be more accomodating, understanding, integrating??? At 55 yrs old, I am told everyday now about racism?? Have it not happened after all these years of campaign and eduation?? Has failed or we need to be brained washed again?? Feel so strange and so confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

While interviewing a group of students to become student leaders, my teacher friend finalize the list based on their feedback and ability. The list happen not to have a particular race. A parent of a student which that particular race who was not chosen complained to the principal, accusing my friend a racist. To the principal, my friend reply, is there a requirement that a certain percentage of the leaders chosen must belong to a certain race, regardless of ability and merit? See racism exist in very subtle ways, sometimes diguised as something that is right on the surface.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Haters will hate. It is their nature

Nothing will change that. Best not to escalate the issue and make a big deal.

There is so much selfish enjoyment you can experience if you DON'T GIVE A FUCK about people who are so fucked-up they need to hate on others just to give their shallow lives some "purpose".

Got time for redbean's trademark dip-shit negativity?

Not me :-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

To know the truth and not be misled, we need a heavy dosage of cynicism to peel off the superficial layer of slime.

Anonymous said...

So you're saying if you know you have Stage 1 cancer, you will not take measures to manage/mitigate it until it reaches the terminal stage? Because going by your logic doing so is overreacting to a such a small problem when so many others are dying from advance-staged cancer.

Anonymous said...

Aiyh, you are in church service. No COURSE LANGUAGE and remember to pay your tithes promptly, and it shall be increased, and pay double honors to your priestly ministers.

The Johns of this world better stay in the wilderness

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Stage 1 cancer or benign growth? My view is that this benign growth has been with us for decades. And it has been kept that way with great care and vigilance.

Keep playing with it, agitate it more, it may really become a malignant growth. Just add more foreign elements into it and it would not be the same anymore.

Anonymous said...

Would someone suggest sending the elderly man to IMH for a checkup?

Anonymous said...

And thus, the love of many shall turn...cold.

We have one of the worse breed people in the world. Don't be fooled by their...superficiality.

Anonymous said...

Like fathers, like sons?

Anonymous said...

I agree that it has been a benign growth for decades, and that it has been kept that way with great care and vigilance.

But unfortunately, it's Stage 1 now. I think that's clear for all to see, perhaps except you. A dose of cynicism is good, but too much and you'll end up a bitter old man, not that you aren't already on the way there.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ageing has its privileges. Heard of grouchy old man? That is a privilege of being old man, to be grouchy. And cynicism is another. After all the years of listening to and seeing bullshits, what do you expect from an old man? No more young, eager and innocent anymore: )