PR complained about Sinkies.

Below is a post in TRE of a PR complaining about Sinkies being anti foreigners. And below this there is a complaint by a Sinkie about foreign banks discriminating against Sinkies on employment opportunities in Citibank, also posted in TRE.

“A Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) from Malaysia, Albert Tye has written to the Straits Times forum imploring Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong to crack down on critics of the government’s ‘rational’ immigration policy.

Mr Tye started by blasting netizens for attacking immigrants online:

The behaviour of some netizens not only reflect poorly on Singaporeans, their postings are also extremely offensive. Netizens have been getting away – and going overboard – with their anti-new immigrant postings with impunity; particularly in attacks against mainland Chinese.”

This is the second posting by a Leroy Tan to Tan Chuan Jin.

‘Dear Sir, It has come to my attention that Citibank IT employs less than 15% Singaporeans. The rest are all foreigners.

One may argue that we don’t have enough manpower to support their operations but why are the foreigners from one specific country?

Are the rest of the Asian countries having the same problem as well?

In addition, Citibank IT only gets their staff from the following hr vendors and none of them are local.

1. Infosys

2. Nucleus

3. IFlex

4. Polaris

And from what I gathered, they ain’t cheap. Their salary ranges between $4000-$6000. I just have 1 question, why the discrimination?’

The two posts speak badly of Sinkies as a people, as citizens of a country when they are treated as shit by foreigners. The PR has the audacity to call on the PM to what, to ‘crack down’ on Sinkie critics who are against the rational immigration policy. To many Sinkies it is irrational policy and badly managed and that is why there are so much pains and complaints. The fact that a PR thinks it is okay to dismiss Sinkies in Sinkieland speaks a lot about the respect they had for Sinkies. Basically Sinkies are just shit in their eyes.

And if the complaint about discrimination in Citibank is true, then Sinkies are even shittier when they are discriminated by a foreign bank in their home country that gave the bank a licence to operate. Now the issue is whether there is discrimination and whether it can be proven. I hope it cannot be proven and everything is proper. If it is proven to be so, I dunno where to hide my face as a Sinkie.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

You know, you people are good at looking at surface controversies but you are, probably, dealing with underhand tactics in commercial affairs. What's that? A big question none is too familiar.

Anonymous said...

No understand. Kindly enlighten on underhand tactics in commercial affairs.

Anonymous said...

Wow now miw on their side(Foreigner/PR)they get bolder and want the pm to fix the local who voice up.There are many like this tye guy in sin as pr for donkey years without a single day in ns pretending/sarkar the miw. I see them all the time.Sucks, time to really wake up folks.

Anonymous said...

Citibank is basically a Ah Neh shop. No wonder almost almost collapse if not for government aid.

Anonymous said...

Look at it another way. Without the Indians running it, Citibank could have been folded, like Sinkieland without the PAP.

Anonymous said...

Is call discernment. Can't teach you.

Anonymous said...

Eh you all very selective hor... Only IT department got less than 15% SGreans you all say until whole of Citibank is "ah neh shop". Indians are good at IT and sought after the world round, live with it.

Anonymous said...

Discernment like fixing Libor rate?

Anonymous said...

Discerning fuckers?

Veritas said...

Eh you all very selective hor... Only IT department got less than 15% SGreans you all say until whole of Citibank is "ah neh shop". Indians are good at IT and sought after the world round, live with it.

See this Neo-Hindu. I prophesiz such things long time ago in my previous posting. They are repeating their ancestors' old trick.

Before, the stupid and most savage high caste Indian conquerer the Indus-ganges plain, they told the cleverest people-the dravidians, that they have bad karma. So they must lick the ass of Aryan doing jobs like shit collectors and prostitution. Now these once cleverest Dravidians of Mohenjo Daro and harrapa are the most stupid Dalits after 4000 years of deprivations.

Today, Indian IQ are the lowest in the world at 81 and Singaporeans IQ are the highest at 103. They come and tell us we are "no good in IT".

And recently, the worst engineering came to full manifestation that a power failure hit 50% of the people. This shows how good Indians are They still laugh us no good in IT.

We are now neo-Dalits. My Singaporeans brothers, wake up.

Anonymous said...

Best schools, best universities, cannot compete with third world products and keep praising third world products.

Now subconciously they believe they are stupid and need third world products to save them.

Veritas, you are right. The daft Sinkies are daft not for no reason. Just because people called them daft and they believe it.

