Our roads are dangerous for cyclists

Are our roads dangerous? Shanmugam said, and I quote from the Today paper, ‘I have been noticing that there is increased amount of unsafe driving on our roads…I wonder if it is the case that we are simply noticing this more, or if indeed our driving habits have become worse. And Today had a table showing that the number of cyclists and pillion riders who died or were injured in accidents were 589 for 2009, 573 for 2010 and 500 for 2011. The number for Jan-Jun 2012 is 190 and simple projection will see this number to be about 190 plus or minus a bit in the next 6 months, or about 380 to 400 for the year. 

Ahem, I must say that based on these numbers, the number of incidents is getting lesser, not increased.
Nonetheless, the number of death is still too high for a casual recreational activity with one or two death daily. It is the most dangerous sports in terms of number of casualties. It should be discouraged or even banned. The number of death is unnecessary and not worth the risk.

Many cyclists refuse to admit this fact that our roads are just too dangerous for cyclists. They are not only narrow, other than the highways, the drivers, the big buses and lorries, are often driven by speed demons. Many of these heavy vehicles are driven by the lowly educated, the foreigners with their third world mentality and habits, and pose just too high a risk for our cyclists.

To add to the problem, some cyclists think that drivers are as well mannered and safety conscious as them, and would drive with care. To further add to the deadly delusion, some of the cyclists thought number is safety and would cycle abreast in twos and threes or more when in a big group, ignoring the right of motorists. They are simply inviting for trouble. A little mistake by the drivers, intentional, accidental or trying to frighten the cyclists to cycle single file would send them flying to heaven.

At this point in time, our road infrastructure is just not suitable for cyclists, not even single file. Best to just keep to the parks, connectors and housing estates. Venture to the main roads at your own risk. The hobby or sports, the attractive sports attire and gadgets to don on, are not worth the risk of losing arms and legs and lives. Don’t be silly and don’t be stubborn. Our roads are not meant for cycling.


Anonymous said...

Just looking at the statistics actually says little about whether our roads are more or less dangerous for cyclist.

Common sense will tell us that if there are many more cyclist on the roads than in the past, more accidents are bound to happen.

Then we have to consider whether it is because of the increase in the number of motor vehicles on the roads fighting for space with cyclist that is the cause of the increase in accidents.

Anonymous said...

I said that earlier.Someone copy what i said . But i never say heavy vehicles are driven by the lowly educated.i propose road tax .coe plus inspection only.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately with many foreigners, they bring with them their driving habits. Many a times on the road, PRC and Indians from India driving lorry would swerve into land 2 and 3 without signalling. By the way shouldn't those lorries be on lane 1? Obviously they don't know the traffic regulations. Or just don't care?

Anonymous said...

I am sympathetic to the lot of cyclist versus cars.
But cyclists are no angels either.

a)Many cyclists believe and behave as if they are pedestrians.
They should dismount and walk with their bikes across the pedestrian crossing.
Not cycle across the pedestrian crossing at 30 km/h without looking and expecting the cars to see them in time.

b)Sidewalks were meant for pedestrians only.
Cyclists were allowed on the sidewalks recently to afford them some safety from cars.

But now cyclists are endangering pedestrians on sidewalks.
Especially the elderly and the toddlers.

They cycle at 30km/h on sidewalks, ringing their bells, and expecting pedestrians to give way to them.
Behaving like road bullies.

So many times I'm not sorry to read of a cyclist being involved in an accident.
I should.
But I'm not.

Anonymous said...

Do you need to pass the highway code to ride & own a bicycle?

Do you need a licence to own a bicycle?

Do you need to go for riding lessons to ride a bicycle?

If no.
Then why not?
Some of these bikes can go as fast as 40 km/h
Is that not dangerous to pedestrians and other road users?

Anonymous said...

Cyclist are allowed on pavements in Tampines.
A GRC run by the Pro Alien Party.


Bike safety rules in Singapore.
How many cyclists follow?


And who is supposed to enforce these motherhood laws?

Another instance of government on auto-pilot.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I am an avid cyclist. On the weekends I can bike over 100 kms. In fact, I am an a keen visitor to the Ubi area (near Geylang) when I'm in Hotel Singapore, shopping for bicycle parts, accessories etc.

Australian cities tend to be quite bicycle friendly as most cities have good networks of cycle tracks which encompass almost the entire metropolitan areas. Plus there are many 'nature reserves' where you can thrash your mountain bike around and scare the wildlife -- just for shits and giggles ;-)

However, there is NO FUCKING WAY I will ride on a busy road in Singapore. Your basic Singapore driver is an IMPATIENT, YA YA ASSHOLE. Also remember that he/ she is ASIAN and ASIANS CAN'T FUCKING DRIVE!!

The Singaporean Driver won't let you pass. He thinks his grandfather shit the road out of his anus, and thus the road now a 'family heirloom', of which our aristocrat driver has exclusive use.

Singapore drivers also like to race their expensive cars on public roads. They don't give a shit about scooterists, pedestrians, cyclists...and god forbid you are an old person trying to cross the street.

Also Singapore roads are barely wide enough to accommodate the small shitty CLOWN cars most people can barely afford -- thanks to the government's market-based, supply-controlled COE system.

To own a 'real SAFE car' -- i.e. minimum 3000cc 6 cylinder, personal preference 5 litre V8 -- most people have to sell their daughter's vagina to be able to afford the government TAX aka COE. Then you have to pay annual license of (I'm guessing) $1 per cc. 5 litre = $5,000. Motherfucker. That is nearly TEN TIMES of what is considered 'reasonable '.

