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Quote from Seah Chiang Nee

'As the public opposition grew, the pro-government media argued strongly for the players, and acting Cabinet Minister (for Social and Family Development) Chan Chun Sing congratulated the table tennis team for “uniting the nation”.

Seah Chiang Nee wrote this in his column in The Star paper.


Anonymous said...

Job of table tennis players is to ... play table tennis.

I always thot it was the job of leaders to unite the nation.
Not table tennis players.

Uniquely Singapore?

Anonymous said...

The reason why you go to church and be one united body is because you believe in the God of that church.

Kee chiu, close your eyes(be blind) and worship

Anonymous said...

Seah Chiang Nee's Saturday column

[No glitter in ‘imported’ medals]

Anonymous said...

you wanna see real celebration? watch how the Jamaicans celebrated their Olympians. can't fake it.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Why are these govt busy bodies so mean that they cannot just leave individuals alone to enjoy their moment in the sun? They, and their cock-suck media ALWAYS have to jump in to create "opportunity" for political capital.

Fuck the government.

FL said...

If the China-born table tennis team can "unite the nation,then I suggest we buy over Jamaican's Usain Bolt or any world player who could deliver a gold medals since we have the $$$. I don't think this is the way to do it. Win or lose a game, we are still proud of our own local citizens.

FL said...

If the China-born table tennis team can "unite the nation,then I suggest we buy over Jamaican's Usain Bolt or any world player who could deliver a gold medals since we have the $$$. I don't think this is the way to do it. Win or lose a game, we are still proud of our own local citizens.

Anonymous said...

Are they ready dumb, or just like the frog in the well or just act like it is normal.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that the leaders didn't smell of money politics in gaming and that it will cause problems.

On the one hand, they preach morality and social values etc. And on the other hand, they have no qualms stepping into a whorehouse and flashing their cheque books.

This is unlike immigrants of old who came to resettle. This is more like a successful principal buying the talented services of an underage professional player.

On the surface, the principal was an honorable man and highly regarded in society - and he shall be if he was not convicted.

Apparently, our leaders have not been "convicted" yet.

I think they are too drunk of success to see it coming(and they have to hold things together). It will be be very interesting to see whether any of these "great leaders" will come clean.

Anonymous said...

I heard PAP already set up appointment with happy Usain Bolt in London,but Usain Bolt is now too happy to think about big money.

Anonymous said...

That basically exemplified Sin best. We are the best of what money can buy us - Uprightness.

Question : can you be a multimillionaire and wear Casio watch?

You can. And you look damn Holy with it too.

Anonymous said...

The top apparently still fail to understand the bottom.

How can we be united like this? Who is he trying to kid?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter how you want to have your church. You can collect your tithes, build the "house of god" with the money and your leaders live in HDBs or you can collect tithes from sheeple, build the "house of god" with the money and the leaders justify their worth and live in earthly mansions.

Both houses are the same.

Anonymous said...

"The top apparently still fail to understand the bottom.", unquote.

Dear Sir/Ma'am, have You checked how many of the Top are FOREIGN BORN?

Singaporeans damned funny, they voted FOREIGN BORN to rule them(citizenry) and feel happy. But, foreign talent citizens brought them sport glory, they sulk! Mind You, these sports foreign talents do not even bother You the least in your living!

Anonymous said...

It's hypocrisy that bothers us.

Anonymous said...

The hypocrisy from the people is much worse.
What do You think?

Anonymous said...

At least Matilah is candid and straight.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

I really admire those Jamicans. They are the undisputed kings on the running track. Such a small and poor country yet able to make a name in the international world of sports! Cheers to them!

patriot said...

Jamaica is small and not really poor and their citizens are happy and patriotic.


Anonymous said...

You see the pride in the Jamaicans? Unquestionable and genuine joy in celebrating their victories as a people of a country.

Anonymous said...

I really admire and respect the table tennis players who represented Sin for their abilities, skills and guts as Olympians competing against the world's best.They surely deserve their victory,medals and money rewards. But to claim that their glory is the glory of Sin is not at all convincing and quite embarrassing.

Matilah_Singapura said...

It is very easy to set up a website with secure payment system to collect donations from the public to show gratitude and reward the successful Olympians. No obligation, no force -- you like, you can donate any amount, you don't like, no problem.

Back to the government and it's meddling nature:

J F K, who died from lead poisoning to the brain, once stupidly said "Ask no what your cuntree can do for you, ask what you can do for your cuntree". What stupid, insane words.

We are animals which respect the principle of reciprocity: you do something for me, I do something for you, and we engage VOLUNTARILY.

But when it comes to the government, they expect you to SACRIFICE for the (tired old meaningless words, used for centuries) sake of your cuntree, which is your DUTY .

The "duty" bit is used to guilt-trip you into feeling like an asshole if you refuse to do your government's bidding.

Then after you've caved in and done the government's bidding, the best you can expect is a "thank you", but you might be out of pocket, or if you're a military conscript: out of life or missing limbs...all because you did your "duty" for the cuntree.

But if you work high up in the government, you get a FAT SALARY, plus all sorts of "sweeteners" like directorships of corporations, access to global networks of power and influence. In the event of you leaving the government, you are well positioned and resourced to make squillions.

So if you are a mere citizen, you have to do your "duty" and you essentially have to "pay" to serve your cuntry.

However as a super scale government EMPLOYEE, you can do FUCK ALL (best case) or FUCK WITH PEOPLE (worse case) and you get PAID to be an asshole.

That's why I'll continue to say, and encourage others to as well:


Anonymous said...

After saying all that, you still put the banana in your mouth. Don't you have any shame?

Matilah_Singapura said...

I have ZERO shame. Which is why I'm such a fucking suck-cess. But the best part is, I was a success before you even came on the scene, which means you are useless ;-)

Anonymous said...

You are right. You are probably more successful but strange, and is the truth, I woke up this morning and the thought came to me.....why many successful , and they are making some serious money too, such idiotic people(many of you can testify to that I am sure) - and seriously irritatingly idiots.

By any measures, these educated people are not really that smart and yet, they make good money.

I suppose you are right in the money. It is because they suck their way to the top like the North Koreans.

Anonymous said...

I have personally made fools of professionals. Given more opportunities, I will make a lot of enemies lol.

Anonymous said...


I just notice the sex-change!

Anonymous said...

Love that girl with the banana.
She is cute.

Is she a law student?

Anonymous said...

She is cute, but the banana is in the wrong place.