Pang Yingfen - The “heroine” of Henderson Road

‘In June 2010, she helped 13 needy households pay more than S$10,000 in expenses. Now, she has helped 60 needy families pay more than S$30,000 in utility bills, expenses and rent.

One of these families had an outstanding utility bill of S$8,500, and water and power supply have been cut for some time.

The “heroine”, Ms Pang Yingfen, was particularly concerned when she met the family. The golf club membership agent has been actively involved in charity work for the past 20 years, Lianhe Wanbao reported….’ Copied from Insing.com.

Among the families helped was one with 12 children with the oldest aged 14 and the youngest in nursery. The parents are in prison and the utility bill was $8,500. There are people in very tough times and there are very kind people out there who are living angels to those that need help. Pang Yingfen works with a group of helpers who are doing their part to help the less fortunate. Bless the samaritans and the people in need.


Anonymous said...

If the govt just want more baby counts, it should encourage these kind of parents to keep reproducing. The govt only needs to pick up the tabs.

I can't imagine how the children will turn out when they grow up. The odds against them are just to high.

Veritas said...

Oh no! This is a nigerian scam. She is inculcating clutch mentality, and destroying work ethnics. And she is sabotaging PAP's job of making people "independent".

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed that the government did little to help the poor. Too many red tapes and these are people who have difficulty understand the leyers after layers of form. Not to talk about filling them.

Anonymous said...

The poor must subsidize the rich.
So that Singapore will benefit.
It's all for the greater good.

Video from Comedy Central below explains how this works;


Matilah_Singapura said...

I applaud private charity. Well done.

However, a $8,500 utility bill for ONE family? WTF?!?

Anonymous said...

What was Lianhe Wanbao trying to reflect?
Singaporeans are in dire strait or
good samaritans in Sin are as many as mosquitoes???

Anonymous said...

Do not trust MSM

Anonymous said...

Blessed her soul a good person in sin city

Anonymous said...

Wanbao may be saying that there are kind people helping the needy with their own money.

Anonymous said...

Then government will say.
Singaporeans so generous.
Government must not interfere.
So government will not help the poor.

So that Singaporeans can be free to help the poor unimpeded.