Yes, they are going to be the untouchables in their own shit country.

They called it conditioning.

Anonymous said...

Without trolls here fish shop will close.Forever daft get kick around and felt bone/crumbs.

Anonymous said...

To think of it, I believe Malaysian model of giving certain percentage employment to local may not be too bad after all. We have been conditioned all our lives that we have a superior governemnt and fair system but do we?

Anonymous said...

Who knows Sg has or shud have a karma worse than the dravidians.
We have people with big hearts and some of their hearts needed and need repair.
We have a citibank adviser who is still calling the shot in Sin and sinkies blame the ah neh in citibank. Where got fair?
And why cannot complain when discriminated against, whether local or foreigner?
You mean when you go abroad, you cannot complain even when you got bullied, typical and unique sinkie mentality.
Dont really know how the leaders bring up their citizens in Sin.

Veritas said...

I have no problem with the "race of high caste Indians" biologically. The problem of Indians lies entirely on their sick mind, not on their race.

God has given Indian lots of chance. The first one is Zarathustra, from Hindu Kush/ East Iran (nobody really knew). The Indo-Iranian people ruled then from Persia to Ganges plains.

Many do not realise how Iranian and high caste Indians are one race. When one attempt to decipher old Iranian aka Avestian, they make use of cognates from Sanskrit.

Then, Iranian people listened to Zarathustra, and repented, doing away with their caste system until today. They produce the Greatest rule Cyrus the Great. Today, I have no problem with Iranian and even respect them very much despite USA and Israeli’s denigration. Iranian is the same genetically as high caste Indian.

Indian remain shit racist and stick to their caste shit. They never repent. Next came Buddhism where Ashoka’s Mauryan Empire was the trying hard to destroy Hinduism and caste system. If I am racist or religious fundamental, Asoka will outplay me.

Yet he failed. The Indian caste-ist are too wicked. India continue to sink like a slumpdog until Islam came.

Next came the Islam. Islamic conquest entails rape, plunder and murder and the net effect this– those states that suffered most under Islamic mobster is the most advance today in India. Look at Punjab. The relatively unmolested state is a cesspool, like Bihar. Indian never repent. The response of Indian against Islam, Sikhism today is riddled with caste system. They are a shame to Guru Nanak.

Today, even Islam, Christianity in India have caste. All these nonsense are in the sick mind of India, and uniquely India.

I see FT Indians bringing their shit to Singapore, at the same time, feign victims of racism. They do not repent. They cannot see that even Dalits in Singapore are marrying Singaporeans Chinese. The Dalits would have to re-incarnate to marry Brahmins.

To demonstrate the sick mind of high caste Indians, not too long ago, major Indian Newspapers still taunt Rahul Gandhi to marry Dalits. The Indian racism is so hopeless you cannot find in the whole world.

Anonymous said...

Sg's working system is based on meritocracy and the Rulers ensure that oni the best get to the top.
Surely no one should insinuate that India Indians have supplanted their caste system over the meritocracy system in Sg.
Sg is multi-racial and multi-cultural Though the system is based on meritocracy, it is no better than the caste system of the Indians. Cronyism and nepotism are definitely much worse than caste and class systems.
Any Sg is not India or run by Indians, such that caste system has no place in this society.

Anonymous said...

Citi bank is an Indian bank based in the USA lar

Veritas said...


Surely no one should insinuate that India Indians have supplanted their caste system over the meritocracy system in Sg.
Sg is multi-racial and multi-cultural Though the system is based on meritocracy, it is no better than the caste system of the Indians. Cronyism and nepotism are definitely much worse than caste and class systems.
Any Sg is not India or run by Indians, such that caste system has no place in this society.

You are wrong. Caste system of India is worst sort of shit that can be invented, much noxious than corruption, cronyism or nepotism. While cronyism did much damage, their ills can be better remedy when the elite class has political will. Its can be contained by the entire upper class although its ills trickle down to the people.

The caste system goes hand-in-hand with mythic-theological Hinduism. It hits and poison the entire race. You cannot do away with caste system until you neuter a large part of Hinduism. Thats what Asoka, Aurangzeb and Guru Nanak strive for. Sometimes, it requires spilling lots of blood like what happened in Punjab during Islamic conquest. While I lament the plight of Hindus, on the restrospect, I conclude that the death toll of Punjab brought much advancement. Today Punjab is one of richest state in India because Hinduism was destroyed there to a large extend.