As a cyclist, I will say the burden of RESPONSIBILITY is on me. Motor vehicles are heavy and therefore always a threat to the life of the unprotected cyclist. Cyclists spend $300 on a helmet, put a few bright lights and think they are SAFE riding their $20,000 bike on a busy Singapore main road. Still, I suppose it is great for the Organ Donor program, as there are many people waiting for 'spare parts'.

Cyclists in Singapore should be applauded for being unselfish contributors to the organ donor program, and the industries of post-trauma management and funeral services.

Got last will?

Anonymous said...

You England very bad.

Just say...shoebox apt wants to be like penthouse magazine, how can?

Anonymous said...

When accidents happen....laws say...you die your business...go sue sue sue...authorities fart you

agongkia said...

I agree that road are not meant for cyclist for safety reason but for a leader to say many of these heavy vehicles are driven by the lowly educated and just too high a risk for cyclist make me feel whether we have prejudicial views on the lowly educated.
My illiterate father drive lorry for a living for about 50 years and have no accident record.
Please dun look down on our forefather who help to build this country .

agongkia said...

especially if we want to say publicly that prejudicial view are not acceptable in Singapore.
I am so hurt...like needle poking cos I lowly educated

patriot said...

I ride an old China made bicycle around the heartland EVERYDAY and had been riding bicycle since 1957. Many other ah peks and ah hmms(aunties) are doing the same. No fancy gear, expensive bike.
Btw, i rode daily to work from Tampines to Bedo North daily for years.
Accidents happened just liked people commit suicide. No road is accident free and NO MAN IS FREE FROM ACCIDENT.

Me still writing here because, I have been careful for over sixty years. Oh maybe not too careful, cos me smokes for over 50 years, deemed a serious health/life threat.


Anonymous said...

The only thing I curse illiterate people for.
Is being stupid die hard Pro Alien Party voters.
Deserve to be looked down by Ministers.
Not for being illiterate.
But for being stupid.

agongkia said...

anon 651
Illiterate and lowly educated doesn't mean careless or stupid lah.
Lowly educated SAF drivers can definitely drive a 3 tonner better than a highly educated Major.You definitely need do more NS.

Anonymous said...

The lowly educated fuck geyland prostitutes because they are lowly paid. The highly educated fuck underage prostitute because they are highly paid.

That's the only difference I see.

Anonymous said...

Let' you lowly educated folks interpret highly educated folks....

SENIOR Counsel Alvin Yeo is an MP for Chua Chu Kang GRC and a member of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Home Affairs and Law.

What do you think of the case being heard in court, and what are the key issues?

The key issue before the court was whether the plaintiff's contention - that Section 377A of the Penal Code is unconstitutional - is so unarguable that the case should be struck out even without a full hearing on the merits.

Within that key issue are a number of sub-issues, including whether the plaintiff had locus standi (or the legal standing) to bring this claim.

This was an issue as the original charge under Section 377A against the plaintiff was amended to come under a different section of the Penal Code, and the plaintiff subsequently pleaded guilty to the amended charge.

How significant is this application?

The significance arises from the fact that constitutional cases are relatively rare.

However, it should be borne in mind that the challenge has not succeeded - the plaintiff is simply being allowed to bring his case forward, as opposed to having been dismissed summarily.

How would you compare this case with the debate over the review of the Penal Code in 2007, when Section 377A was retained?

The issues in this case arise in a different context from the parliamentary debate in 2007 over the amendments to the Penal Code.

Then, the arguments were in relation to whether Parliament should maintain the criminalisation of homosexual acts between consenting adults, for a host of sociopolitical and also moral reasons.

Here, the arguments are in the narrower context of whether the section offends the constitutional provision of equal treatment under the law.

The subject of the debate is the same Section 377A, but the issue is within a somewhat narrower, legalistic framework.


You down there understand or not??

Anonymous said...

I very I press leh, you impress or not?

Anonymous said...

Today with 5.5m people, roads so congestsed, so many vehicles, don't pray pray cycling for fun.

Old days, very few cars, many cycle to work quite safe. Now everyday also got cyclist died on the road.

Anonymous said...

Is Alvin highly educated or lowly educated? I can't tell the difference from the way he talks.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Last time ah, only poor people cycled. Today, only rich people cycled.

A designer bicycle can cost several thousand bucks when at a time an Austin Mini cost $5.900.

Matilah_Singapura said...

You don't just buy an expensive bike. If you don't want to be treated like a pariah by other yuppie-action-borak-pretentious-cocksucker yaya 'botique' cyclists, then you'll have to spend several hundred dollars on your cycling 'wardrobe'.

Everything you buy form a cycle shop has a premium attached. You buy a T shirt, you pay $5-20. Buy a T-shirt in a cycle shop, expect to pay $35 and more. Same for water bottles or as they are called 'hydration systems', LED lights (made in China) etc.

Still, we are talking about SINGAPORE here, where social rank is determined by HOW MUCH you pay for shit. The more you spend, the 'higher' your social rank.

Well done, Singapore!

Got credit card?

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. David Marshal:

Singaporeans know the price of everything but the value of NOTHING.

The said...

/// Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. David Marshal:

Singaporeans know the price of everything but the value of NOTHING. ///

Matilah, sudah lah, quote also dun know how to quote. The author is Oscar Wilde.

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