Our govt has delivered…the Olympic medal

The people’s cry or yearning for an Olympic medal must have reached the govt’s ears through the feedback channel. And the govt has worked very hard for the people, to bring a medal to satisfy the people and make the people feel proud as a nation. And the govt has succeeded, just like the Swiss standard of living. Once the govt has promised, it will deliver.

This National Day the people will have another reason to celebrate, to feel proud as Singaporeans. The table tennis team has done us proud. And they could bring another medal in the ladies team event to make two if they have not lost to the Japanese in the semi final.

At the National Day Parade many Sinkies would likely be asked if they want more medals and to kee chiu. The govt would definitely want a confirmation from the Sinkies and if the answer is a resounding yes, more elaborate plans and budget would definitely be in the works for the gold medal in the next Olympic in 2016.

Those who want gold medals must kee chiu. I think even without a show of hands, the govt already got the answer it wanted and would be working towards it. The feedback machinery must have told the govt that the people want more medals and better still a gold medal to do us really proud. What ever the people asked and wanted, the govt is listening and will deliver. And don’t forget the World Cup.


Anonymous said...

Alamak CNN what a waste of money

Anonymous said...

Khaw Boon Wan should tell the govt to be prudent and spend within its means when buying foreigners to win sports glory. Ok, we have the means, so spending withing our means is not an issue. What is a million or 2 million for a gold medal? No sweat.

But can be prudent or not? One day the reserves may be empty if the govt keeps spending on luxuries like a $300 foldable bike not good enough because people's backsides are too soft. The men in blue may want to use the same reason to change all their bikes to Brompton. They are being short changed at the moment.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Table tennis?

How about a gold medal in pocket billiards as well?

Anonymous said...

Gold metal in sucking banana better

Anonymous said...

How about a gold medal for "tan ku ku" for waiting forever for the Pro Alien Party to do something for Singaporeans.

For this event.
All Singaporeans deserve a gold medal.
Actually, if it's up to me, I'd make a platinum medal.
Special for Singaporeans.
World class record for patience.

Here is George Yeo's final political speech.


Has anything changed?

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a story...... Long long ago, in an ancient land called chinkapoor, there was a king who asked his starving people if they wanted gold ornaments to put on so that they would look less miserable in their state of near starvation.....

Sounds familiar?

Anonymous said...

All these pursuits in vanity will be in vain.