Any Sg is not India or run by Indians, such that caste system has no place in this society. The caste system creeps into Singapore and we are now neo-Dalits. Go Citibank tomorrow you tell me. Fortunately, the Chinese is still somewhat majority, else everyone will be shit collector tomorrow and our daughters will be hereditary prostitute like the sick Indian Devdasi.

Anonymous said...

Singapore and India signed an agreement in June 2005 known as CECA (Comprehensive Economic Co-operation Agreement) under which India can send Indian entrepreneurs/businessmen to set up businesses and create jobs in the fields of education, IT, healthcare, finance, etc.They are allowed to employ their own people from India. Now the Indians are demanding that more and more of their professionals, entrepreneurs and business people be given opportunities in Singapore. The proportion of Sinkies getting similar opportunities in India must be miniscule as compared to Indians given the same in Singapore.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I must say Veritas is very well read on Indian history and the caste system. If you don't put your views across so strongly, it will be easier for many Indians to agree with you. Many Indians are victims of the caste system but unable to break away except through Islam and Christianity.

I hope our govt will not allow caste mentality to sink in and take root here.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:18,

That is another daft thing to do by daft Sinkie leaders.

Anonymous said...

Relac Veritas, other than Indians, Hinduism will not penetrate much into the other Races in Sin. Therefore the caste system will have little impact in Sg.
Pragmatically speaking and as an example; if there is a virus attack that cause problem oni at the North Pole bcos the virus can oni survive at extremely low temperature. Why shud those in the tropic worry?
We shud oni worry about the malpractices in Sg which affects us. And also be concerned with our neighbours, we need big hearts. Love our neighbours and not armed to the teeth worrying of them.
Paradox rite? That is bcos people do not practice wat they preached. Big heart with no sincerity is worse than lies.

Veritas said...

My biggest worry is 5 Indian International schools opened shop in SG. Before we assimilate Indians by national schools. Now, high caste Indians open 5 racist schools, there are no way we can do away with racism.

Many actually despise Singaporeans. Worst of all, I recently got a wind. Someone told me that he knew Indian students in those schools was upset because he was discriminated there by Indians, not by Chinese Singaporeans.

We are now in a hopeless stage. And, those FT Indians (victim and oppressor alike) still dare to unanimously say "Singaporean Chinese" racist.

They really have bad virtue. Fuck PAP. We are now in a mess.

Anonymous said...

Worry not my fren.
Singaporeans are patriotic and are prepared to die with their Rulers.
Just You see.

Anonymous said...

No, disagree. They will not die with their leaders. They will die for their leaders.

Anonymous said...

The people are prepared to die together with their leaders, but the leaders are likely to want to die out of Sin. Most are likely to live overseas once out of office.
Many will be shunned once out of power, tat's
why they cling onto their position as long as they could

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Maybe the Indians are destined to take over the USA. Remember history, Columbus thought America was India and called the natives Indians. Now history has come full circle and Indians are in the US and are playing a major role in the American economy. They could actually take over the US as part of the extended Indian Empire: )

Anonymous said...

good one redbean 2.34pm

Veritas said...

The link contains a graph. It shows the white Indians are genetically closest to Italian. (surprise, surprise). While their culture is extremely wicked and condescending to the lower class, this is nevertheless prevalent in all upper class of every society. High Caste Indians trump everyone in this aspect.

Indian upper class is traditionally Anglo-phille. (They use to be Persian-phille). So culturally, they are able to assimilate well in the western society. The westerners elites treat them like one of their kind, and somehow awed at their ruthlessness and aggressiveness.

So high caste Indians can move seamlessly into upper class of western countries.

For the beta Aryan Indian, they can assimilate well in western society after 3rd generation, provided the host country do not open the flood gate too big. They will look almost like Italian if they do endogamy and will look close to "average white", if one of their parents married a white.

The Indian alphas are special breeds. Their ancestors has been keeper of Sanskrit for thousands years. That is to say, these people engage in scholarlistic activities for thousand years and are really smart. After the alphas, the Indian IQ fall off a cliff like nobody. Their average IQ is just low 80s.

There are very few alphas in India. Those chaps in citibank SG are not. So I do not expect their IQ to be too high.

Veritas said...


Sorry please kick this link as the one on top don works.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


I think the Italians would blend in nicely as Indians. Look at Sonia, she looks every inch an Indian.

Veritas said...

I am a socialist and also a "racial realist". The Chinese in SG suffered such horrible discrimination because we have allowed the Malay to fall behind. I was a school teacher. After sojourn in MOE, I came to realize the terrible plight of Malays.

If we think FT policy hit Chinese hard, think about the Malays. Our Malay brothers are now working as janitors. I witness how their family got broke down. I feel painful when my Malay students cannot make it in schools.

I ponder and ponder. I realize that many of the Malay problems can be solve if their salary is increase and if their father got a respectful job. If a Malay man earn $2000 a month, he can solve many problems in his family. He would have fewer marital problems. He could send his kids for tuition.

While we argue the FT policies is racial blind, the PAP government definitely know that it will hit the lower income group hard. And Malay are the no so well educated compared to Chinese, they will have plenty of problems.

By protecting Malay employment, we are actually protecting ourselves.

Its not that I hate Indians and like Malay. I am coming from a socialist point of view.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I agree. Many are still earning less than $2k. With the high cost of living, it is very tough. Now many jobs in the service line like F&B and counter sales are even taken over by foreigners.

Hopefully all the Sinkies have upgraded. If not, and worst if left behind and earn even less, it is going to be a big social problem.

Anonymous said...

The Indian will hav to queue for their turn to run the US politically.
The Black American will come before them(Indian).

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Obama is already there. I am not too familiar with the American domestic devt but in the finance sector the Indians are making quite a presence.

And in a way, they could blend themselves with the blacks. One Indian congressman is in the line up for presidency, not this time but maybe the next round.

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> Hopefully all the Sinkies have upgraded. If not, and worst if left behind and earn even less, it is going to be a big social problem. <

I don't see a 'problem'. If you are dumb enough not to face up to reality -- i.e. the reality of in-your-face competition from people more motivated than you ("You" ==> the slack-arse, blame-everyone, loser, embarrassment t to Singapore), then it is the "you" who is to be blamed.

Some people just don't want to face the HARD truth that for THE MOST of us, life is hard, but thankfully not as hard as it was like our forebears had to endure. We're better off now, but modern life, expectations, a shorter work week, easy credit, and government "assistance" has made many people SOFT -- especially in the MENTAL and EMOTIONAL department.

Cannot tahan a bit of inconvenience. Refuse to accept that there is someone who is better than they are, think the world revolves around them and that the world owes them a whole fucking life from cradle to beyond the grave.

They "expect" to own a home when they've barely even started a career or a professional life. They are barely productive, but EXPECT the world to be handed to them on a platter.

....and the rest of us are supposed to feel "sorry" for these embarrassing examples of the famed Asian Work Ethic. We are supposed or EXPECTED to organise our society and cuntrees to the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR -- these losers -- a waste of protoplasm and life -- instead of emulating the TOP PERFORMERS and CONSISTENT PRODUCERS who have THE BALLS to meet competition face to face.

Please lah redbean. Have more spine. You molly-coddle the lazy dip-shits far too much. What they need is a collective tight BITCH SLAP and a swift kick up their arse to wake up their motherfuckling ideas.

Anonymous said...

Matilah,you are a very funny mother cock coddled son of a bitchleh. With this kind of DISTANCE thinking right up the hierarchy of shameless cock sucking and pay me millions type of leadership, no wonder we have so many to be blamed low wage workers and a middle class in danger of becoming the new poor.

Matilah, i am a trained psychiatrist and without a paid appointment with me, I can tell, from your writing, you are a mother cunt eater and you usually indulge your see hum before brushing your teeth. Am I right or am I right about you?

Anonymous said...

Everybody can see see and judge judge from far. That's why our civil servants enjoy stroking their cocks while pretending to listen to complains. Just 10 mins of their time with you, they have decided your asshole need greasing.

No wonder they are so stressed after examining your asshole that they have to eat underage fried chicken to recharge themselves.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah is actually the real loser who ran away with tails between his legs and pretending that he is doing ok and trying to lecture Sinkies.

Sinkies are still able to have weekend escapee like what you are doing. The thing the sinkies are not happy is that it is going to get worst if they don't reverse the direction and the trend.

Matilah is happy as long as he has his fill of hums before he scoots back to down under.

Anonymous said...

yup. that i thoroughly agree with you 100%, redbean. matilah is but a pretender. not having good either in s'pore or down under. it is easy to know him for he doth yaks too much. he is, to be generous, just an admirer who profess his love too much. that's all just an admirer of ideas.

Anonymous said...

Matilah, even RedBean wants to grease your asshole. You and Redbean must meet in private. LOL

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wah. It seems that I upset more losers everytime I post.

Oh yah, BTW redbean, I take full selfish advantage of every opportunity. I didn't have to spend sqillions like some idiots in Singapore do to attend "seminars" given by some fraud new age self help "guru".

What do they say....er...oh yah..."make the best of it".

What's more is that the responses to my posts are in black and white.

MS: Singaporeans, need to wake up their ideas

Anon responses: Fuck your mother lah.

Wonderful. Proof positive for the government to construct their immigration policy :-)

Got suckered?

P.S. You guys are hilarious. Please continue with the comedy until some foreigner proves to be funnier than you. Competition lah.

Anonymous said...

Mariah, no need to use the cloth as condom when you point your little gun. What is there to cover?

Matilah_Singapura said...

An Aussie version of Ayn Rand -- Gina Reinhart -- tells lazy, whinging Aussies to wake the fuck up.

The entitlement mentality and "world owes me a living" mentality is alive and well in Australia, as it is everywhere else.

Complaining, lazy dumasses of Singapore: fear not...you are not alone. There are many miserable people all over the world you can mutually "commiserate" with. :-)) Boo hoo hoo....

Got tears?

Anonymous said...

"Matilah, no need to use the cloth as condom when you point your little gun. What is there to cover?"

I think he just uncovered a redneck.

Anonymous said...

that gina reinfart that matilah admire so much is one fat sow. she's telling others to work hard and to drink less and not be jealous. oh yeah? she inherited her billions from her dad. she did not work hard for her billions. and she's got a big beer belly. drink and eat too much. she need to work out her big aussie ass off. only silly ass lickers like matilah would be a fat reinfart groupie.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

P.S. You guys are hilarious. Please continue with the comedy until some foreigner proves to be funnier than you. Competition lah. Matilah.

The angmoh CEO of Sentosa is putting up covers because sometimes it rains like hell and sometimes very hot. I dunno about you guys, but I find this hilarious.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Let's be fair to M_S.
He may be queer to many.
However, most of the time,
he is more philosophical than
the Ex-Foreign Minister George Yeo.

Anonymous said...

M_S more philosophical than George Yeo? Wat philosophy? Both are normal or average folks lah.
But, M_S is a true man who hides nothing of himself. He is forthright with everything and he says anything, dirty, clean or sick. Hard to find a more straight forward guy. He f...s anything when his urge arises, smelly, unclean or rotting does not matter.

He gives you all the scientific proof that he gets from books. He tells You what he sees and thinks. He calls you shit even if you have Phd, when he thinks you are shit.

Best of all, he entertains evryone here.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I think the people at Sentosa are doing a great job. I spend a total of a week or so per month there as I have a couple of clients -- one PRC and one young Mumbai entrepreneur. They're renting at SGD 1 million-plus per annum. The properties are well appointed and meticulously maintained.

Contrary to the Singapore-created stereotypes about foreigners, these fellas are top-guys: well spoken, well read, well traveled. They have a confidence about them, but they never boast about their wealth.

Sentosa has really changed since the days I used to go there and fuck girlfriends on Siloso beach. Those days can walk around smoking a joint and get blow job on the cable car.

Now the rich fuckers have moved in. All the sex and drugs and delicious illegal activities are all indoors and private.

Got reminiscence?

Matilah_Singapura said...

You know, I must thank you all for all the attention I am getting here.

Such courageous ANALysis of my so-called character, personality, intelligence, social status, financial status and even level of education.

Plus your fixation on my mother's genitals is far greater than her gynaecologist.

You guys must be terribly bored to focus such energy and attention on me. But nonetheless, thanks for wasting your valuable time, whilst I spend my time on worthwhile pursuits ;-)

Hur hur hur...

Anonymous said...

I always say, on level playing field, you guys will be dish water. Right RB?

Anonymous said...

Some people are spared because they have a face. Don't count on your luck. Shit hits there too.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Maybe I should contribute a dart board with Matilah's face on it. Unfortunately he keeps changing his face and now hiding behind some curtain.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Maybe you should try learning how to properly refute arguments using FACTS, not by ad hominems or your ridiculous opinions.

Maybe. The again maybe not.

Got chance?

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